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  1. Hi, I suppose I am a newbie because when I was last in the hobby the idea of a nano tank without massive skimming and mechanical filtration wasn't even discussed since. obviously, it is impossible. (-; But now I have a 10 gal nano tank which I justify as setting up for my daughters (but we all know I did it because I love it.) My question is with respect to DIY dosing of the basics such as calcium, iodine, strontium, molybdenum and Jack Daniaels I see lots of recipies on here for making up the stuff, but none of the recipies tell you how much to dose. If you buy calcium or iodine or ANYTHING to dose they give you very simple instructions, like in the case of some Kent Marine stuff I bought. It simply says to add 1ml per 10 gallons daily, weekly, etc. But none of the information I found here has this basic information for the DIY solutions mentioned. thanks