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  1. GenericReefer

    Zoa ID

    I do think it is a red people eater
  2. GenericReefer

    Zoa ID

    I got a zoa, but I don't know the names of it. Know what it's called?
  3. GenericReefer

    Hammer Placement

    Share some pics!
  4. GenericReefer

    Hammer Placement

    I'm planning on getting a Hammer Coral for my 10g, but I don't know if there's enough room. I can get a 5" clearance, but this may reach some mushrooms and other softies. Is this enough space?
  5. GenericReefer

    Found asterinas..

    I never thought of Asterina Starfish being a pest in my tank, but I Murphy's Law is here to prove me wrong. I've never seen these in my tank before, just found one lone guy on a piece of liverock. It was camouflaged in pretty well, so there could be more starfish on their way. Any elimination methods? Tank is only 10 gallon so manual removal won't be a hassle. Maybe "renting" a harlequin shrimp for a day or two? Also, I've heard of Asterina Starfish going usually going for zoas and LPS (neither of which I have in my tank) so will any of my other softies be in any major risk?
  6. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    I actually found somebody on a local reef forum selling his Coralife 9w Turbo Twist for just $20. Hope I get the deal
  7. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    Got the brand by any chance?
  8. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    I actually tried a blackout to deal with the dinos and cyano a few days ago, but the haze stayed. The coral didn't seem to appreciate it, but I'll have to try again.
  9. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    Nope. I started lighter feedings around a month ago. Doesn't look to have reduced the bloom, though. I don't know if this has an effect on the bacteria, but I use tap water treated with Prime. I'm soon to finishing my RODI system, though.
  10. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    A piece of polyfilter and a small amount of carbon in an hob filter and an hob algae reactor. The reactor still needs a better pump, so it isn't really doing much now.
  11. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    Water changes aren't changing anything. They come back right after. Completely stripping down the tank and cleaning the tank is a last resort, but is still a possibility.
  12. GenericReefer

    "Semi" bacterial bloom

    My tank's water hasn't been crystal clear since last December, which really one culprit; a bacterial bloom. Right now, it's a little bit clearer than a few months ago, but it hasn't really changed. None of the inverts, corals, or fish in my 10g really have been affected by the bloom. Before going to using a UV sterilizer what could I use? Vibrant? Airstones? Those seem like band aids on the real problem, but how would I tackle that? Here are my params (Ammonia & Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: ~5, pH: ~8, SG: 1.025). Also having a dino/cyano outbreak too.
  13. GenericReefer

    LPS Stinger Tentacles

    Are there any LPS without stinger tentacles? Just out of curiosity..
  14. GenericReefer

    How to "cover" up barebottom tank

    I'll check for any hardy species, but generally, my system can only handle soft corals, and a few SPS/LPS at the top at of the tank. Still think I could grow on the back glass, though! I'm pinching myself for not thinking of that when setting up my tank with that! I really like the idea of using starboard or a sand/epoxy mixture . I'll look at using the sand/epoxy bottom in the future, but I'm looking at coral options now.
  15. I might just go barebottom for the ease of cleaning, but its doesn't look the greatest. What corals might be used to "cover" the bottom glass? I might just use GSP, but any other suggestions?