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  1. Cycling Parameters

    ARC Dry Rock.
  2. Film on Water

    Yea. I found it along with my tank. I put in the filter cartridge it came with, and some chemi pure blue.
  3. Film on Water

    Hm, I thought surface skimmers take water from the water surface. Mine takes it from the bottom, and the water flows through the top.
  4. Cycling Parameters

    I have finished setting up the tank, and now am waiting for it to cycle. I put in some live sand, Bio Spira, and Dr. Tim's ammonia (a bit too much). The ammonia is at a very high level, so I am worried it will reach a high nitrite level once converted. Should I wait for the cycle to complete and do a partial water change?
  5. Film on Water

    I don't have a surface skimmer, just an internal filter as of now.
  6. Film on Water

    This is what the film looks like. I have a 10 gallon tank. sorry for the quality
  7. Film on Water

    I turned my wavemaker off and set up a filter with floss, but didn't rinse sand.
  8. Film on Water

    I finished setting up my tank, water, live sand, and all, but there is a strange film on the top, with some debris and foam. I mistakenly used Ocean Wonders Epoxy, so that may have to do with it. Any comments?
  9. Reef Epoxy

    Argh, I just used an impulse bought epoxy, and the smell!! I qualified to get a free tube of Ocean Wonders Epoxy with my purchase at my LFS, and it seemed pretty stable, and the color didn't show that much, however it gave off a very chemical-ish smell. I put in some Chemi Pure Blue, which alleviated a significant amount of the smell, but it's still there and still stenches. Any advice on how to solve this, or should I just wait along with the cycle?
  10. Chemipure Blue Smell

    It does wonders :OOOO My water was EXTREMELY cloudy and smelled kinda weird, but the Chemi Pure took those away
  11. Chemipure Blue Smell

    The Chemipure blue I got is giving a smell, like of fish food. Is this normal?
  12. Coral Placement in 10g

    Maybe after my tank is fully established, and the other corals have grown substantially. It all depends on how much tank space is left out after, too.
  13. Coral Placement in 10g

    I've heard their toxins are just potent enough to affect LPS and SPS, both of which I don't plan to have.
  14. Coral Placement in 10g

    So will fragging put any toxins into the water? And for the Cloves, Xenia, GSP, and Toadstool?
  15. Coral Placement in 10g

    Mushrooms grow really fast. Will they take over too much rock space? And how would I "prune" them? And would having an array of different mushrooms create a war zone on the rock?