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  1. DIY Chaeto Reactor

    Haha, I found somebody giving a reactor away for much less, so I lept at the chance. Maybe another time. I still need to get the lighting done, though. What do you recommend to grow chaeto? Red lights? White lights? Red and blue lights? I'll take some photos once I pick up the reactor
  2. DIY Chaeto Reactor

    Bear with me and my reefing inadequacy, and prepare for a whole lot of ridiculous questions from me ;P My nitates are on the high side (40 ppm) and pH is a bit under 8. I monitor the amount of food fed and the stocking consists of 2 small ocellaris clowns, 5 snails, and some isolated xenia but nitrates are still sky high. I've tried larger water changes but the nutrients just bounce back... I was planning to get a refugium, but it didn't work out I've seen several people using a media reactor with strip LEDs wrapped around to grow chaeto inside. But another hurdle, of course, is budget. Not really an that much of an issue, but media reactors go for much much more than they can be DIY-ed for. -A container [what is the biggest container I could go for? is bigger the better true in this case?] -Tubing -Pump -Gel superglue -LED Lights [https://www.amazon.com/Topled-Light...UZ4C/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8&th=1] If you have any suggestions for the materials, please let me know And here is how I (think I) assemble the reactor. 1. Drill 2 holes in the lid of the container 2. Put two pieces of tubing through each hole and create seal with superglue 3. Place pump in tank and connect one tube to it. The other tube will also lead back to the tank but won't be connected to anything 4. Hook up LEDs and wrap around 5. Fill with chaeto and water 6. Turn on pump Another (of course) question I have is how this will affect the ATO. When the algae grows and is removed the water level will change. What can I do as so the reactor doesn't interfere with the ATO? I really want to create the best environment for my tank inhabitants so I really like your thoughts and comments!
  3. 10g Softie Tank! [in the making]

    It’s been a long time since an update, and there been a lot of changes. Most noticeably, the tank has been upgraded to a 10 gallon tank and I set up an Orbit Marine light on. And in the corner, a small pulsing Xenia frag got the honor to be my first coral! Here are my tank specs if you'd like to know! Equipment Pump: Hydor Koralia 240 GPH Heater: Eheim Jager 75 Watt Filter: HOB Filter (came with the 5 gallon mistak-- tank..) Light: Orbit Marine 18" LED ATO: Tunze Nano ATO Stand: IKEA Kallax 4x4 Unit Stocking CUC: 1 Trochus snail, 3 Nassarius snails. 1 trochus and 2 nassarius perished earlier )': Fish: 2 Ocellaris Clownfish Corals: Xenia (isolated, of course) Upcoming plans! 1. Switch out stand 2. Set up refugium 3. Add more softies I'd love to hear your comments on my tank and any suggestions you have, too! Until next time!
  4. Easy SPS to start off with?

    I was planning to have only softies in my tank, but I can't resist the look of the plate coral and other sps corals. Have any suggestions for easy to care for, low light, and most importantly, least calcium and alkalinity consuming? I don't plan on dosing, so are there any options now? I do a 10% water change with Reef Crystals, weekly in my 10 gallon aquarium. Thanks!
  5. Planning, Building, and Stocking Refugium :D

    How does this light look? Sorry for the inconsistency :I
  6. Planning, Building, and Stocking Refugium :D

    I'm still looking at a par or hanging light, because I'd like to add some mangroves.
  7. I have a 10 gallon drilled tank I'm going to use as a refugium, and I plan to put some chaeto and pods in it, maybe some biomedia. I need to find a light to grow the chaeto with, but as my budget is pretty thin, I'm looking at using these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Light-Led-Bulb-Par38-Daylight-Flood-Equivalent-100W-In-Outdoor-2-Pack/162823226039?epid=1773786470&hash=item25e90542b7:g:c-kAAOSw0A9aRACH Got any other suggestions?
  8. Dead trochus?

    I only have 2 other trochus and 3 nassarius snails (all alive). I have a 10 gallon tank, and it's been going on for approx 2 1/2 months. The only other stocking is a pair of ocellaris clownfish, some scattered bits of macro, and a small frag of xenia. Is there any way to get the shell off? The shell has some wonderful coralline algae and feather dusters on it so I wouldn't want to just throw them out.
  9. Dead trochus?

    I think my trochus is dead but what may have caused it? The other snails look fine, and nothing else in the tank bothered it.
  10. Making a Refugium

    I upgraded my tank back to the 10g realizing downsizing didn't accomplish much. The fish look much happier in the new tank, but I'm still left with the 5g tank. With this tank, I'm thinking of making a refugium. The tank can (kind of) fit into my kallax aquarium stand, but there is a 1/2-ish overhang. If I put it into the bottom square, would it be fine? Should I place a wedge underneath?If the logistics even work, here are my thoughts on the refugium itself. The reason on why this is a refugium, and not a sump, is that I prefer the equipment stay above, for easy access just in case if something goes wrong. The look of it doesn't bother me too much, anyway. Nevertheless, how I plan to connect the main tank to the refugium is using a 1/2" airline tubing to siphon the water into the refugium, and using a return pump to bring it back.In the refugium itself, there will be a sandbed (or should there not be?) and a lot of biomedia (biobricks, seachem matrix, etc) with some chaeto growing in it. The light for the refugium will be the light I got with the 5g tank; a light with 3 bright white LEDs. Does this sound good? Is it all even possible? Share your thoughts! Thanks,GenericReefer
  11. Custom Aquarium Lid?

    Hey guys! I've got my light, and have put it on my tank. The thing is, there are lots of other pieces of bulky equipment which look quite distracting when not under a hood. So got any suggestions for custom hoods? Even better, if you can just buy the material cut it to shape. I can't seem to find anything premade and budget friendly for my 5g
  12. 10g Softie Tank! [in the making]

    Another tank pic
  13. ATO Poll

    I hope I don't
  14. ATO Poll

    Which brand do you guys prefer?
  15. Hitchhiker SPS??

    That is the closest I can get. I actually got that photo by zooming in as much as I can. I think it may just be algae or a sponge, as the basin I got it from had no light in it. Sunlight wouldn't be enough to grow it, I think..