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  1. Detritus

    kessil and other stuff for sale

    Hello! Would you be able to tell me approximately how old the Kessil’s are please? Thanks! -D
  2. Detritus

    Great Transaction with Tom@HaslettMI

    Hey guys! I want to jump in here, and let everyone know that I purchased a used QuietOne pump from Tom, and it was a great experience for sure! The pump I bought was exactly as he described, but even better (much cleaner) than I had expected. This pump was either very lightly used, meticulously maintained, or seriously scrubbed for resale. Either way, I got a great deal for sure. Oh, and the packaging was seriously better than professional. My $10 pump was wrapped in so much bubble wrap you could have dropped it off a tall building. With the shipping and everything, I don't think Tom made any money at all, I think he was just trying to pass off a great deal to another community member. And to that I want to say, "Thanks again, Tom, I really appreciate it!". -Detritus
  3. Detritus

    Odds and ends... Low, low, prices!

    PM sent for the Quiet One pump. -D
  4. Detritus

    Odds and ends... Low, low, prices!

    Hi! The Quiet One pump works well, it’s just missing a rubber foot? Thanks! -Detritus
  5. Detritus

    Tunze Osmolator 3155 or a controller?

    Hello again! Thank you for the reply! I think for the last two hours I've been researching how to build a DIY controller from a Raspberry Pi, and that's a project that really, really interests me. However, that's a long term, down the road kind of thing, so I think for now I'm going to get the Tunze Osmolator 3155, and learn about making my own controller at some point in the future. Thanks a lot for the reply! -D
  6. Hi guys! I'm hoping for some advice. I am planning and indeed trying to buy a few things for a new tank build during the big Black Friday sales at BRS, Marine Depot, etc. Right now I'm 99% sure I'm going to order an IM Nuvo Black 40 gallon tank (this is not the all-in-one), I'm choosing between a Synergy Reef overflow or a Modular Marine overflow setup BeanAnimal style with the drains, and I'm leaning towards a Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer. Those three things I'm basically 99% sure I want. Lighting is still up in the air, and it didn't seem like the lights I wanted are on sale right now, so that's not a pressing issue. Today I really turned my attention to looking into an ATO system, and I think I've decided that the best ATO system for me is the Tunze Osmolator 3155. However, somewhere in my reading someone mentioned that really it's not that much more expensive to step into an entry level controller like an Apex Jr. or Reefkeeper lite. I really know nothing about the controllers, except they seem like a bit of a luxury to a budget-minder reefkeeper like myself, and was the kind of thing I'd add "down the road". But, they are cool, and im particularly interested in those that have used the Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer to build their own aquarium controllers. So I'd like to ask if someone could please give me a bit of a crash course on entry level controllers, only because I would like to get an order placed during the sales event. Would I be better off in the long run getting an Apex Jr. instead of an ATO system? I already have a couple Aqua Lifter pumps from a previous adventure, one of which I think is brand new. What else do I need to have the controller handle my top offs, besides a reservoir, tubing, etc.? And in a perfect world I was thinking of lighting this tank with one AI Hydra26, but there were a fair amount of complaints about the wifi not working correctly. I also believe that these AI Primes/Hydras cannot be used with a controller like an Apex, you have to use their web based software (which would be fine if its reliable). But let me just ask, if I do decide to get a controller sooner than later, should I steer away from AI lighting? Am I correct that they can't be controlled by another controller? What would you guys do? Go with the Tunze ATO 3155, or maybe start looking at an inexpensive (used?) controller? Any advice you could offer would be really appreciated!! Thanks in advance for the help! -Detritus
  7. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    OK, great! I’ll give it some thought, but this seems like a good option for me. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it! -D
  8. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    Thank you! That is one that I found previously, and it seems to talk a very good game. Would you say this unit is well regarded in the community here, and would do well for my needs? I see it's on sale at BRS now, but isn't that the regular price if you buy directly through Synergy Reef? Thanks very much for the help! -D
  9. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great turkey day! I was doing a little more research into what I'm hoping to do, and I found the website for the BeanAnimal overflow setup, and I think I now have a better idea what's what. Here's what I'm hoping to do, maybe one of you guys could suggest how I get there. I've been going back and fourth on getting a new tank, which one, what size, etc. I am 99% sure I want to get an Innovative Marine Nuvo Black 40 gallon tank, and I want to do it like today to get the Black Friday pricing. Please note, this is not the fusion model that has the all-in-one filter section, this is a "regular" tank, so I want to drill it and run a sump. I definitely do not want a hang on back syphon-type surface skimmer. For drilled overflows, it's my new understanding that there's a box inside the aquarium that skims the surface of the water, and this part I believe is called the weir. Ideally, you'd like the weir to run the length of the tank, and be as narrow/low profile as possible. Then there's a box outside the aquarium that water runs into and then down to the sump via one or several drain pipes, and this part I think is just referred to as the overflow box. As long as this box is drilled with 3 holes, l can set up a BeanAnimal styled drain pipe set up. Is that about right, because that's what I want to do? So I want to buy a nicely made overflow box and weir that allows me to set it up with the three drain pipes (unless maybe there's an even better drain system than the BeanAnimal?). I checked out the Synergy Reef, Modular Marine, Eshopps, and I think a couple others. They all seem fairly similar, and all seemed to have some pros and cons according to user reviews I read. Is there one of these that you guys might steer me to for my 40 gallon Nuvo tank (24" long)? Most important things to me are it has to look very nice, sleek, professional. Obviously, it has to allow for enough flow, but I'm only running a 40 gallon, so that should be easy. And, I'll take the longest weir I can practically do, though for my 24" long tank I think a 12" or 16" weir would give me a lot of surface skimming, without taking up too much room in the tank. What do you guys think? Any help would be really, really appreciated! Thanks again for the help! -Detritus
  10. Detritus

    AI hydra 26 package

    I will absolutely keep that in mind. Thank you! -Detritus
  11. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    Thank you for the suggestion! That one looks very sleek, I like that, but I’ll look closer when I get home. -D
  12. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    Yes, thank you for clarifying! I’m typing quickly because I’m at work right now, and I fully admit I didn’t read all the specs, I just clicked a couple of the links quickly and saw the price. Do they naje these smaller? I’m looking for one for a 40 gallon tank. Thank you for your help! -D
  13. Detritus

    AI hydra 26 package

    Thank you for the reply. I think I am looking for the HD version, but best of luck with your sale! -D
  14. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    That looks very nice, and is a (cough, cough) decent price, so that's a real option. I'm going to check your build journal later when I'm home. Thanks for the help! -D
  15. Detritus

    Where to buy a BeanAnimal styled overflow

    YES!! I learned on another forum that the BeanAnimal part is simply the three overflow pipes. I want/need the whole thing, just like in your link. Thanks very much for the help! -D