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  1. HI guys! I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was still activity here. I would certainly be interested in seeing anyone's setup with these lights, so if you have built one, please let us know! Thanks! -D
  2. ^Installing the RODI Buddie is a great move, I'm sure it will help you in the long run. Tanks looks great, keep it up! -D
  3. Thanks! Right now someone will post with a used one lol! Good luck with yours! -D
  4. Cool! Me too! I figured that's a good deal, I really haven't seen one used. Good luck and let us know what you think! -D
  5. These pumps are on sale at MD for President's Day, if anyone is interested. -D
  6. @Lorenz725 - Great to hear, thank you! @pgrVII - Certainly lots of good pumps, yes, but I think I would like a controllable one, seems very convenient. I think I'm going to look for the Mighty Jet on sale this week (hopefully), or perhaps try the small Jeabo. Thanks guys, good luck! -D
  7. Pm'd for Ecosmart mp10wes, and maybe more 😉 Thanks! -Detritus
  8. @pgrVII - Just curious, what size/brand tank are you planning on using this on? And what would be your second choice if for some reason you don't go with the IM Mighty Jet? Thanks! -D
  9. ^ I do not have one, so I can't speak from experience, but I too have seen nothing but good reviews. I am also looking to try one, the smaller one (326gph) for my IM Fusion 10. It would be great to find a gently used one, or I'm wondering if the new ones might go one sale for President's Day. I have also read where some of the smallest Jeabo DC pumps will with the IM Fusion 10 (and therefore larger tanks as well), but I am intrigued by these IM Mighty Jets and would like to try one. I'd also like to hear from anyone with personal experience with these pumps as well. Good luck with your search! -Detritus
  10. ^ Just a thought, but if you don't have an RODI yet, you could use gallons of distilled water to top up and for water changes. It's more expensive than having an RODI system, but at less than a dollar/gallon, it's reasonably affordable for a smaller tank. Just a suggestion, hope that helps. Good luck with the build! -D
  11. I sent you an offer on the RO system, I could really use it, please let me know what you think. Thank you! -D
  12. ^This is what I was thinking. Anyway, looks great so far, and I wish you luck! I'll be tagging along to see how you make out. Thank you for addressing my questions! -Detritus
  13. Nice and simple, cool! Will you be using the stock foam block thing, or just stuffing floss in the back? Thanks again! -D
  14. Hi! Good luck with the new Spec V! I like the Spec tanks for freshwater, but haven't tried one for saltwater yet. Could I please ask, is the new return pump and Kessil A150 the only modifications from the stock Spec? What are you running in the filter section? Thank you for your help! -D
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