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  1. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    Hey buddy! Aquascaping is nothing I can comment on because I stink at it. But, I both bump your thread, and say that your two scapes both look good to me. Perhaps other members will chime in. Is there a "rule of thirds" they use in freshwater tanks that might apply here? Either way, I'm jealous, my tanks haven't even seen water yet ;-( But I wish you the best of luck no matter how you decide to go. By the way, I'm assuming you got your stand built!! Great work!!! -Detritus
  2. Hello, Halo_003! I am looking to (most likely) order either the IM Nuvo Black 30 or 40 gallon, and I read where one reviewer mentioned that the black back could have been darker or less translucent. What do you think of the back of your tank? Thanks in advance, and best of luck with your build! -Detritus
  3. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    ^^No, you're rude because you're immature and clueless. You could sell you're light much more quickly, and for more money, if you acted like someone who didn't have his head stuffed you know where. I think other members, and hopefully the moderators, will see your previous posts as offensive and remove them. This is a tropical fish forum, kids read these posts. Act like an adult, and a representative of NR.com! -D
  4. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    Yeah, you, again, have completely missed the point. We'll see what the mods say..... -D
  5. Hi, Christy! Thank you for stopping by, I wasn't sure anyone was really paying attention anymore! I know I was rambling a lot, but I'm just in the planning stages of my tank right now. However, I do have news..... First of all, when I was previously in the hobby I was a BRS customer, and lately I have been EATING UP their videos. I think they are really well done and remarkably unbiased, though I ALWAYS take info given by a store with a grain of salt. Yes, I love reading user reviews, and I did read A LOT about these lights. But, nothing beats seeing things in person, and just last Saturday I made the rounds of our handful of local fish stores that are worth visiting for reefing supplies. I was fortunate enough to see both the AI Hydra 26 HD and the AI Prime HD in person. In particular, I saw a beautiful 65 gallon SPS display tank lit by two Hydra 26 HD's. Make a long story short, and no offense to what anyone else says or does, but I now know for sure, after seeing the lights in person, that the AI Hydra 26 HD is the light for me. Personally, I believe that the Prime HD is great for tanks up to about 20 gallons, but I am now looking to go larger if I can, and I think I can, though this might all be after the holidays at this point. But for the extra money, I think the Hydra 26 is well worth it. That said, I'm like 99% sure the Aqua Illumination lights are for me, but I am open to suggestions for other brands. I am still interested in Kessil because of their reputation over the years, and I saw the EcoTech in person as well, which seemed impressive. I know EcoTech and AI and now parent/daughter companies, if I'm not mistaken. I have read nothing but great things about Nanobox as well. I'm in absolutely no hurry to run out and buy, I'd prefer to take my time, research, and buy wisely the first time, so if there's other lighting suggestions please let me know. My latest feeling on tanks is that I'd like to go larger than 10 or 20 gallons, which was my initial thought (though I may do a 10 or 20 AIO at work!). I have to do some math, but I'm debating about a, give or take, 40 gallon brand new tank, rimless, low-iron glass, where I'd have to buy everything. Or, setting up the standard 65 gallon, black-rimmed, reef-ready tank I already have. This 65 is "old fashioned", but it's seriously in brand new condition, I already own it, I already have a brand new in the box Reef Octopus 8" skimmer with pump, I already have a DIY'd 55 gallon tank-to-sump convert (Melev Model F styled), I have a decent Mag 7 or 9 return pump. a media reactor with pump (brand new), and I have a couple AquaLifter pumps to make a DIY ATO. I would need to buy not one but two AI Hydra 26 HD lights, stock the tank with rock, inverts, and fish, and pay for water changes on this volume, but I have all of the above mentioned gear. I'd also need a large (to me) water change bucket. I have a perfectly clean Rubbermaid Brute 45 gallon (I think), but where do I put that big bucket and the RODI unit, let alone the 65 gallon tank, in the house?? If I do a 40 gallon fancy rimless, I'd have to buy the tank itself, one AI Hydra light, I'd run a sump (add $$$ there even for a 20 long DIY build), I'd do the BeanAnimal overflow, I'd want a decent skimmer of some kind, AND I'd probably still want to do a sophisticated ATO on a 40 or less. It would cost me less to stock it, and I *might* be able to get away with one or two 5 gallon, food-grade buckets as my water change reservoir. I could also start with a 40, and later upgrade to the 65 by buying a second light, so there is a lot for me to consider. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thanks everyone!! -Detritus
  6. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    You know, I'm pretty sure these posts are offensive and inappropriate in a forum relating to aquariums. Does anyone else agree? -D
  7. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    You're right, and YOU don't have an exclusive lock on these lights, or the other lights you peddle. For most of us, we would prefer not to deal with someone that's as obviously arrogant, immature, and oblivious as yourself. I'd say good luck with your sale, but I wouldn't mean it. -D
  8. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    ^^Whatever. Your attitude speaks for itself. -D
  9. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    That whole time line of events that Nart posted, and all you disagree about is the PayPal gift transfer thing? (insert 'scratching head' emoji here. repeat a few times...) -D
  10. AI hydra 26 hd black 240$ shipped

    I'll be totally honest, I'm shopping for this exact light right now, and I have been returning to this thread from the beginning, but because of the comments that Nickbruh510 has posted here, as well as the fact that he was rather rude to me (I felt) on another thread I started, I am absolutely passing on this "deal". I'd rather wait longer, or just buy the light new. Good luck to all! -Detritus
  11. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    No problem! I'm happy that I can help with stuff like this, since I'm far from an expert with the tanks themselves ;-) looking great, though, keep it up! -Detritus
  12. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    Sorry about the late reply, but I really don't think it will be too weak if you just took out a little bit of corner to make room for the hinges. The weight of the tank will still sit on plenty of plywood. And to do the notches this way is two quick, easy cuts. let us know how it's doing! -D
  13. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    So as for the hinges and notches, I looked at the pic of the cabinet in your other post, and I'm thinking doing the notch thing would be easiest. You could do other hinges, but then the door might not sit right without further modifications. After looking at the picture, I'm wondering if you couldn't just knock a corner off the bottoms and tops of your plywood sides to make room for your hinges. What do you think? -D