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  1. SavaS

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    My Duncans don't like waking up in the morning... Much like me...
  2. SavaS

    Week 2 Giveaway, Pods and Phyto!

    Yes, definitely lucked out there. Kind of freaked me out but then I realized I had one more cut to do. I did that and then went in and bandaged my finger up. Bad thing was I still had to go to work. I pay a lot more attention now for sure.
  3. SavaS

    Week 2 Giveaway, Pods and Phyto!

    Well, here's mine, not for the faint of heart... In almost 20 years of working construction and using power tools I've never injured myself with any type of tool (knock on wood...), but a few weeks ago when I was cutting two pieces of trim wood to finish my current tank build I also trimmed the tip of my finger. It's all healed now, but wow, I couldn't believe it, when people asked what happened they would laugh and tell me to stop building tanks...
  4. My anemone crab arrived! He's pretty awesome, already fanning the water. When I've had to move one of my RFAs I use a paint brush, push it against the glass and slowly slide it under the nem, it's worked several times with no issues.
  5. SavaS

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    Also got a few corals as well, some of the zoas have 20+ polyps for only 10$, 15$ and 5$ for most of the others. @Aquarium Depot did a stellar job packaging everything! There are still a few things not pictured, several other corals and some macro. I'll be removing everything from the plugs and securing them to the rock sometime this weekend. Very happy overall.
  6. SavaS

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    Look who arrived today!
  7. The video is on YouTube, is it not working?
  8. Also, any idea when you will have more tiger pods in stock? Thanks!
  9. SavaS

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    Video of one of my rock flower anemones eating
  10. Hopefully this link will work, made a video of my RFA eating some mysis today...
  11. My little RFA garden, three of my seven have taken up residence on the back of my rockscape.
  12. SavaS

    6.5 gal Pico reef (New pictures)

    Thanks for the input @TatorTaco, I ended up adding a few pieces of live rock and placing the four RFAs I could get to there so I'm going to stick to my main tank for now. Hopefully I can get the three that wandered behind my scape out eventually. It's hollow in the middle so they are still getting light and food. On another note, the RFA that got caught in the powerhead grate is fine and fully extended.
  13. He's spread himself out in a corner and I can't really get a picture, I think it's ok though considering the foot is well planted and it's extended. Everyone says theirs like to be close together, maybe snuggling, mine seem to want to block out the ones next to them, I'm pretty sure I have three almost stacked on each other. I really need to get the RFA only tank going.
  14. Came home from work yesterday and this guy had gone on a walk, ended up in the powerhead... Fortunately they are small, the hydor pico 180's, secondly they have a second grate inside I had to cut the outer adjustment grate into pieces to get it out The anemone seems to be fine, settled back on the bottom after a few minutes, I think a few tentacles were snipped but otherwise all is well. Maybe it wanted a haircut... I'll post a picture when I get home from work.