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  1. So in preparation for the changing of tanks I pulled the sump out of the stand last night and gave it a good cleaning. My return pump needed it, though most of the gunk was in the impeller shaft. I cleaned the skimmer as well but only really focused on the motor and impeller. I didn't see a reason to clean it completely on the inside, figured that residue/slime was more beneficial than not. Next I took the canister filter offline and did the same. My canister filter doesn't have filter media in it, meaning there's no sponge or floss just 1 quart of marinepure balls that fill out the top three trays, the fourth remains empty. So does that mean it's a marinepure reactor? Lol. So anyway, I found this guy fully attached to the bottom of the canister filter. Attached, seemingly growing in utter darkness... That is a piece of anthelia. I mowed down the colony a few weeks ago to thin it out knowing it would grow back. Eventually. I doubt it's thriving down there but I'm surprised it even attached. I'm leaving it in the name of science and whatnot. I still need to mount my canopy fans, wire up the moonlights, mount and wire up the violet and cyan lights and a few other things. Tank is full of water at the moment with a pump running, so far no leaks. We'll see when I get off work...
  2. So my hydor pico 180's came today, and wow they are tiny! These should do the trick for creating a nice cross current. Also I started tinkering with a bubble tower that I hope will do the job of eliminating bubbles from the drain. This is a 1 1/2" spa jet with a 3/4" inlet. The water will (in theory) hit the center pipe and divert around. The hole in the middle should allow air to travel up. The top is a short piece of 1 1/2" well-point pipe that has tiny cuts that should let the air out. The cap allows for adjustment. The drain from the tank will go into a 3/4" slip 90 that will connect to the 3/4" reducer on the side. The notches on the bottom should allow plenty of flow. The notches don't go all the way around so that the water is moving forward and not behind the pipe. I plan to place a piece of eggcrate near the bottom above the notches. I will then put 2 or three mediapure balls inside to further slow the water and help the air diffuse. I may end up drilling a hole in the top and feeding a short piece of tubing inside to further vent the air. Any thoughts?
  3. SavaS

    Justin's Mixed 17G

    Very nice setup, I love the stand. Looking forward to some new pics.
  4. So I got around to testing my returns and decided I don't like the flow. The X's do a good job of 'turbelencing' (might have made that word up...) the flow but it wasn't what I was looking for. In the end I ordered two hydor Pico evo-mag 180's that will be placed on the back wall pointed to the center of the tank and connect to a wave maker to get a good back and forth flow (I hope), these will work opposite one another while the bottom jets. I'm just going to have to sump return terminate in a single 90 pointed behind the rock rack. I've also decided to add a few leds for moonlight running very low for a few hours before and after the main lights go off. Anyone else doing this?
  5. Didn't get much accomplished today, cut my finger on the table saw this morning before work (I'm fine, I can still count to 10) but I did manage to get some work done on the lid. Cut the plexi splash guard and started the vent area for the fans. Had to change up the plumbing a bit but that's not too bad.
  6. So I managed to get a few things done when I got home from work today. First up are the 'sweeper' jets that will attach to the bottom of the tank and connect to the canister filter acting as a closed loop. Hopefully these will keep anything from settling on the bottom. These are 1/2" caps that I sliced notches is, sanded and painted black. Each will be covered by a hollowed out piece of live rock. The piece here is much bigger than what I'll use, it's just to give a visual of what I'm thinking. The hood and base are finished as well, just need to mount the fans and make the splash guard. I also drilled a safety drain and have that set up. Still need to cut the overflow drain pipe to length, rebuild the main return line, my safety drain ended up in the way and I have to adjust for that. Still lots to do...
  7. So I finished the background, it came out pretty well. Majority of it will be covered by the rack holding the live rock so it doesn't really matter how it looks. Also by adding a bit of black spray paint to the outside of the tank the bottom is looking much better than before. Once the GSP grows in it won't matter much. And finally I got my return lines glued and painted. The actual returns are still adjustable from side to side. I cut small X's of eggcrate to hopefully help change the flow as it comes out. Still lots to do. I'm debating on doing a baffle-less sump. Need to look into it more. Any thoughts or ideas, feel free to comment.
  8. After some reading I'm debating on moving my xenias to the sump and letting them take over, I may keep a small piece in the tank though. Something for the back wall maybe. Anyone else tried this? I do like the xenias and know they can be a weed.
  9. So I didn't get a whole lot accomplished this weekend. Finished the lid and stand of the tank, will have to get a picture of that later. I managed to get the drain and return lines drilled and pour the epoxy bottom. I wanted to try something different instead of just painting the tank bottom black. It's not as great as I had hoped but it's not horrible and plus it will be covered in green star polyps eventually. I added paint to the mix for color but it's way off what I was going for (I may still just paint the outside black). Next I need to do the back of the tank. So far things are progressing nicely, waiting for the new leds to arrive. Planning the tank move weekend after next.
  10. So this is my current Pico... 2.5 gallons... (this is a crappy picture that I murdered even further with a photo editor...) And things are starting to get cramped, when the Duncan is fully extended he really takes up a lot of space on his own, not that he cares. He's just like that, but is also my favorite coral in the tank. (he's also growing 2 (maybe 3) new heads. I also want to spread out the zoas, move the Kenya tree further away and put the xenias in their own area. The anthelia I mowed down already but know it will come back which is fine. So enough of the why, let's get to the point. The new tank is going to be 6.5 gallons. (it's gonna be huuuge). I'm currently working on the hood and stand. I will be using my sump and canister filter from the smaller tank still. It's a semi hex and it was a gift. The wood is rough cut cedar I had left from a gazebo I built for a customer. So here are a few things I'm planning to do differently this time, because I have been paying attention : Better flow! I mean way better, turbulent! alternating! flow flow flow! My entire scape will be mounted to a removable background to make it easier to add new corals, move corals, treat algae or pests (should they appear from thin air or awaken from hibernation). This will also allow me to dip the entire scape if the corals require it. I will be adding violet and turquoise leds to my lighting and switching out my 10k whites for neutral whites for a better blending of color and spectrum. Ok, so here are a few things I want to do but won't really know how they will work until I get it set up. I plan to have a set of return lines behind my Live rock scrap and a set up top facing down. These lines will be powered by separate pumps that will alternate via a wave maker. I'm hoping that will be much better for keeping detritus from settling. My canister filter will be a sort of closed loop set up. Two returns coming up from the bottom with heads/nozzles designed to sweep the bottom of the tank and the drain mounted in the bottom as well to (theoretically) catch any debris. I plan to hollow out two small pieces of rock to hide these nozzles. Will my green star polyps hate this constant flow? They will be spread out on the bottom of the tank. I still have a lot to do and decide on, like most things I will probably change my mind about a dozen times before it is all said and done. So this is the beginning, I post pictures as I go, maybe you will find it interesting or maybe you won't (boooo) if you have tried any of the things I've said please let me know how or if they worked out for you. Thanks (fingers crossed I don't just screw this up :p)
  11. SavaS

    The FTS Thread!

    My 2.5 gallon Pico
  12. SavaS

    2.5 gal Pico - Tank update

    Some recent pictures of the tank, still going strong. Added some new zoas and a mushroom. Redid my sump and added a small skimmer just to see if it would make a difference. It pulls out a bit of gunk but not a lot, though I have done several 100% water changes due to moving a few corals around.
  13. SavaS

    2.5 gal Pico - Tank update

    Been a while since I updated, so here is a pic of the tank now, made some changes, added some new corals. My Duncan now has 6 heads. Lots of corraline growing on the glass and found out I have a micro brittle star creeping around in there.
  14. SavaS

    2.5 gal Pico - Tank update

    And my second tank, almost all favia coral, moved a rhodactis mushroom and my purple gorgonian in as well. This is my original Pico just redone and upgraded.