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  1. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    Haven't had much time to work on the tank the last few days but I managed to get the hole drilled and my drain mounted. Built the overflow and got it siliconed in place. I poured two part epoxy resin to reinforce the glass where I drilled and the compartment that I put in to shorten the overflow depth. My heatsink arrived today so hopefully I'll mount the LEDs tonight and start soldering them up soon.
  2. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    Got the door made, fits well. It'll be held in place with magnets. I'm planning on gluing some sort of decorative piece to the front just to make it look better and it will double as a handle. Also epoxied in the face of the drop-off, next up is to drill and build the overflow.
  3. Hair algae is really starting to disappear, everything is opening up and looking great.
  4. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    Yes it's the 5.5 gallon tank. So today while at work I finished up the trim work and started the door. I taped off the sides and sprayed three coats of high gloss white on all the wood work. So far everything is coming along pretty good. Hoping to drill and build the overflow today or tomorrow and finish the stand when I go back to work Sunday.
  5. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    Silicone your sharpie line as you won't be able to get inside this piece. Press the glass into place, apply more silicone and smear the silicone again. then peel off the tape and you will have nice clean lines. The inside doesn't matter as I will either paint this black or hide it with more of the vinyl flooring, I'm not sure yet. The narrow strip of glass siliconed to the bottom of the tank is a brace for the front wall. The back of the tank will be black as well, so will the overflow. Hopefully this makes sense, if not, ask and I'll try to clarify.
  6. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    So here is the process I used to put in the front of the drop-off, it's my idea of the best way, use what you think is best... I fit in the piece of glass (I had previously painted the bottom/inside of each black). Trace this with a sharpie. Now mask off this line about 1/8th of a inch outside your line. Now we need to silicone the inside of the piece of glass that was siliconed in place yesterday. The easiest way to do this is fill a sandwich baggie with silicone and cut out a corner. (yes I am still one of the few watching the Walking dead, hence I am building a tank while half paying attention.) Silicone at will and then smear with a finger wrapped in plastic or a rubber glove, I chose... Next...
  7. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    So what good would this thread be without a shot of the tank? So here is my plan, I siliconed the bottom in last night, tonight I'll do the side. I plan to drill for a over flow which will fit the dimensions of the drop-off. Pretty simple, hopefully. I plan to plumb my return to the bottom of the drop-off to prevent sludge and use a hydor pico like I have in my current tank for auxiliary flow. Live rock will be cut and shaped to look like ledges and accent the drop-off look. I have the idea in my head, just need to bring it into reality.
  8. SavaS

    5 gallon drop-off / abyss reef.

    So the first shelf will be the sump, my old 2.5 gallon from my current tank and the next shelf will hold a 2.5 gallon tank acting as a ato reservoir. The bottom shelf will house the dimmers, timers and power strip. The big hole up top is for a 120mm fan to act as a vent and for cooling. Everything inside is painted with several coats of white gloss to prevent water damage from evaporation. Holes are drilled between the shelves for wire management. The plywood is 3/4" which is overkill for such a small tank but like all the other materials was free. So far the stand has cost 0 dollars. I'll post more as I progress. Feedback is appreciated.
  9. So here is the beginning of my next reef aquarium... Getting ready to finalize the purchase of a new home and that means moving. My 6.5 gallon reef won't be a issue, it's my 90 gallon freshwater that I don't want to bother with. So I had to negotiate a deal... Get rid of the 90 for another Pico (easy choice for me). I've liked the look of the drop-off/abyss tanks and wanted to recreate that. If you were to ask the three or four people who have followed my other builds they would tell you my stands and tanks look more like furniture than a square box with a light hanging over it and this build won't be any different. Currently I'm remodeling a house for a customer and have some leftover molding, vinyl planks and plywood so that is what the tank stand is built from. So far I think it looks great. Still a bit more work to do...
  10. Guess my RFA was hungry, it ate my poor firefish...
  11. SavaS

    Tank advice

    Pretty sure most here are going to say you need a water change Pronto. Then they're going to want to know about your lighting, whether it's stock, leds or other. The algae can be scraped off but you need to be replacing the filter cartridge or at minimum giving it a hell of a rinse every few days. I don't really have any advice on the sand bed, I have a shallow one for the benefit of my rock flower anemones, but it depends on the age of yours and depth. You might be better off going bare bottom. How is your flow? In my opinion, if your corals are doing well then things are OK (I.e, growing, polyp extension and so on). Also, post a few pictures, the cliq likes those. Hopefully some of them will chime in.