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  1. That I did. In other news the white RFA has settled down, hopefully it'll open up and stay put. I'll post a picture when that happens, it's one of my favorites.
  2. The glass shelf is supported by silicone underneath and above as well as sitting on a glass support. The overflow is siliconed to that and the back wall. The substrate on the shelf is epoxied in place, also the main rocks on the overflow are epoxied in place. There is less than a pound of rock actually sitting on it and I imagine the water pressure would push on both sides evenly (what little there is). Basically I feel like I channeled my inner over engineering side and it will be fine.
  3. So I transferred a few frags from my main tank to this one, easy corals for the most part, two new RFAs, (the white one hasn't settled down yet) two of what are possibly the smallest birdsnest frags in existence and what is either a Gsp or a gorgonian, I'm not sure but it grows like a weed and is more feather like than my Gsp. Plan for this tank is eventually a background covered in the gsp/gorgonian and a permanent home for my 7 RFAs. Managed to get a few baby bristle worms out of my substrate to add as well.
  4. Thanks. Now I just need to stock it and let it grow.
  5. Well it's been a while but the tank is wet, everything is going well and I should be adding a few corals from my main tank soon. So far just a RFA, a few asterina Starfish and a red led hermit calling this tank home. Water volume is about 6 gallons including sump.
  6. Thanks @Christopher Marks, most of my collection started out as 5$ frags, some have grown tremendously and some only have one or two new polyps after a few months / a year. Zoas, so beautiful but such a pain.
  7. Came home early this morning and decided to post a few pictures of the corals opening up to the blues. I can see why people set up tanks with only blue lightning but I still prefer it when all the lights are on and the water looks clearer. But still, that fluorescence...
  8. Some pictures of the tank. I've hardly seen it over the past few weeks, fortunately it takes care of itself (I just fill up the ato about every three weeks). Loads of bristle worms are viewable though the substrate, I'm assuming this is a good thing. I started a refugium filled with several different macroalgae and picked up a lettuce sea slug that seems to be doing fine. He's been in there about two weeks.
  9. I haven't forgotten or abandoned this, just work has been insane. That coupled with the move and renovating the house while living there has made this a bit slow. But... The tank is pretty much done. There will be a few minor tweaks I'm sure but it should be wet soon (hopefully by Christmas)
  10. Currently the lid is just sitting on the lip of the tank. In the end it will hinge open like my current tank. The inside of the lid will be sealed with a piece of plexiglass to stop moisture getting to the LEDs and fans. I just need to cut it and fit the heatsink and fans first. Hopefully in the next few days.
  11. Made some progress...
  12. Haven't had much time to work on the tank the last few days but I managed to get the hole drilled and my drain mounted. Built the overflow and got it siliconed in place. I poured two part epoxy resin to reinforce the glass where I drilled and the compartment that I put in to shorten the overflow depth. My heatsink arrived today so hopefully I'll mount the LEDs tonight and start soldering them up soon.
  13. Got the door made, fits well. It'll be held in place with magnets. I'm planning on gluing some sort of decorative piece to the front just to make it look better and it will double as a handle. Also epoxied in the face of the drop-off, next up is to drill and build the overflow.