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  1. 150L of overthinking

    Great looking tank! Also if you edit your first post you can edit the title, that's how I did it.
  2. Added some cheato to the sump and built a little led array to hopefully keep it growing, time will tell. My corals are doing well except for the two rhodactis mushrooms, they just don't seem to spread/extend at all. I feel like they are in a area of less light and no improvement whereas when they got more light they stayed shriveled. Any tips would be greatly helpful. Also switched the ball valve from the return to a unioned one so I can remove it for cleaning and had to turn down the flow from the pump, what a difference it made.
  3. Deeper Well - An Acquasole 60

    Wow what a journey this tank has undertaken, so many ups and downs, looks great though, love the corals. We lost power for two days due to Irma here in Pasco, but I don't keep fish in my Pico. Hope your tank continues to do well!
  4. Tank is doing well, trucking along. Swapped out the float switch so the ato is up and running. Added some new coral, the first was sold to me as a acan but I think it is a favia, good a blue mushroom and some pink zoas. Also added a few macros, we'll see how that goes.
  5. Tetra 3g cube & Marineland Portrait 5g ????

    Not sure if this was mentioned yet but using a long eye dropper/pipette to spot feed the corals and critters can reduce waste, mix a bit of your choice of food in a cup with a bit of tank water, turn off pumps and using the dropper/pipette squeeze a bit of food into the mouth of your corals and critters, each should readily grab it. Hope this helps in some way.
  6. Thanks @Utahpico! That is so true, there are as many variations as there are variables in this hobby. There will always be a battle between functional and personal taste, as long as the corals and critters are happy I see no issues with using them like paint on a canvas. (just takes longer for the colors to blend :p)
  7. 3.7g Pico reef

    Nice looking tank! As a Pico owner I totally understand the constant adjusting of things to keep it looking its best, even if it is just moving a rock or three
  8. My Duncan is growing a new head! It is crazy extended as well. Also the candycane coral is doing great. On a side note, the cleaning of the AC70 is complete, what a difference. The new head is coming in at the base of the centermost Duncan.
  9. Thanks for the compliments @cfaye@Delaware I never quite get the real thing to look like the image in my head but it works and you're right, the corals are happy and that's what matters. Eventually I want to build a series of picos into the wall that way I don't have to dress up the sides In other news I plan to tweak the plumbing a bit, going to remove the ball and check valve and replace with unioned ones that I can clean and service from time to time. My gorgonian has finally finished shedding its old skin and the polyps are crazy extended. My candycane is adjusting and starting to swell and extend its tentacles at night so I fed it this morning. Still waiting on the one Frag to open. I need to add a coral list, might do that while I'm sitting here waiting on concrete for a hour and a half...
  10. Well the emerald crab now lives in the sump with the gorilla crab, maybe they'll be friends. Today was day two of him picking on the same zoa Frag so out he came. Thanks @HarryPotter it does the job, it's not perfectly silent but is close enough.
  11. So my scarlet reef hermit molted which is awesome because I was convinced he mysteriously disappeared, glad to see that he is healthy. Last night after lights out I was using a flashlight to view the tank and caught my emerald crab picking at a Frag of zoas, actually picking the polyps apart so using tweezers I shooed him away and gave him a few pellets to distract him. These polyps have yet to open since being in the tank even though every other zoa is looking good, should I take this as a sign something is wrong with them? The emerald has never done this before, yet I know they are capable of it. Also I need to move my Kenya tree as it ended up mounted upside down...
  12. The FTS Thread!

    2.5 gallon Pico - contents transferred from my almost year old pico Build thread
  13. So everything seems to be going well today, corals are open and the emerald crab is out and about picking at the rock work. Going to post some pics of the total setup: Inside the stand, plumbing, wiring and of course-the sump. Any thoughts or suggestion/questions feel free to comment/ask.
  14. Temperature controller arrived and hooked up easily enough, also wired the new float switch in and the ATO is doing its job well enough, though I may replace the float switch with a smaller one. Tank has officially moved to the new setup, I started a new journal to document its progress, this link is here: New tank setup
  15. Random pictures... This is my Aqua clear 70, the only filtration on the original Pico, look how much coraline as well as other algae managed to grow in the months it was in use. It is getting a deep clean at the moment.