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  1. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    I think my tank is done cycling. It definitely went through all the stages (ammonia and nitrite spikes), but the color changes weren't very impressive. I have nitrates, which seem to be rising slowly. I had to compare to tap water today to convince myself of its presence. Refer to my attached chart and comparison photos of nitrites during the spike and nitrates from today. The dip in nitrates and nitrites was probably me miscounting drops or accidentally picking up the wrong bottle (hopefully). My tank also smells much better. When there was ammonia in there it had a foul pungent smell when I put my nose to the water- now I can't smell anything. I think it's time to buy some snails and crabs this weekend! I tried this and it almost completely eliminates the leakage. Thanks for the what should have been obvious tip! I do have to hold a ton of pressure on the cap though.
  2. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Questions: Today is the first day I have seen both ammonia and nitrite at zero. There have been some nitrates for the past few days as well. I've been charting them. Will post the graph when my full cycle is done. 1) Speaking of....how do I know when my cycle is done? And when it is, should I start with just a couple snails and crabs first? 2) My API saltwater test kit leaks when I am shaking up the test tubes. I'm starting to get really bothered by this. Does anyone like another test kit better that is not extremely expensive? Thanks, Ashley
  3. Please critique my rock placement.

    Awe shucks...Happy to have helped!
  4. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    Yes I have seen this advice earlier as well and only turn the lights on to take a 1-2x daily peek and for pictures. Thank you.
  5. Please critique my rock placement.

    I like it. Reminds me of my setup, except you left yourself more room near the glass
  6. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    2 week update: While I've been waiting for the tank to cycle I attempted to "improve" the stand via spray paint and stencil. Stencils are a b*tch. I also noticed extremely small white bug looking creatures scurrying over my glass in a few areas. Luckily my camera has a pretty sick maco ability, and I can see the creatures even better than my own eyes can. Check out my pics/videos. I think they are copepods... correct me if I'm wrong. They are okay/beneficial right? Lastly I've been watching this small feathery growth on my live rock, but it has not changed a bit since day 1. Not sure what it is.
  7. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    Just wanted to update: I started an aquarium log and will be posting in there from now on for my updates. Feel free to check it out so far!
  8. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Yes not all at once! Just throwing ideas out there for when I forget which critters interested me. I thought about this a couple days after I put it all in the tank... Should I remove the media? Yes I have nice memories of shell collecting too. In time I will add some. I have lots from when I used to live in the Caribbean 👍
  9. Hi everyone, I decided to start an aquarium journal to log my progress. I've never had an aquarium before, and I'm about as beginner as they come. Feel free to make suggestions. So far I've learned there's about a hundred ways to accomplish the same thing and twice as many opinions about it. Thanks for reading Start date: October 1, 2017 Tank: Coralife LED Biocube 32 Heater: Aqueon Pro Heater 150W Circulation: Hydor Koralia Nano 565 Back Chamber Filtration: Boyd ChemiPure Elite 11.74oz, Seachem Purigen 250ml, Acurel Filter Fiber Rock/Sand: Caribsea Liferock 12 lbs, 8lbs live rock, 6 lbs base rock, mix of Nature's Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live and Caribsea Arag-alive Fiji-pink live sand (20lbs) Salt: Instant Ocean Just got my first ammonia reading yesterday at 0.25 ppm and today 0.5 ppm, nitrite and nitrate still zero. pH 7.9 and Sp.G 1.024 Will likely adjust rockscape at end of cycle for slightly more room near the glass. Wish list: Blue banded coral shrimp Longnose Hawkfish Blue chromis Midas blenny Clownfish pair Red mandarin Valentini puffer Hammer coral Frogspawn Mushrooms Brain corals Will keep updating! Ashley
  10. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    I'm happy to report the ammonia in my tank finally registered yesterday at 0.25 ppm and today at 0.50 ppm... nitrite and nitrates are still zero. I started adding a pinch of fish pellets once per day and still dosing with Aquavitro Seed. I can see a white film around some of the older food particles on the sand. I also noticed the slightest hint of green on my live rock today. I think these are ok to find?
  11. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    I wonder if I'll ever need to cool the tank... I live in CT so it is frigid here in the winter, and stays below 75 indoors in the summer.
  12. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    I did a water test today (day 3.5).... all parameters are zero still. pH 8 and Sp.G 1.024 I think I'll add some fish food as @VaporCountry recommended. What happens if a tank doesn't cycle? And thank you all for the welcome and compliments to my rock scape... TBH the guy at the LFS gave me some tips lol
  13. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    It is a little tight for my hand, but with a sponge on a stick I can clean the glass ok. I just read your Biocube journal, and I'm inspired by your tank Love seeing progress from day 1 to a mature tank! I tested on day 1 and will keep testing every 2 days. I'f I don't see anything happening I'll go from there.