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  1. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    Update: I don't know what the heck it was, but Buzz never acted sick, and it never returned (has been 3 weeks). The other fish never got it either. I do have a quarantine tank set up in case it does return though 😬
  2. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    I've been hesitating to post this in case something went wrong, but last weekend I added a tail spot blenny! I named him Burt Reynolds, and he is getting along quite well with my 2 clowns Fuller and Buzz. The first night he was terrified, but the next morning I found him swimming vertically with my clowns where they all were sleeping! Now he sleeps on the rocks. I waited 1.5 weeks after I saw the growths on Buzz, but they never came back, and he never exhibited any other symptoms of illness. I now have a 10 gallon quarantine tank set up though, and it's ready to go if I see it again along with some Seachem Cupramine and PraziPro. My alveopora, brain, mushrooms, and frogspawn are doing well, but I'm thinking the monti is looking bleached out and may be dying. Not sure what the issue is yet. I'm also a little annoyed with my coral banded shrimp Kevin. Frankly, he's becoming an a-hole. He's stepping on and pinching my coral and taking jabs at my fish. I may trade him later on down the road. I seem to be having a green dust algae bloom on the glass. I've given some pellets I got as a freebie and suspect that may be the culprit. And here's Burt.... very hard to photograph... see if you can spot him
  3. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Have been thinking of switching from Instant Ocean to HW marine until I learned of Fritz salt. Found it at my LFS for $40 on sale for 55lb box! Excited to try it out.... IO definitely did not seem coral friendly during my water tests.
  4. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Reef keeping is a dangerous addiction. We went to "pick up RO/DI water" at the LFS 2 days ago and my husband spotted something he wanted, which is now happily at home in my tank. "The Brain" I've been in love with an alveopora at another LFS, but it was not for sale unfortunately. Then we spotted this cute little guy at my usual LFS. One of the employees mis-ID's it as a gonipora and basically told me not to get it (they know I'm new because I'm there all the time). Anyway, my husband went back last night to pick up the last of our supplies for my hopsital tank and bought it as a surprise after he talked with the owner (who knew what it was). I am super excited about this one! I know it is hard to keep, but it seems happy so far. All my supplies from BRS for 2- part dosing system came in, and I'm about to get all my supplements in check. Buzz the clown is still doing fine in the meantime while my hospital tank is in the works...
  5. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    We're dipping them every 1-2 days now. Our Sunday night in New England. OCD organization. Also ordered supplies for a hospital tank to be on the safe side for my clowns. My bank account is not so happy.
  6. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    Thanks for the input and advice. My pictures didn't match up with I could physically see. Although I am not ruling ich out yet, I am a little less inclined to assume that is the cause. I may do a skin scrape to help with a diagnosis, but likely will need to sedate the little guy. Found this helpful article as well. http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fa164
  7. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Omg! Can you see eggs in the photo, or is it a suggestion? How often do I dip? Thanks, really appreciating the advice I get on here.
  8. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    As soon as I say everything is going great I notice one of my clownfish (Buzz) has some weird tan/grey "growths" on it- mostly on the head, and very difficult to photograph. He was acting normally otherwise. The clown has been in the tank for 3 weeks now, and the other clownfish (Fuller) is 100% fine. I couldn't find any pictures similar online, but the closest I could come up with was lymphocystis- maybe stress secondary to my water change/tank cleaning on Wednesday? I was at work and the husband was home watching videos of freshwater dipping fish all day. I was hesitant to do it, but he convinced me to dip Buzz last night. We matched the pH and temperature, and dipped him for 5 minutes. He swam upside down for a few seconds when back in the main tank, but this morning he looks great! This may be coincidence, but he now just has a few spots of discoloration on his white bands where the growths were before. I also added a montipora and a frogspawn coral and dipped them in Coral RX today. Looks like a nudibranch and two amphipods fell off. I got some phytoplankton and ordered this dosing package: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-2-part-calcium-alkalinity-total-package-bulk.html So there's been a few mishaps so far, but nothing too crazy. Seems like my tank is going through normal newbie stuff. I want to set up a quarantine tank, but need to buy a few things for it first.
  9. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    I'm not sure what it was or if it's "gone", but my husband convinced me to do a freshwater dip on the clownfish last night, and this morning the growths are gone, and there's just a little discoloration where they were previously. The fish is acting great today- a little shy this morning, but now swimming around the whole tank catching copepods.
  10. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    I mentioned lymphocystis to my husband too. I'm not finding any great pictures online of actually diagnosed diseases, mostly just photos from people asking similar questions to mine. Maybe I stressed him out doing the water change. What a wimp. We'll see how he looks in the morning. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    Acting normally, but small raised grey to tan dots of varying sizes around head and sparsely dispersed throughout the rest of the body. Almost wart or skin-tag like
  12. Hi all, Last night I noticed a bump (appeared to be under the skin) on one of my clownfish's right side, behind the fin. Today my husband texted me a picture of him (I'm at work) and said he is swimming lazily. The other clown is fine. I have no other fish. I have a bunch of snails, hermit crabs, coral banded shrimp, serpent star fish. I've had the clown for 3-4 weeks and he has been healthy. I added some astrea snails and a couple hermits 1.5 weeks ago, and did a water change 2 days ago. I increased the temp from 76 to 78. Please help identify what's going on here. I will get better pictures when I get home. Thanks Ashley
  13. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Would my banded coral shrimp attack a pistol shrimp?