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  1. Corals doing poorly

    I didn't realize the crabs hosted things... maybe that's why he's been sitting on my leather 😂
  2. Corals doing poorly

    OK everyone, I've been too busy to update the thread until now. I'll try to answer everyone's questions, but here's an update as well. Thank you for the input! I compared my tank water on Jan 28 to Fritz/RODI water both at a Sp.G of 1.023 My tank water: kH- 8.0 pH-7.8 Ca- 430 Mg-1335 Fritz/RODI water: KH- 7 pH- 8.3 Ca-340 Mg- 1275 Fritz/RODI at Sp.G of 1.026: kH-8.5 pH-8.3 Ca- 380 I prefer the values given at 1.026, so I've been mixing water to that these past few weeks. I also backed off on the 2 part dosing to see what happens without it. No dosing: kH dropped to 5.5 and 6 (tested February 14 and today)! Wow... something is seriously sucking my alkalinity up? After the torch coral died all the other corals seemed to magically do fantastic. The leather is giant and beautiful now. The edges are folding in and it's clearly growing. The owner at the LFS has gotten to know us a bit and gave me a free acan frag because he felt bad. This is doing well so far. The original brain is back to doing pretty well and opening up a lot From Jan 28-Feb 14 Burt my tail spot blenny stopped eating. We opened a new package of mysis shrimp and from that point on he went downhill. We fed veggie pellets, but he was not interested. He used to peck at my algae in the tank but also stopped. On Feb 14 he died We found the body under a rock and removed it. I'm pretty sure the bristle worm was eating the corpse. No external signs of illness other than some weight loss and near his last day- some shredding of the tail fin. I personally think he got very stressed out during the chase for my coral beauty angelfish and never recovered. Both clown fish are doing well. I got the Sailfert Mg and Phos kits. My phos has been between 0-0.03 Past 1.5 weeks I've had a green hair algae bloom in one corner of the tank. Tried to take the rock out and scrub it- not very helpful. This past weekend we added a small sixline wrasse, 3 trochus snails, and a porcelain crab. All are doing well. I have a bunch of green (and a little purple) coraline algae growing on the back wall. I got the InTank media basket. Haven't bought the rox carbon yet I have to say I am pleased with how the tank is doing past 2 weeks aside from Burt dying. I have the Daylight channel from 8:30-6pm Sunrise/Sunset (Beautymax) from 8:00-6:30pm Moonlight (blue) from 10am-11:30pm Hadn't read about this before. Sure, the refractometer could be slightly off, but I don't think that was the underlying problem. Thanks for the info. My temp has been a stable 77.8 +/- 0.1 Pic from 2 days ago If you notice on the back wall (and on my rocks) are what I think spirorbid worms. Could they be using up alkalinity? There are tons of them.
  3. Corals doing poorly

    Since the torch coral died my leather looks fantastic. I do find it a little suspicious.i am looking into the carbon, by not wanting to change too many things at once since all has settled down and is well again.
  4. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Sorry have been very busy over here! It seems to have stabilized. I've taken a step back from the two part dosing in case that was an issue. The torch coral died completely. The other corals are doing quite well. My leather is huge and has the polyps extended all the time now. LFS owner felt bad about my loss and gave me a small orange acan, which is doing alright so far. Xenias are growing large. I have a sad update though: Burt died yesterday 🙁 The past week or so he stopped eating much and looked a bit thinner. Two days before he died we noticed his tail fin looked slightly shredded. We left for the weekend with my sister house sitting. When we got back we went to the LFS to buy a variety of foods, but Burt was missing when we got home. I found his half eaten corpse under a rock. Water tests were normal yesterday. Still doing weekly water changes, but I'm having a bit of green hair algae growing in one corner I tried to scrub off in a waste bucket. We are very saddened by Burt's and my torch corals death. Continuing to take it a step at a time!
  5. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Having issues with the corals- the smaller original torch coral I had died and the larger one I just got is half dead. The brain doesn't want to open up. Going through an extensive list of problem solving here... Linking to this thread I started just to keep my journal updated. Hopefully this is a phase that passes soon. We returned the coral beauty angelfish to the store as she was pecking many of our corals constantly
  6. Corals doing poorly

    API test kits- droppers On order Doing this tomorrow after work... will update with results Unfortunately it happened before the great angel chase Distilled water has a specific gravity of 1.000 and should be standard for calibration Temp stays stable... maybe increases by 0.3 degrees throughout the day So far everything is looking decent the past 2 days, but the brain hasn't come out yet
  7. Corals doing poorly

    So many helpful responses... Seriously thank you for the feedback. Awesome community here First time I've heard this... I'm doing about an 18% water change each week. I read 25% weekly is good practice for small tanks? I will look into buying activated carbon separately. I bought Chemipure Blue this weekend when I realized the old Chemipure Elite had reached it's expiration (it had been in about 3 months since I did not have it in through most of tank cycling). Have been purchasing rodi from the LFS until husband bought me a 4 stage unit from BRS. We used it once last week (but stuff started to look angry before using the water we made) No brown jelly present. Low flow - currently using the stock pump and Koralia nano 240 with gentle movement of the torches I've been using the BRS calcium and alkalinity calculator for their 2-part dosing system. Seems pretty straightforward and my frequent testing is coming back stable (Ca and kh). Only thing is I don't have Mg test kit yet, so I haven't attempted to dose Mg. The kit said usually dose once you get through the 1st gallon, so the test is something I hadn't purchased yet. I actually brought water into the LFS tonight and the Mg was slightly low (didn't get the value though). YES my husband is an obsessive "deodorizer" (cats+ dogs= smelly house---> candles, occasional Febreeze on the couch across the room, essential oils diffuser across the room. Yes he reads these posts. Sorry for calling you out We are eliminating this possibility starting now. We do not, however, store anything remotely close to the cat litter box. Brought her back tonight! Who knows if she was the issue, but she sure didn't help with the nipping. Now there's one more thing I'm ruling out if there's any further damage. THIS- I showed the guy at the LFS the purple rhodactis today, and he told me it was splitting into two, not dying. Well this was good news Here is a pic from today. It initially just looked like a gaping hole in the center though. I'm not sure why, but my alkalinity wants to be 6 and Ca wants to be around 300 if I don't dose. If I find a low value, which I have at a few points in the past 1-2 months of dosing, I gradually increase to my ideal (kh-8, Ca 420-440) over a number of days. It may very well be an issue with alkalinity, but no real recent changes here. I think I like this idea. Last week and last night with distilled water. I am a veterinarian, so I use refractometers at work on a daily basis. It's stayed consistently accurate over the past couple months. Here is what remains of the big torch after I removed the flesh that was dangling. Will update you on the progress/ destruction. Thanks again!!
  8. Corals doing poorly

    We have her trapped and as long as I get home in time tomorrow (and she doesn't jump out) shes going straight back to the LFS. None that I have seen (cleaner shrimp, hermits, snails)
  9. Corals doing poorly

    Water tested: SpG 1.024 pH 8.0 kH 8 Nitrates 5-10 ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Phosphate- between 0-0.25 (still only have API test kits) Ca 450 Water temp at 77.5F Maybe not, but still odd to me that multiple corals have damage and torn flesh basically overnight. I thought the chemipure and purigen are are just the basics of filtration? They've been there since I started the tank Thanks for the input. Often I feel that I'm all out of luck, and today is definitely one of those times.
  10. Corals doing poorly

    Well my tank is crashing. I had to take apart all my rockscape to get the coral beauty and we put her in a fishnet breeder box. I woke up this morning and one head of my new big torch coral was completely deflated. It looked beautiful last night. Now tonight I can see exposed skeleton on that head (look at the green area). The other torch had one head of flesh completely peel off, dead. One of my mushrooms looks like there is torn flesh in the middle. Everything else looks moderately unhappy, but the fish are fine. UGH We're water testing tonight, although I've been checking nearly every other day. Not sure where to go from here. Very sad day. Advice?
  11. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Mostly failed attempt at: DIY media basket Used: -egg crate -thin sheets of plexiglass -zip ties -100% of my patience It's not perfect, but better than the stock basket. I'll suck it up and buy the InTank basket soon, but I'm forcing myself to use this since I spent the money on the supplies. I tried to silicone the plexiglass together. I don't suggest this unless you want to lose your mind 😂 Featured inside: -filter fiber -aquavitro purfiltrum -chemipure-blue
  12. Corals doing poorly

    There are some small alkalinity swings. I correct it slowly over a few days with my BRS 2-part dosing, but thats a definite possibility. I did make the switch from IO to Fritz salt. I checked the kH before and after the water change yesterday and there was no difference (8) I will definitely pick one of these up It used to. I tried to feed mysis shrimp yesterday and they just sat on top of the closed mouth for 10 minutes before I turned the pump back on. This made me double check my ChemiPure Elite. As far as I can find online the ChemiPure Elite has GFO and activated carbon? I was sure both my Purigen and ChemiPure said 6 months for replacement, but now I see 4 months online. The Purigen looks pretty dirty too- I just checked. I'm going to replace both of these today. Not sure if this is THE underlying issue here, but I'm sure it doesn't help..... So you may have actually found my problem I'm very slowly increasing the lights in my tank. DIdn't think I should have the Blue lights on during the day until recently I read that it's helpful. My husband sees the tank more when all the lights are on, and I can see it on the weekends. It looks the same night/day. Thanks for all the advice!! Definitely have some ideas to try now.
  13. Corals doing poorly

    Hi all, I'm worried about a few of the corals in my tank. A torch coral I've had a couple months started losing some polyps over the past 2 weeks. My tank is 4 months old. I thought it was due to too high of flow, but after keeping one of the power heads off it hasn't gotten better. Now the one previously heathy head is completely deflated and looks to be dying. Our brain coral used used to expand very nicely and the past couple weeks has been shrunken in. We've had the brain a couple months as well. My toadstool leather coral is keeping its polyps retracted most of the day. When they're out it's only halfway. I have 2 clowns, a TSB, and a coral beauty angelfish in a 32 G biocube. I have seen the angelfish pecking all 3 of these corals. My mushrooms, xenias, alveopora, and 2nd bigger but newer torch coral are doing well. My water params: pH- 8 kH- 8 nitrates- 3-5 phos- 0 ammonia-0 Ca- 440 I do 5 gallon weekly water changes with RO/DI, consistently. I spot feed rotifers and mysis shrimp 2-3 times weekly. The brain used to like mysis I have stock lighting. Not sure what's wrong here. This is my first tank and Ive been trying to do everything right by it. I dipped the brain and the torch in CoralRX this morning and brushed a little hair algae off the brain. Starting to get pretty disappointed... Before: Today: before: today: Before: today: Link to to my journal:
  14. Light schedule for Biocube 32

    Thanks! I've been slowly increasing my lights this week to the schedule you have, and although I'm never home from work in time to see the full lights, my husband says the coral is looking happier!
  15. Hi all, I have some questions about lighting. I started my 32 G Biocube in October and everything has gone decently well so far. I've never had any aquarium before. I feel that I've grasped most concepts regarding reef keeping, however lighting is an area I can't seem to wrap my head around. Recently our brain coral has been pretty closed (ever since my husband decreased the # of hours the lights are on). It got me thinking the light schedule must be wrong. I've read to keep all 3 lights on for about 10 hours/day with a ramp up/down of the LC2 (sunrise/sunset) channel and ending with the LC3 (blue) for a few more hours before total darkness. This is not what I've been doing. I had my 2 white lights on for about 8-10hr/day then blue on for another 5 or so at night. If anyone has personal experience with their 32 gallon Biocube, which has the 3 different light stages (blue/moonlight, bright white, and color enhancing) LEDs, please share your light schedule if you feel you've had success with coral growth and survival. It would be nice to have a few opinions. I've been scanning the web for hours and can't seem to find any useful information. Thanks! Ashley