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  1. Newbsalt

    My first nano reef. Nuvo 4 pico.

    How far away is "safe"?
  2. Newbsalt

    My first nano reef. Nuvo 4 pico.

    Has anyone had any luck keeping chalices in pico tanks I've seen pics but who knows how real thatbisbyou know?
  3. Newbsalt

    Is this a encrusting Montipora

    Awesome thanks guys!
  4. Newbsalt

    My first nano reef. Nuvo 4 pico.

    Thanks guys. I just checked my tank everything is on the up and up. Dropped a heater in. Prob gonna pull the chalices out because I was told they won't do well. Anyone have any experience on that? I'll add another pic soon. I dropped a my mami hurricane chalice I love it so much but like I said I heard they don't do well I kind of regret doing the 4 and not going and doing a tennor 20 but oh well Is this encrusting? Montipora
  5. Hey, So I have been reading your guys post and it got wanting to try something small. Soooo with that said I'm doing a nuvo 4 pico tank. I'm just going to post updates of my tank and any problems that arise. This is my set up for now. I have my kessil 360 that was on a different tank that's way over kill but I'm going to run it till next week when my light comes I . The newb