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  1. That_Peeper


    A good shot of my kenya tree leather swaying in the flow.
  2. That_Peeper


    The lone frag, not stressed anymore and at full expansion.
  3. That_Peeper


    My colony a few days later at full expansion.
  4. That_Peeper


    Frontal tank shot, day one of the new colony.
  5. That_Peeper


    A good looking angle of my silver xenia in my LED lighting.
  6. That_Peeper


    My new colony of spotted blue discosoma mushrooms. They came on a cool looking fungia plate coral skeleton and couldn't pass them up. This was day one in the tank and I had to frag a part of the skeleton as one of the polyps was growing on the back. The process stressed him out, but the story has a happy ending for him.
  7. That_Peeper

    Beginner corals

    There are a lot corals that qualify as "Beginner" corals. Some have already been mentioned by others like Xenia and Clove polyps, these are great and will grow well, just be sure to isolate them to keep them from taking over your tank. Same goes for Green Star Polyps. Put them in their own little island somewhere and they will flourish and leave the rest of your real estate alone. Someone already said Zoanthids, just use caution as these carry the risk of palytoxin poisoning. Just wear gloves and eye protection and you will be fine. Other corals you could do would be Discosoma, Rhodactis, Bounce, and Ricordea mushroom corals. These are relatively impervious to your mistakes and water parameters. If you lose them, it is probably indicative of a major issue (Barring diseased specimens). If you want LPS, Blastomussa and Favia Brain are excellent. Just be aware that Favia can be war-like and needs it's space. Frogspawn and Hammer Tip are great as well, just be aware of their long sweeper tentacle and give them their space. Acanthastrea will need a bit of flow but will be fine in most tanks. Photsynthetic Gorgonians (like Purple Brush) would be a great choice, just give them the flow they need, although AVOID NPS Gorgonians as they will almost invariably die (I avoid NPS in gerneral). In the SPS variety, you could get away with Montipora. It is a bit more forgiving than harder to keep SPS. You could also try Pocillopora. It is like the forgotten cousin of Acropora and much, much easier to keep. I've kept many things on this list in a tank with no sump, just 20% weekly water changes and have never had issues. Good flow, water parameters, and lighting are all you need. Everything else is generally nit-picking minutia for better color or faster growth, worry about that later. Good luck friend!
  8. That_Peeper


    Good stalk and polyp growth on my main Silver Xenia colony.
  9. That_Peeper


    My secondary Xenia frag I'm growing for my girlfriend.
  10. That_Peeper


    My lonely Discosoma, I'l be excited when he reaches full growth and begins reproducing.
  11. That_Peeper


    My Kenya Tree Leather growing nicely. He will need to be moved eventually though.
  12. That_Peeper


    Favia Brain coral I attached on a sand dollar ad placed in my substrate, too aggrssive to be close to my other frags and colonies.
  13. That_Peeper


    Zoanthids at full extension with polys splitting.
  14. That_Peeper


    Blue clove polyp colony in detail.
  15. That_Peeper


    Side view of Aquascape.