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  1. emkop

    Would Adding Another Fish Be Feasible?

    Both fish would be rather cryptic and shy but both are great addition to reef tanks. If you wanted more activity you could maybe do a pink streaked wrasse or maybe a starki damsel as they are not very aggressive. Also you could maybe do an orchid dotty back or royal gramma. But all are good choices.
  2. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Okay here is what i picked up! One new fish who ill try to grab pictures of tonight and a green pagoda cup coral frag.
  3. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Another long overdue update! First coral went in about three weeks ago. Clean up crew is also in and complete with 5 nassarius snails, 3 trochus snails and 1 ninja star astrea snail. I also added a bruun's cleaner shrimp. I need to get a picture of him, but on the bright side I think I have decided the final stocking list, ill update it above. Im looking for a pederson cleaner shrimp and a yellow line shrimp as well. I also would love to add a pom pom crab at some point. Here is the first coral, an orange leptastrea.
  4. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    House of Fins in Greenwhich CT. Im not sure I understand your second question?
  5. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Long overdue update. First fish is in! One of my LFS had their anniversary sale this weekend and I saw this midas blenny and could not say no. He is kinda shy but I added the barnacle for it to hide in but probably will eventually remove it. I also got some macro algae for some color before i start adding corals. Still am unsure of what corals I want to do. FTS 10/15/17 (only smartphone pictures)
  6. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Yes it is really fun and it saves some money as we can split some of the costs. He also has a 90 gallon reef and 75 gallon freshwater tank. I have a 65 gallon reef, 45 gallon freshwater and 16 gallon freshwater tank so there are lots of tanks in the house.
  7. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    okay thanks ill look into the ghost skimmer. There is definitely part of me that wants to go all out with the top end equipment like for example an mp10 and a nicer light with skimmer, media reactor and refugium. However, I also have to consider the fact that I will have to breakdown the tank and carry it with me to school and I want it to be super simple and cheap. Ive looked at both IM and inTank's media baskets, any significant differences other than price?
  8. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Im honestly not to sure about what I plan on using. I have a bunch of chemipure blue for chemical filtration. The filter sock that came with it seems to clog pretty frequently. Not sure about whether I should build my own rack to hold a sponge and the chemipure or buy one. I do plan on stocking kinda heavily or maybe just one nice fish. I could always move a fish into my larger tank if needed. I dont really want a skimmer, I have run my larger reef for years without one; I also want to try and keep thing slow maintenance. But any suggestions would be appreciated. I could maybe do a refugium in the back middle chamber.....
  9. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    So the box of goodies came the other day. I managed to set up the ato and it seems to be running functionally. some of the stuff like the spin stream and second ato is for my dad who is also setting up a fusion 10 in his office. The carbon and heater are for my freshwater tanks.
  10. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    So on Tuesday of last week I added my old now dead live rock that I had been soaking for a week. Overall I really like the hight of the scape. Ive been periodically ghost feeding a little but do not know the "best" way to cycle this tank. ATO is coming on the 27th with a bunch of other smaller things. oh and here are a few pictures from the larger reef which is currently fighting ich but hanging in there.
  11. emkop

    emkop's IM 10G fusion nano reef

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I definitely want to avoid a pair of clowns. The tank has cleared up, I have been soaking some old live rock that had dried out for the last week or so and will probably add it tonight or tomorrow so I can start the cycle asap.
  12. Hi all, I have decided to attempt to document my 10 gallon IM nano reef journey. I have been in the fish keeping hobby for 9 years now but only have been keeping reef tanks for about 3 years with my 65 gallon reef. I wish I had documented the process of building that tank as it has changed so much since ive had it, but anyway The other week my lfs had the innovative marine 10g 20g and drop off all 20% off, I ended up pulling the trigger on the 10 gallon as I was not allowed to have any thing else bigger in my room (its the fourth tank) and I plan on taking it off to college with me next year. I am excited to start this tank off from scratch and will not be carrying anything over from my larger system as it has had its fair share of battles with ich in the last few years. As of now I only have the tank, skyye light, spin stream, heater, and fish guard. Im looking into getting an ato but other then that plan on keeping things as simple as possible. In terms of fish I am limited in the 65 as I have a golden dwarf moray eel who I am afraid would make lunch out of any small fish so I am hoping to keep some smaller fish in the 10. Stock List: Midas Blenny Mccullochi Dottyback Blue Mandarin Dragonet (MUST be eating frozen)