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  1. Tips to a healthy reef tank... lets share!

    Kinda hung up on the, "I often wear gloves." Bold fashion statement. A regular Jackie O. I often wear pants. Damn obscenity laws.
  2. I have 99 problems and a Ricordea's one

    Now that that's solved, the other 98 might be more interesting.
  3. first time using rodi

    Oh lord, stuck in RODI again... sorry, all I can think of after the title is the CCR song.
  4. Tips to a healthy reef tank... lets share!

    See, the pros say it's not that hard.
  5. Tips to a healthy reef tank... lets share!

    Some great advice from some earlier posts. I'd just like to add, Keep your damn hands outta there! Dunking your nasty mitts over and over ain't no good. Yeah your adjusting this or moving that or rescaping for the third time today, still no good.
  6. 100 Days of Nanos Contest Additional Prizes Winners Status

    You're gonna love that mag cleaner @Mariaface
  7. IM ten gallons of hoping Irma is this good...

    So now the title is stuck. Dumped my old email as I had 6k plus of crap stored. If @Christopher Marks can change it around that'd be good.