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  1. medinar83

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    That is so weird! Just imagine if all of those had those crazy colors WOW, I actually just picked up a baby JB made sure it had some red in it.... your still look awesome though
  2. medinar83

    Bommie & Floating SPS Islands (Uwdanno)

    Very nice set up and growth!! What kind of mushrooms are those?
  3. medinar83

    Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

    Sick tank!!!! camera skills are on point as well!
  4. So after doing my weekly water change I noticed both my clowns with pink/reddish spot, freaked me out for a bit so I went hard on google and came up with “Uronema” seems like bad news, really bad news, seems as if the only way to get rid of it is by taking my tank apart : / its only 5 months old.... just getting started basically, added a few corals today “the ones you can see lined up” has anyone delt with this terrible parasite? PLEASE HELP, will it kill my coral? I don’t want to take my tank down and start all over again
  5. medinar83

    Buddythelion's Innovative 25 Gallon Build

    Any updated pics your tank is amazing! Def inspired my IM 25
  6. I seriously droll over your tank prob everyday, (not kidding) if you dont mind me asking, where did you pick up that scolly? Its amazing!
  7. medinar83

    HELP Aussie gold torch DEAD??

    Awesome thanks for the info, just looked up brown jelly, that might be it, you are correct you can see some damaged/missing tissue on the top left corner.
  8. medinar83

    HELP Aussie gold torch DEAD??

    New to the reef world, any help would be awesome, I’ve had this coral for 4 month and just the past 2 days it started to show this behavior, the skeleton is red and as you can see from the pics one head is retracted. Should I trash it? Don’t want to mess with other coral. Everything else looks happy. Thank you in advance
  9. AWESOME TANK! Cool seeing local OC people in here
  10. medinar83


    beautiful tank
  11. WOW, simply amazing!!!! and no dose usage?
  12. medinar83


    How do you keep the coco worms in place?
  13. medinar83

    Clown Fish and Anemone

    def wait for the tank to mature, patience will be your BF in the hobby.
  14. medinar83


    Petcos by me are great, in Socal Orange County arear