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  1. Petco

    Petcos by me are great, in Socal Orange County arear
  2. Regret not having you pick one up for me, so nice!!!
  3. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    Thank you , actually looking for the quieter part haha, stock one is loud as hell. Thank you
  4. xthunt's IM Lagoon 25

    Looking to upgrade my pump, which exact model is that ?
  5. 26G Coral Eden -New Corals-

    Awesome updates and pics, hopefully everything goes back to normal.... and that rocks-cape is awesome!
  6. Awesome pics!! Cant wait for my frags
  7. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    Awesome job! glad to see a local Irvine neighbor in here
  8. Wheres the lid? Im still debating what im going to do as far as a lid goes. My Flasher Wrasse just jumped . I was thinking of hitting up Home depot and cutting some glass, glass lid... bad idea?
  9. Nick's 30L Lagoon - New Pico Inside

    amazing tank man!!!!
  10. Dying snails

    I also had snails die on me with in a week or so, the last set I bought though, I did a long acclimation and are going on a month now. Seems that a long acclimation was key for me, and they are nassarius snails.
  11. buddythelion

    Just amazing!!!
  12. I should of been a bit smarter and patient when filling the tank, 12hrs later and I just dropped some rock, GSP, mushroom and xenia 😣
  13. How many hours did it take for it to clear up and drop some rock/live stock, just added the water to mine, waiting now, kinda feeling bad for my fish haha