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  1. Frogspawn with bubble in it

    Glad to find this. I was about to post asking the same thing. My 3 headed frogspawn has 2 heads with giant bubbles. Everything opens up like normal.
  2. Tiny snails

    I noticed tiny snails in my tank a month or so ago now after I added snails from a lfs. Not sure if these are just a bonus or something I should be concerned with. Mostly only see these little guys at night when the lights are out. Terrible pictures but they are about 1/8”. Any ideas?
  3. Can you tell me what coral I have?

    Yeah looks like they have new heads starting to come out of those branches. Wonder which coral will win, the GSP or these. They will be competing for the same rock.
  4. Not so dead skeleton

    I got a frag pack on the first of the year and one of them was a orange mushroom that was attached to a dead skeleton of something. Just today I noticed 2 small clearish corals (I assume corals) coming out of the skeleton. They kind of look like Duncan’s to me but I am so new to all of this I haven’t even reached beginner status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I home they are not something bad. Sorry for the crappy pictures. The coral are maybe 1/4”.
  5. Can you tell me what coral I have?

    Can you please tell me what coral this is. It came with a frag pack and I have no idea. Also it has some tentacle or feelers that branches out and connected to a near by rock. Are the tentacle from t or are those a sponge? thanks seth.
  6. Does my new hammer look normal?

    Thanks! I had no idea what I was doing on the rock work when I setup the tank. In a couple weeks it will all be moving to a 29gallon biocube once I have time to finish the stand. I was really impressed my the corals the guy gave my wife for $100. The bicolor hammer does look really cool. The “spatter tentacles” look like peeling paint to me. The hammer and frogspawn are my new favorites in the tank. Does this hammer look look like a wall type frag? It looks like 1 head splitting to 2. Not sure if they do that
  7. Does my new hammer look normal?

    Hammer seems very happy with where I moved it to. Just a gentle sway with the water. Will it sting the Duncan’s above it and the zoas under it?
  8. I tried a hammer right before Christmas and it died within a couple days so I am wanting to make sure this looks normal. I turned off my wave maker as I think it may have been causing issues with to much flow. It looks very puffy and I was thinking it may be looking for more light? Do I need to move it up in the tank or leave it there?
  9. What coral did my wife buy?

    I just got the RW-4 for my birthday and love the motion it gives to the tank but may need to leave it off until I get into the bigger biocube 29 in a couple weeks and see how that goes.
  10. What coral did my wife buy?

    I wondered the same thing about the last hammer since it was kidney bean shaped. Do they split or just sprout new heads if they are branching? The frogspawn has 2 1” heads and a 1/2” head and a new head starting mid shaft. It is a tiny little spec.
  11. What coral did my wife buy?

    I knew the hammers and frogspawn were that but I wanted to post picture like a proud papa. I am having trouble finding a place for everything in my tank. Even without my wave maker on there seems to be a lot of flow with just the MJ1200 in my nanocube 24. Not sure if the rock work needs to be redone but there isn’t any low flow spots to acclimate things. My hammer I got a couple days before Christmas died within days and one thing that was said was that it could have been in too strong of flow so I have been worried I am going to beat them up. I turned off my wave maker for that reason when I put these in. The picture is of the last one that opened and I don’t know what it is. I think I got a pretty good deal. $100 for it all?
  12. What coral did my wife buy?

    My wife was stopping by a store on her way back into town yesterday and picked up some corals. I briefly spoke to the owner on the phone and he asked if I wanted him to put a frag pack together and I was happy with that. She came home with a couple hammers, a frogspawn, a orange mushroom and a few others. I think one is an acan and unsure what the other is. One more hasn’t really opened yet so I don’t have a picture of it.
  13. 3 of 4 Duncans survived shipping!

  14. What ATO?

    Thank you Okinawa reefer
  15. What ATO?

    Quick follow up, I just read in the description to keep the optical eye away from led lights. I planned on putting it in the rear chamber of my nano cube, will that be ok? Worried the light may disrupt it?