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  1. Yumarattler

    BTA coloration

    A tank I recently purchased had 3 bubble tips that split into 4 the day I got it. They were all a tan to pinkish color but have colored up to a little more pink with green speckles. Does this look like it should or will it maybe color up some more. The tank has a new light that has been acclimating for about 1 month raising percentage by 5 each week. Just trying to get an idea of this will get more color to it. The one in the picture is the biggest at about 1.5-2 inches. We feed them brine shrimp every other day. Thanks.
  2. Yumarattler

    LED lights for chaeto reactor

    Can anyone recommend led strip lights for a chaeto reactor? I have read some things about lights being to hot and wrecking the reactor? I just bought the aquamax Mc reactor and don’t want to ruin it. Thanks seth
  3. Yumarattler

    Chaeto reactor or gfo?

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 10 gallon sump and a 24 gallon tank. The 30 gallon has a skimmer and a bio pellet tumbler. The 24 gallon is just an AIO nanocube. The 30 gallon has quite a bit of algae in it that came from the original owner 2-3 weeks ago. It has nitrates around 20 ppm and I have started doing 5 gallon water changes every week. My 24 gallon has nitrates around 24 as well with no real algae to speak of and I do 5 gallon weekly water changes on it. My question to you is if it would be more beneficial to get each tank a two little fishes a 150 reactor and run GFO or to get led lights and do chaeto reactors? Sorry if that is long winded. Thanks
  4. Yumarattler

    Bubble magnus curve dc skimmers

    I know this isn’t nano related but I was hoping someone on here may have experience with the bubble magnus d8 or d9 skimmer. One of the sponsors on here has them for sale 30% off and it has me looking at them. I am setting up a 120 gallon tank right now and need a skimmer and these seem like a great deal but I can’t find much as far as reviews on them. If you guys have one let me know what you think.
  5. Yumarattler

    Bubble Magus Skimmer SALE 20-30% OFF Select Models

    How are these skimmers?
  6. Yumarattler


    Got these 2 heads of acans in January and now it is at 13+ heads. Whites are on in the second picture.
  7. Yumarattler

    Is this Favia a goner?

    I just switched to the AI Hydra 26 and started out at 30% peak a week ago and raised the peak by 4% this week and will continue to do so while acclimating the corals to the new light. I need to get a phosphate tester and check it. The tank cake with a good amount of GHA ok the lower rocks so I would assume the phosphates are elevated or not due to the algae. I will report back a little later today on the nitrates.
  8. Yumarattler

    Water parameters and dosing

    Thanks for the input guys, I tried the coral pro on my other tank and decided to just use the fritz RPM which just seemed easier and less of a harsh swing on water changes from what I read. The reason I am using it on this tank is that it came with it. I have maybe half of a bucket left and then I will be switching to the Fritz RPM on it as well. So far it looks like everything in the tank is doing ok and the acrapora look like the polyps are starting to come out now. Not sure if it is the water or switching to the hydra 26 but something is working
  9. Yumarattler

    Is this Favia a goner?

    As the title asks, is this Favia a goner? I bought the system 2 weeks ago and it looked the same when I bought it to right now. The previous owner said it used to be really colorful but started looking like this when his black box led went out and he put on a current USA orbit. I swapped out the orbit light for a hydra 26 and after a week it looks the same. Obviously I am not expecting a big change in a week but something. Do you think it will come back? It was pretty white but is slightly brown now.
  10. Yumarattler

    Water parameters and dosing

    So let the salt sit in the water after stirring it and after 2 hours add a powerhead and heater? i have been adding salt to the water while the pump circulating it with a heater. I will have to change things up.
  11. Yumarattler

    Water parameters and dosing

    How would you mix it to fast and make the parameters off?
  12. Yumarattler

    Water parameters and dosing

    I work 24 hour shifts so it is difficult to test every day. I will test tomorrow when I get home and report back.
  13. Yumarattler

    Water parameters and dosing

    I purchased a 30 gallon system with sump, protein skimmer, and all rock and live stock. The previous owner said he was dosing 5ml of each reef fusion 2 part daily. I have yet to dose and I have only been able to test my water 3 times in the last week due to my work schedule. Here are my test results: Saturday CA 425, MG 1400, 9.0 dkh wednesday CA 425, MG 1400, 8.4 dkh Friday Ca 425, mg 1400 7.8 dkh i did a water change last night which was 5 gallons out of 35-45 total system water. I used the Red Sea coral pro salt which I didn’t test aside from temp and salinity prior to using it. I will test again tomorrow to see how it is after the water change. Once this salt is used up I will be switching it to Fritz RPM like I use in my other nano. Should I be dosing daily? Shouldn’t everything decrease as it is used and not just the Alk? I do have a DP-4 dosing pump that is brand new that came with the setup along with the reef fusion 2 part. Any direction would be awesome.
  14. Yumarattler

    Can you confirm these corals

    I will look it up
  15. Yumarattler

    Can you confirm these corals

    Sounds good. I will be testing daily if I have time before work or at the least every other day and trend it. Do you guys prefer 2 part or kalkwasser?