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  1. Yumarattler

    Cyano or diatomes?

    Ok. I will research it some. Thanks
  2. Yumarattler

    Cyano or diatomes?

    Yeah that sponge has gotten out of control but I really like it. Ok. I have been doing just that. Didn’t know if I needed to do anything else.
  3. Yumarattler

    Cyano or diatomes?

    I have recently started noticing a red or rust colored algae on my sandbed. It isn’t the strongest flow area but it does have flow. Nitrites and ammonia is at 0 and nitrates less than 10 ppm. Salinity is 1.026, ph 7.8-8.0. It is a 24 gallon nano cube with AI prime at peak of 55%. Any suggestions?
  4. Yumarattler

    Lighting for a 30” tall tank

    The more I have researched it I may decide to just part it out and get a 90 or 120. The hassle of lighting and also being able to reach the bottom physically has me questioning the tank. Also after I got it home I was looking through the stuff it came with and there was a bottle of copper treatment with everything. I think I read that copper can get into the silicone and leach into the tank. More research to come.
  5. Yumarattler

    Lighting for a 30” tall tank

    I was hoping to stick with LED or maybe t5. I don’t like the idea of all the heat from the MH
  6. Yumarattler

    Lighting for a 30” tall tank

    I am currently running a single AI prime over a 24 gallon nanocube. I have just acquired a 110 gallon tank that is 48x30x18 and I need to be able to light it. I originally planned on using my AI prime and getting another 1 or 2 for a 48” tank but I have a feeling that won’t work for a 30” tall tank. What do you guys recommend? I currently just have LPS and softies but may want to try SPS down the road.
  7. Yumarattler

    Can you tell me what type of coral this is?

    I was able to get a hold of the store owner that sold it to me. It is a Hydnophora exesa or horn coral
  8. Yumarattler

    Can you tell me what type of coral this is?

    These are the only other pics I have right now. When I get home tomorrow I will turn off the flow and take a picture from above.
  9. Yumarattler

    Can you tell me what type of coral this is?

    any Ideas on the 2nd picture?
  10. Yumarattler

    Let me ask you about flow

    In my 24 gallon nano cube the discharge is a fan or flat opening. This seems to be very direct and often moves my sand around no matter where I direct it. I also am running a jebao rw-4 that I have directed at the side. Part of me thinks I may be better off either opening up the discharge or running something more open for volume vs pressure. What do you guys think?
  11. I bought a couple frags the other day and can’t remember what these are. I need to start writing down the names when I buy them.
  12. Yumarattler

    Frogspawn with bubble in it

    Glad to find this. I was about to post asking the same thing. My 3 headed frogspawn has 2 heads with giant bubbles. Everything opens up like normal.
  13. Yumarattler

    Tiny snails

    I noticed tiny snails in my tank a month or so ago now after I added snails from a lfs. Not sure if these are just a bonus or something I should be concerned with. Mostly only see these little guys at night when the lights are out. Terrible pictures but they are about 1/8”. Any ideas?
  14. Yumarattler

    Can you tell me what coral I have?

    Yeah looks like they have new heads starting to come out of those branches. Wonder which coral will win, the GSP or these. They will be competing for the same rock.
  15. Yumarattler

    Not so dead skeleton

    I got a frag pack on the first of the year and one of them was a orange mushroom that was attached to a dead skeleton of something. Just today I noticed 2 small clearish corals (I assume corals) coming out of the skeleton. They kind of look like Duncan’s to me but I am so new to all of this I haven’t even reached beginner status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I home they are not something bad. Sorry for the crappy pictures. The coral are maybe 1/4”.