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    GSP not extending

    My GSP loves flow. If it isn’t getting hit with a pulse it stays small.
  2. Yumarattler

    Preferred salinity?

    I live in a city where there is absolutely no stores that deal in fish let alone saltwater. When I go out of town I try to hit some stores and most of the time I buy some frags. Today I purchased 4 frags from 3 different stores and the salinity ranged from 1.023 to 1.024. I was under the impression that corals usually prefer 1.025-1.026? Have I been doing it wrong since I got into the hobby a year ago?
  3. Yumarattler

    Algae isssues in my 1 year old system

    I forgot to mention I do weekly 5 gallon water changes and feed every other day. It has 2 clowns and a cleaner shrimp.
  4. Yumarattler

    Algae isssues in my 1 year old system

    Ok, I will research the peroxide. It isn’t a lot of algae but I want to eliminate it before it because a big problem.
  5. I have a 24 gallon nano cube running filter floss, chemi pure blue, 20 lbs of live rock and 20lbs of sand. The rock is Marcos dry rock. The tank has been up and running for just over 1 year and it never went through the uglies. In the last 2 months I have started getting what I assume as green hair algae and a red or rust covering on a section of the sand and on the back wall. I am running the AI prime HD with a 12 hour light cycle. My water tests at: ammonia 0 ppm nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate between 0-5 ppm ph 8.2 7.8 DKH MG 1400 CA 410. I use fritz rpm salt and in the last week started dosing reef fusion 2 part at 3 ml a day. I don’t have a phosphate test but need to order one. I had had a feeling my RODI water may not be as good as it originally was and I got a TDS meter. My RO was taking my TDS from 450 down to 27 and my DI didn’t drop it any further and never changed colors. I ordered more resin and another resin canister and now run Anions in the first and mixed bed in the second and have TDS of 0. I hope that my RODI water was the cause and things will start to clear up and I will also buy some more snails as my hermits have all but eliminated them. I should add that I have a 30 gallon setup that has used the same water without any issues but it also has a Bubble magnus 3.5 skimmer and chaeto reactor. I know I jumped around but I am hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. I do manually remove algae off the rocks but it doesnt clear it up. I just want to take care of it before it gets out of hand. Thanks
  6. Yumarattler

    Mad hammer

    Here it is today. This is about the size it has been lately.
  7. Yumarattler

    Mad hammer

    It hasn’t always been that small. I have had it since January 1 and it has always been small though. Never had long tentacles like my others. When I got it I thought it was a wall hammer but was never sure.
  8. Yumarattler

    Mad hammer

    I have a hammer that has never been big and flow like my other euphillias but I noticed it looking extra small and mad. I moved it to another tank to put it in my euphillia garden. Tonight I noticed a small bristle worm in it. Could I assume that this may be what has it pissed off?
  9. Yumarattler


    The orange or red thing at the base of the toadstool
  10. Yumarattler


    When I get home I will see if I can get a better picture since the lights will be brighter.
  11. Yumarattler


    I have a couple that look like this. On is at the base of a toadstool that has been pissed since I bought the tank. Also one was on a head of hammer or frogspawn and I broke it off in pieces today. Looks like it may have killed the small head. The item In the picture is probably 1/2 inch.
  12. Yumarattler

    BTA coloration

    A tank I recently purchased had 3 bubble tips that split into 4 the day I got it. They were all a tan to pinkish color but have colored up to a little more pink with green speckles. Does this look like it should or will it maybe color up some more. The tank has a new light that has been acclimating for about 1 month raising percentage by 5 each week. Just trying to get an idea of this will get more color to it. The one in the picture is the biggest at about 1.5-2 inches. We feed them brine shrimp every other day. Thanks.
  13. Yumarattler

    LED lights for chaeto reactor

    Can anyone recommend led strip lights for a chaeto reactor? I have read some things about lights being to hot and wrecking the reactor? I just bought the aquamax Mc reactor and don’t want to ruin it. Thanks seth
  14. Yumarattler

    Chaeto reactor or gfo?

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 10 gallon sump and a 24 gallon tank. The 30 gallon has a skimmer and a bio pellet tumbler. The 24 gallon is just an AIO nanocube. The 30 gallon has quite a bit of algae in it that came from the original owner 2-3 weeks ago. It has nitrates around 20 ppm and I have started doing 5 gallon water changes every week. My 24 gallon has nitrates around 24 as well with no real algae to speak of and I do 5 gallon weekly water changes on it. My question to you is if it would be more beneficial to get each tank a two little fishes a 150 reactor and run GFO or to get led lights and do chaeto reactors? Sorry if that is long winded. Thanks
  15. Yumarattler

    Bubble magnus curve dc skimmers

    I know this isn’t nano related but I was hoping someone on here may have experience with the bubble magnus d8 or d9 skimmer. One of the sponsors on here has them for sale 30% off and it has me looking at them. I am setting up a 120 gallon tank right now and need a skimmer and these seem like a great deal but I can’t find much as far as reviews on them. If you guys have one let me know what you think.