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  1. Prime HD AI

    I have a 40x40x45cm tank, think it is 28gallons. Have had the ai prime hd running over a year. Great growth on clam and softies. See my profile for stock.. Her are my settings:
  2. Can you spot the pom pom crab?

    The pom pom has just changed the shell. So the one in the front is just a empty shell
  3. 846B48AA-3715-4962-9865-EF79AFDA7977.jpeg

    Love the coulors
  4. Can you spot the pom pom crab?

    Pom pom crab just changed shell, with mr. Halloween hanging out underneeth
  5. Anyone here with a xenia garden?

    Well, i run a large skimmer and a good uv light. I also have a large clam. And a lot of inverts that keep the tank and the sump clean. Regular waterchanges is a good way to maintain a healty tank until you know you tank and your reefing skills.
  6. Anyone here with a xenia garden?

    Mine is growing good.. I dont do anything but clean the glass and the skimmer.. My last water change was a year ago. Did weekly when the tank was young, but after å year i started just testing monthly... and as long ås it's all good i dont do anything. I feed two times å day with artemia and mysis.
  7. recommended lighting for 22g DIY AIO tank

    Thanks yeah, sure. My tank is 40cmX50cm and 40cm tall, 50cm with the rim.
  8. recommended lighting for 22g DIY AIO tank

    Hi... I have the ai prime HD, and have to say... you can not go wrong with this baby. Have had it for a year+, and its awsome.
  9. 32g Biocube Light Upgrade

    I would jump at the ai prime.. It's awesome!
  10. Rfa's in Norway

    Yeah.. saltvann.no is in stavanger.. great shop.. he always goes the extra mile 😁 I will check if webzoo can ship... i need å new bulb for my uv from them aswell 😀
  11. 20170910_130438.jpg

  12. Rfa's in Norway

    😊 im on the other side... in Stavanger
  13. Rfa's in Norway

    Well done 😊 What part of Norway are you inn? Is it by any chans vestlandet? I want some aswell 🎉
  14. 20170909_222237.jpg

    Thanks 😊