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  1. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

  2. Storm Controller : HOW TO & Help

    Thank you sir!
  3. Storm Controller : HOW TO & Help

    Thanks! Mostly LPS and low light SPS! - Alex
  4. Storm Controller : HOW TO & Help

    Hello @DaveFason, I picked up a used DUO V2 unit and love it. I have been playing around with the light setting via the storm controller. I wanted to know how you came up with these ideal settings? I wanted to run my lights on the blue side and I don't understand how this might impact par levels. Would I run into trouble running the lights at CH1 - 145 CH2 - 245? Any insight would help. Thanks SET PWM ( DAY ) : This is your day time setting. Click on this and CH1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 will appear. On standard Nano Box units you will have Channel 1 ( BLUE ) and Channel 2 ( White ). Set this to your taste. Normally I will set this to what I think looks good but this is completely subjective. If you purchased a moonlight channel, set your day setting to 0. Tide Recommended setting : CH1 - 140 - CH2 - 100 DUO Recommended setting : CH1 - 160 - CH2 - 120 QUAD Recommended setting : CH1 - 160 - CH2 - 120
  5. The Yoda Build

    Following...also a subscriber to your Youtube channel!
  6. Yet Another IM20 Build!

    Update time. Hey guys, I wanted to check back in. I have made some progress on the tank. My parameters have stabilized and I picked up a V2 Nanobox. Thank you @zooman72 for the light! Dave from nanobox was also helpful. Picked up livestock as well: toadstool, a few acans for the garden, green tipped hammer, purple-tipped frogspawn, and a small zoa frag (rastas). Here are some pics. I now have to consider purchasing a camera. FTS with Skkye Lights...yeah the lights were not flush/parallel FTS with Nanobox Tailspot Blenny coming out of his/her cave Acans getting ready for the garden One of my favorites right now...green tip hammer.
  7. Candy cane/trumpet coral

  8. Katie's 1st SW nano!

    Nice tank and great rock work. You should try to stabilize your parameters before adding more coral (LPS or SPS). Make sure that you are testing for Ca, Alk and Mag. Once these are stable, LPS shouldn't be a problem. I had low Ca at 360 and was able to get it in the 420 range through buffering with Reef Advantage Calcium from Seachem. It buffers Ca and Mag. I also use Kent marine dkh buffer for Alk. I like to keep my DKH around 8. Good luck! We look forward to seeing the FW tanks as well.
  9. Hello, looking to purchase a Black AI prime HD or Nanobox Duo. I have an IM 20 and I am looking to upgrade the stock lights.
  10. AI prime for sale

  11. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Amazing tank! Are you worried about any coral warfare? How will the lepto do with the favias?
  12. Hello Nano Reefers! I am in the process of updating my lights for my IM 20 nano reef with 2 Skkye 18w lights. I am running a LPS / Softy tank. I might decide to insert low light SPS in the future. I was leaning toward purchasing an AI Prime HD. The light has been well received and Jake from Reef Builders has previously raved about the light. I also consider a Kessil or Nanobox, but they are currently out of the budget at this time. I recently stumbled across a little-known LED fixture that appears to be somewhat promising. I am talking about the Coral Box Moon. I am now trying to decide between a Coral Box Moon or an AI Prime HD. I am interested in the Coral Box because it is slightly cheaper, comes with a mount, and has comparable specs. Does anyone on this forum have experience with both of these lights? I would like to hear from a few Coral Box owners. There are enough AI Prime owners that have provided glowing reviews, and I am open to hearing more reviews. Any suggestions? Coral Box Specs: WIDE MORE! COVER MORE PLACE! LED MORE! COLD MORE! To Come First Circle LED, up to 175mm x 175mm Cover all area on your tank, still thinner as 34mm 6.89" x 6.89" x 3.4" inch LED up to 59Watt 18 LED Chips Centralised Cross LED Wide Enough Lumen on Tank Moon LED using Aluminium with Plastic Cover Fast Cooling on the LED! No Burn smell with harmful in your home ENJOY 2 TYPES OF LENS Our Crystal Ultra Lens Maximum on your Lighting Range 90 Degree Lens strength Lighting on small tank without over burn of coral 120 Degree Lens Wide More for 24" inch Tank CROSS POWER SUPPLY 1 Power supply for 2 LED. Minimum on your power source SIZE Length 6.89in. (17.5cm) Width 6.89in. (17.5cm) Height 1.34in. (3.4cm) LED SPECIFICATION Channel 1 White: CREE XTE 5W 7000-8300K 4pcs Channel 2 Blue: CREE XPE 3W Royal Blue 450-465mm 5pcs Channel 3 :Epileds Purple 3535 420-430nm 3W 1PCS + Deep Ocean Blue 445-450nm 3W 1 PCS Channel 4 Moonlight Blue: CREE XPE 3W 465-485nm 2pcs Channel 5 Green: CREE XPE 3W 520-535nm 1pcs + Philips 3W Cyan 490-515nm Channel 6 Red: CREE XPE 3W 620-630nm 1pcs + Cree Amber 585-595nm 1pcs 3W
  13. Yet Another IM20 Build!

    @TatorTaco You are probably right. Thanks for the heads up. I never knew about the $5 orange filter.
  14. Yet Another IM20 Build!

    I just received a few must-have items.
  15. Yet Another IM20 Build!

    @TatorTaco Thanks. I will once I get a better camera. My phone isn't capturing the tank in an ideal state. Everything is white or blue washed. I need to pick up a dslr. I haven't had much of an algae problem...yet...just the typical diatom blooms. I am waiting for the dreaded hair algae. Thanks @SantaMonicaHelp