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  1. You sir under estimate my level of laziness 🤣.. actually it is pretty cool how it embeds right into the post
  2. Not that I've seen .. everyone I've seen with videos uses YouTube or Instagram then posts the link in the thread...
  3. I dont think the chillers for a tank this size use that much power.. @banasophia has a chiller on her cube.. dunno how much it cost though🤔
  4. Said no women ever 🤪.. oh almost forgot happy hippy day! I think I know why people smoke that crap now . Did some day drinking yesterday 🤢 and woke up at 4 am not feeling like a ray of sunshine.. Oh well time to hit the shower and get this day started.. wife wants me to take the daughter to the park for a egg hunt... yea it’s one of those ones that so packed you have to go park your car down there a couple hours early just to get a parking spot... fml..
  5. Yea I bet with all those storms.. I need to get some small battery back up just in case but honestly I haven’t lost power for more than 5 mins ever since I bought my house 12 years ago .. most of our power is underground and nothing on poles . Even the primary power is under ground ... watch I just jinxed myself and will be coming home to a crashed system 😂
  6. Rich people problems 😂.. that would be super cool though..
  7. That sucks!!! Sounds like you got power back thank goodness.. I would hook up only the smallest wavemaker you have to battery back up and make sure that power head creates surface agitation that's really all you need to keep stuff alive. (Our Coral and fish can handle a little temp drop as long as its a gradual drop) Dont worry about no filter shoot vw doesnt even run filters lol...
  8. Right!!!.. this is big news. Wtf???? I feel so left out🤣
  9. Well crap I didnt know you posted the picture I asked for.. thanks.. looks like its already sold , but if it falls through let me know... fyi as for my question about it being an actuall mp10wqd vs an upgraded mp10wes.. from what I read if there is no manufacturer date on the controller then it was upgraded(dont know if that's 100 percent accurate). Also I think that the actual mp10wqd had a black sticker on the motor compared to a white one on the mp10wes..
  10. Not sure what they are but I had something similar.. well I 🤔
  11. FISHnChix

    Hi all!

    Welcome to nano reef!! Pretty cool community here with tons of people willing to help.. check out the library section for some basic info... Happy reefing!
  12. Ohhhh that goni... wish I had one. Had 2 in my cube but they didnt make the transfer to the reefer for some reason 😥.. really really want one again probably my favorite coral😎
  13. Yea I caught the no competing part. seems like there is too many unnessary rules for me.. who wants a janky tank anyways 🤔?
  14. Damn this is pretty damn awesome build.. love the flow solution too!!! Definitely not "old school cool"... 🤙thank god for that.. dunno how I missed this but I will be following along now.. oh and the videos are definitely appreciated. Keep them coming.
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