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  1. Jdo2010

    Pulsing Xenia Growth

    Hi Nano-Reef world! I have had my tank since September 2017. My first coral was a pulsing Xenia I bought from my LFS. It was the size of my palm and had a little growth on it. Put it in my tank, and it just has gentrified and doubled in size. I am noticing that it has grown off of the rock that i bought it on and it is moving onto my live rock. I do know that it’s an aggressive grower and will take over, but should I start to pick off some of the pieces that grew by itself? Any ideas? I’ll attach pictures of when i bought them vs. today. Thanks all!
  2. Jdo2010

    Angel fish dying?

    Hi all - Thank you for all the replies. It's so funny - when I put my angel fish in, my most eldest Ocellaris Clown started acting really strange - went from being my most active fish to hiding behind the rocks, sort of "hanging out" at the top - like he was dying... then when I found my angel dead my clown was fine again. Maybe it was a territorial thing? or the cyanide was effecting my clown and then stopped when the angel died... I'm going to stay away from angels from now on. My two clowns and my one Banggai cardinal are doing just fine now.
  3. Jdo2010

    Angel fish dying?

    Hi all. I have had my tank set up since September. As you can read my previous posts, I’ve had some trial and error when it came to things, but I’ve managed to get on the right course. The last 2 months my tank has been prosperous. 2 clowns, 2 cardinalfish, and my coral beauty angel. A pulsing xenia, some frags, and a ton of crabs and snails for CUC. Last night, my angel was fine. She ate, and was my “social butterfly” of my tank. When I first got her she wouldn’t come out but then started to and then felt comfortable. I woke up today to her having a hard time breathing, flapping her bottom fins aggressively, and kind of just floating around my tank sideways. No spots, dark red fins, or obvious abbrasions. I gave her her cubes and food and she ALWAYS ate. tested my water parameters and all within normal limits. Temp has been constant. what gives?! PLEASE HELP. thanks josh
  4. Hi Nano-Reef world! I have posted before about my trials and tribulations with my Biocube 32 gallon. Since starting my tank the first of September, I have had some obstacles and was becoming discouraged for awhile, but just kept positive and continued to educate myself on anything I could possibly read. I've had some fish die, a broken heater, diatom, green hair algae, salinity swings, a diamond goby that disappeared, an angel with a cloudy eye.. and... I think that's about it.... I wanted to give an update about my tank today! Currently: this is what I have: - 2 Ocellaris clowns (one is more bright than the other) - these guys are champs. I'd reccomend them to ANYONE starting a new tank. - 1 Coral Beauty angel - I bought her to replace my flame angel. From my experience, these are very timid fish at first... she hid behind my rocks but when movement vibrated the tank she'd swim right back behind the rocks. She grazes on my live rock all the time. Now she is all over the tank. I feed her sponge food and she loves it. Just give them time to acclimate. - About 20 blue legged hermits with extra shells - I believe 4-5 Nassarius snails (I have lost some due to crabs eating them for their shells........) - 3 Emerald crabs - 4 Trochus snails I have two corals: one Green Button Polyp rock and one Pulsing Xenia ( please correct me if I'm wrong) My pulsing xenia has DOUBLED in size since I put it in about a month and a half ago. My polyp opens when the lights are on and I have noticed a little growth. I wanted to add some Kenya trees or some frags? I wanted to give a shoutout to people who are new in this hobby - Do. Not. Give. Up! You will make some mistakes - it is a long learning process. Any thoughts of anything I should add luvestock wise? Thanks all! Happy Holidays!
  5. Jdo2010

    Becoming discouraged

    I seem to always run into something that goes wrong! I woke up today and my royal gramma was laying beside my rock on their side. Lately, I have bad some bad luck and I am just trying to get to the bottom of what it is. In my previous post, I mentioned that I completed a water change, took my heater out to install a protein skimmer, and it broke by accident. My tank went un-heated for quite some time until the next morning when I put another heater in. I do not believe that my broken heater has caused any of this.. I have checked for ich, and did not see any spots on any of my fish. After that, these are the recent events that have happened: 1) My flame angel's left eye looked somewhat cloudy, and his attitude changed. Wouldn't eat, and would hide under my rocks. He lasted 3 days and after a steadily decline, died in the back. Found him with the cloudy eye missing. 2) After he died, my royal gramma started acting different also. Slowly again he started to hide under my rocks and would not eat either. 3) I purchased a Diamond Goby for some diatom cleanup and some more CUC yesterday (10/30) and I didn't see my gramma period. 4) I woke up today, and found my gramma on the side of my tank on their side.... weirdly with almost half of a back fin missing.. did the goby attack? or when he was weak the snails / crabs started to get ahold of him? And surprisingly..... my two Clowns are absolutely fine, my goby is creating mounds of sand, snails and crabs going to town on my rocks and glass, and my sand bed looks good. and my Pulsing Xenia is doing well also. I took my water param: pH-8.1 Ammonia & Nitrite - undetectable Nitrate- 10ppm Salinity - 1.020 Temp- 78 deg. I'm so sorry for the long post, but at this point i'm becoming honestly discouraged.... any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. I've been to my LFS, and they're pretty busy 99% of the time, so honestly if I can nag someone just to get me a fish that lasts 3 minutes... Thank you all so much.
  6. Jdo2010

    Diamond Goby newbie

    Hi reefers! I purchased a Diamond Goby today just wanting to clean up my sand a bit ( a little diatom) and boy is he making his mark.... I have noticed that he is sifting very well, but it looks like a sand storm in my tank. My crystal clear water is now somewhat cloudy. I’m thinking that he’s just hard at work, and over the next couple days it will be clear as he is not sifting as much? Also, I’ve noticed a huge mound almost up to my live rock.. should I even the sand back out myself? Also... I think my royal gramma is a bit intimidated by him. I had a recent death of my Flame angel. My gramma was always near my angel so I think that the absence of my angel and this new fish has him stressed. He won’t come out from behind my big rock... thoughts? thanks all!
  7. Jdo2010

    Flame Angel help!

    Well... sad news. I woke up today to my angel behind my rock with almost no color, and missing one eye. I’m sure the snils got ahold of it.... I’m assuming the temperature drop when my heater broke is what did it... my two clowns and gramma are still doing fine. Going to give it some time before I add anything else... thanks all. Not going to give up.
  8. Jdo2010

    Flame Angel help!

    Possibly? I added a picture for clarification - he's back under my rock. I just noticed it this morning. He's been in my tank for about a month now and was always super active and eats like a champ. But today he's not. He's not acting distressed or stressed, but maybe the temperature dip effected him more than the others.
  9. Jdo2010

    Flame Angel help!

    Hi all! So I was cleaning my tank, and took my thermometer out and it broke. I got a new one today, and I did notice that my temperature did dip quite a bit... almost down to 68 degrees. I put in another thermometer this morning, and have noticed that my temperature is slowly climbing back up. My clowns are acting fine, pulsing Xenia coral is doing well and my Royal Gramma is acting fine.. however... my Flame angel was hiding in the back under my rocks for quite some time (I'm assuming its warmer down there) as the water temperature has risen, he's been coming out on and off - but i have noticed a white cloudy mark in one of his eyes.... I do not think its Ich, but what could it be? should I just continue to watch him and see how he does? Thanks for any feedback!!!
  10. Jdo2010

    Cycle Process: Biocube 32

    Thank you for your responses Seabass!!! I really appreciate all your feedback.
  11. Hey Nano-Reef world! I have posted twice so far with updates on my Biocube 32. I believe that my tank successfully has cycled and I am ready to move onto the next step - a clean up crew, and replace my Damsels with Clownfish and other kinds.. and possibly some corals? I tested today, and my Ammonia and Nitrites were pretty much undetectable.. My Nitrates are rising, and my pH is good. Since I have cut my lights I have not noticed any more algae bloom... however, I have noticed some growth on my dry rock mainly that looks light brown, but not like algae bloom. My salinity is right at 30% and a temperature is a warm 77 degrees (parameter pictures below). Recently I have: - Completed a 20% water change (5gal), siphoned my sand, cleaned my rocks of some algae bloom and wiped off my interior walls. - Added a Hydor Koralia 425gph pump - placed it on the other side of my tank, giving my live rock (future home of corals) some additional water flow. - Been giving my tank just an hour or so of light per evening. - Purchased a refractometer - Purchased a specimen basket and accudrip for when I add more fish, corals, or intervertebras. My Damsel fish are thriving in my tank (every time I walk up to my tank they swim to the top expecting to get fed) but I feed once a day ( just a little bit). Any thoughts on my next step?! clean up crew options? I'm pretty proud of myself as this is my first saltwater aquarium! THANKS!
  12. Jdo2010

    Biocube 32 Progress

    I completed an ammonia test today- and the levels looked good- right at 0.25.. so I'm assuming it's still going to climb and peak over time. I had two dry corals (still white) and the other three were wet live rock. My local fish store said I can bring my damselfish back once I'm cycled- I however like them. But I've heard they're not the best with other fish? Thanks for your response!
  13. Jdo2010

    Biocube 32 Progress

    Hi all! I've had my biocube set up with 3 damselfish for a little over a week now. Over time, I have noticed some color changes in my tank ( specifically on my live rock and top of sand) Sorry if this sounds odd- but I believe it's a sort of algae growth ( brown algae bloom) . I have attached pictures of before and what it looks like today (9.19) I believe that my tank is going through its cycle process, and I should be ready to take my damselfish out and replace with some other fish soon.. I have a few questions- 1) Should I take out my damselfish? I feel they've adjusted well to my tank and eat like champs. No sign of distress or disease. 2) Is my tank still cycling? Should I let it go for another week or so? Is the dark coloration normal? Any opinions or comments regarding my tank would be greatly appreciated! I'm still learning daily
  14. Jdo2010

    Biocube 32 Setup

    Thanks Stevie! What do you recommend upgrading to?
  15. Jdo2010

    Biocube 32 Setup

    Hi All! This is my first saltwater aquarium, so pardon me if any of my concerns or comments are minor! I set set up my aquarium yesterday evening, bought some live rock, and some dry coral. Got some RO salt water from the local tropical fish store, as well as some chemipure elite filtration media, fluval pre filter in a drawstring bag to avoid them falling all over my filter, and I got Arag-alive sand. Do I have enough water falling into my filter unit in the back? Added my live coral, sand and water, and of course it was a bit cloudy. Today, I woke up to see my tank is clear! I am wondering about what looks like salt lines along the walls of my tank. Should I just let it cycle a few more days? Or should I buy one of the magnet cleaners and just wipe it off? I am attaching pictures for clarification... Any tips or advice would be amazing!! Thanks in advance! Josh.