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  1. Cycle Process: Biocube 32

    Thank you for your responses Seabass!!! I really appreciate all your feedback.
  2. Hey Nano-Reef world! I have posted twice so far with updates on my Biocube 32. I believe that my tank successfully has cycled and I am ready to move onto the next step - a clean up crew, and replace my Damsels with Clownfish and other kinds.. and possibly some corals? I tested today, and my Ammonia and Nitrites were pretty much undetectable.. My Nitrates are rising, and my pH is good. Since I have cut my lights I have not noticed any more algae bloom... however, I have noticed some growth on my dry rock mainly that looks light brown, but not like algae bloom. My salinity is right at 30% and a temperature is a warm 77 degrees (parameter pictures below). Recently I have: - Completed a 20% water change (5gal), siphoned my sand, cleaned my rocks of some algae bloom and wiped off my interior walls. - Added a Hydor Koralia 425gph pump - placed it on the other side of my tank, giving my live rock (future home of corals) some additional water flow. - Been giving my tank just an hour or so of light per evening. - Purchased a refractometer - Purchased a specimen basket and accudrip for when I add more fish, corals, or intervertebras. My Damsel fish are thriving in my tank (every time I walk up to my tank they swim to the top expecting to get fed) but I feed once a day ( just a little bit). Any thoughts on my next step?! clean up crew options? I'm pretty proud of myself as this is my first saltwater aquarium! THANKS!
  3. Biocube 32 Progress

    I completed an ammonia test today- and the levels looked good- right at 0.25.. so I'm assuming it's still going to climb and peak over time. I had two dry corals (still white) and the other three were wet live rock. My local fish store said I can bring my damselfish back once I'm cycled- I however like them. But I've heard they're not the best with other fish? Thanks for your response!
  4. Biocube 32 Progress

    Hi all! I've had my biocube set up with 3 damselfish for a little over a week now. Over time, I have noticed some color changes in my tank ( specifically on my live rock and top of sand) Sorry if this sounds odd- but I believe it's a sort of algae growth ( brown algae bloom) . I have attached pictures of before and what it looks like today (9.19) I believe that my tank is going through its cycle process, and I should be ready to take my damselfish out and replace with some other fish soon.. I have a few questions- 1) Should I take out my damselfish? I feel they've adjusted well to my tank and eat like champs. No sign of distress or disease. 2) Is my tank still cycling? Should I let it go for another week or so? Is the dark coloration normal? Any opinions or comments regarding my tank would be greatly appreciated! I'm still learning daily
  5. Biocube 32 Setup

    Thanks Stevie! What do you recommend upgrading to?
  6. Biocube 32 Setup

    Hi All! This is my first saltwater aquarium, so pardon me if any of my concerns or comments are minor! I set set up my aquarium yesterday evening, bought some live rock, and some dry coral. Got some RO salt water from the local tropical fish store, as well as some chemipure elite filtration media, fluval pre filter in a drawstring bag to avoid them falling all over my filter, and I got Arag-alive sand. Do I have enough water falling into my filter unit in the back? Added my live coral, sand and water, and of course it was a bit cloudy. Today, I woke up to see my tank is clear! I am wondering about what looks like salt lines along the walls of my tank. Should I just let it cycle a few more days? Or should I buy one of the magnet cleaners and just wipe it off? I am attaching pictures for clarification... Any tips or advice would be amazing!! Thanks in advance! Josh.