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  1. Nitrite spike help

    Makes sense. So even with me about to leave in a few days I should stop the prime?
  2. Nitrite spike help

    Would you recommend a large water change of 50% or more just to bring it all down? I am just worried because I am about to have to leave for work for a few weeks. I have someone to check on general tank stuff but not using the test kit to test water. I just want to make sure it’s somewhat stable before I leave.
  3. Is My Cycle Complete

    Definitely ghost feed the tank and let it sit for the week and see if it spikes anything in the nitrogen cycle. I would say say a package might be too much for that size unless you have a definite algae problem. Just piece together a 2 fighting conks, 2 hermits a pistol shrimp. That will do the job for now. Wait a few weeks after that , check parameters regularly to make sure it’s stable and add your two clowns from the same tank from LFS. Make sure one is smaller and put them in at the same time.
  4. Is My Cycle Complete

    I don't think so necessarily you could get some detritus eating CUC! fighting conk snails (till, aerate and eat detritus) highly efficient so might need to supplement food hermits to crawl over the rock and sand and eat detritus. Pistol shrimp( pair up with gobie!) to sift sand and eat algae but also eats frozen foods etc. then gobie later to sift sand and pair up with the pistol shrimp. Then whatever hardy fish also make sure you ghost feed (not a lot) so your bacteria can eat until you get livestock that produces waste for bacteria to eat.
  5. Coral Placement in 10g

    Separate islands. Even if they are close they will spread but then you just trim them back and sell as frags for others. That's what my buddy does.
  6. Is My Cycle Complete

    In my opinion it definitely sounds like it. I would do a good cleaning of glass, blow detritus off the rock, clean out filters and do another big water change and add your durable clean up crew. Wait another week to see what happens and test. Then if all good then stock er up slowly. Did I'd you have an algae bloom or anything like that?
  7. Putting in more rock to my tank

    I decided to go with some caribsea rock and my old rock together. I put it in a bucket with warmer and power head. I scraped some coralife algae off an old live rock and put it in there in hopes of it seeding the other rock. I put some polyp booster and food pellets in there to fuel it. Also put microbacter7 in to feed it. I am going to be Out for work for two weeks. So when I get back I will test it. Then I am going back out till mid November. So those few days I am back I will test it. Should I do a water change on it or just leave it? Any other tips for this cycling/curing of rock?
  8. Will clownfish of different 'breeds' fight?

    I have a black ocellaris and a orange ocellaris that bicker around sometimes like an old married couple. I just made sure the orange ocellaris was smaller and it's worked so far. They swim with each other all the time. They stay true to their names of Persephone (black) and Hades (orange). i guess the only way to tell is go for it and make sure the new one is smaller and be ready to pull the small one.
  9. Nitrite spike help

    Well I would hope so but either way I want to get rid of all the nitrites. I am thinking of doing another water change in a few days to see if it helps. Should I try a larger water change like 10 to 15 gal?
  10. Cavscout263 20 tank journal.

    So here is an update to the tank journal! so I finally just stepped up and bought an innovative Marin Nuevo fusion 20 gallon tank. i still have the same heater, protein skimmer. i moved my sand and rock all fish and corals over. Inhave added a tunze 350 ATO i have a media reactor on the way that I plan to run biopellets in it. i have added some livestock. 1 green montipora capricornis 1 frog spawn 1 yellow watchman gobbie 1 red pistol shrimp 5 hermit crabs I am dosing seachem prime because a nitrite and nitrate spike. and the brightwell aquactics growth pack of code a and b with magnesium and strontium. and microbacter7 to improve water quality. I will be also feeding using polybooster for the corals. Mycis shrimp for fish and Other sweeper tentacle corals.
  11. Nitrite spike help

    Hey there. So I recently upgraded from a petco 20l tank to a innovate marine 20 gal nano fusion. It was established for about 2 months. I transferred all my live sand and rock over to the new tank. I changed the water out 100%. And made sure all my corals , inverts and fish were moved over in the best way possible. Fast forward a week to today and I did a 5 gallon water change. Tested the water. The results ph: 8.2 ammonia 0 nitrite .5ppm nitrate 5 cal 330 alk 9dKH mag 1460ppm salinity 1.024 temp 78* all things tested besides ca,all,mg were tested with API (I know they can be inaccurate) so did I start another cycle because transferring my substrate and rock over? The sand and rock never left the water for more than 10 seconds. I feed every 3 days. Water is clear, fish aren't breathing hard and swimming normal, inverts are moving around and all corals are out and open except clove polyps but I just relocated them. I have no clue why I am having a nitrite spike. In the mean time I put in some seachem prime to give me a buffer I also am starting to dose microbacter7 to help get the water back on track, denitrify and improve water quality. Since y'all are going to ask here is what is being ran im 20gal Nuevo fusion aquamaxx hob protein skimmer(now set to run wet to grab more) the innovative marine return pump 2 innovative marine socks 1 bag chemi our blue 11oz 1 hydor 240gph power head hydra 26 light 10" above water 18lbs live rock 20lb live sand
  12. Putting in more rock to my tank

    Ok cool. Yeah I am going to set a bucket up with a heater and filter after I scrub off my old rock from my 5 gal and just cycle/cure it while I am off at work over the next few weeks. And hopefully I can place it in after I get back and let the coraline spread on the other rocks
  13. Hey yall so I finally got my innovative marine 20g and I moved all the stuff from my old 20L to the new one. Problem is all the rock that I have in there is already cycled and I have fish and corals. I really want to change the aqua scape and the current rock I have in there is not achieving the look I want. So question is is what should I do? Try and buy live rock from my local shop( already has coralline algae on it) and put it in? my best option in my head right now is to buy coralife rock and try to cycle them in a bucket? If i I went with the live rock, I would transport in some salt water but would I need to cure them further or would they be ok to put in?
  14. Cavscout263 20 tank journal.

    Here is a video tour of my mixed reef aquarium so far sparse but non the less an excellent aquarium to look at. https://youtu.be/jWA6A6PRnS0
  15. Cavscout263 20 tank journal.

    Hi there Nano-Reefers! My name is Chris or by my ha fle on here cavscout263. So I am starting up a journal to share everything that I can about my new reef tank. this is my first reef tank so I have lots to learn still and lots to improve on. But so far I think that I am doing a good job. This forum and a lot of other resources have helped me with the start up and tuning of things. So onto the details. I guess we will talk about what all I have for equipment wise. I will just list them off. A majority of stuff i went the cheap way except on a few things. 20 gallon long tank from petco marine land penguin 150 cheap thermometer glass cleaner carib sea 20lbs of Hawaiian live sand dry rock 2 power heads (will get brand and size later) fluval swing arm salinity aquamaxx HOB protein skimmer hydra 26 hd with bendable arm fritz 21 gal salt water at 1.25 salinity I guess I will talk about how the setup went. There was great triumph and then a few mistakes haha. So I gathered all supplies from petco and a few other aquarium stores. And a few items came via online orders. I set up everything that I wanted and aquascaped it to my liking. Filled it with water and had my penguin bio wheel going and one powerhead cause that's all I had at that point. I proceeded to add what I thought was Biospira but in fact it was reef accelerator!!! I was freaking out until I got on here and asked and I was assured it would still cycle properly and that I just needed to do a 100% water change after cycle was complete. Next day I added the biospira and threw in some fish food and let it do its thing for over a month. I tested two times a week and I noticed all the different results and eventually everything got really low except my calcium( because reef accelerator) was off the charts. I did my 100% water change and everything was good to go. I finally got my protein skimmer and hydra 26 in so I installed them and got them running. I should state that this technically my s cons tank because before that I had a 3 gallon tank with one ocellaris clown fish and a few frags. So I went out and got a somewhat big black clown fish that will be a female soon since the ocellaris is so small. I also have 4 generic snales that cleans the tank up. So for the list of live stock frag of yellow dragon zoa frag of green torch coral frag of green duncan frag of a polyp( not sure the name) green center with pink tips 1 ocellaris clown fish(puppy) 1 black clownfish (Persephone) 4 snails. I plan to go get a shrimp of some sort and a gobbie to clean the substrate and whatever else they want to Clean.