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  1. Patncori

    Super narrow(3x36x16")tank build idea

    Sorry about the "ant farm"... Anyways new tank looks Great, love the scape...what's the plans for it...
  2. Patncori

    Super narrow(3x36x16")tank build idea

    Think "saltwater ant farm" would be awesome...!!!
  3. Patncori

    IM 20 Fusion lighting suggestions

    Nice...unsure if I should go all LED , all T5, or a combo of both...?? Currently hava a 20 long with DIY canopy with 165w black box & 4 24" HO T5 (ATI 2-blue + & 2-Purple +)...tank is still cycling... Friend gave me a Fusion 20, so thinking about setup... thanks...
  4. I am starting a 20 gallon fusion and would like some lighting suggestions... Thanks
  5. Patncori


    NP can do that... thanks
  6. Patncori


    I have a Chinese 165w, would this be ok for IM Fusion 20...?? thanks
  7. Patncori


    Looking to purchase... is this good for an IM Fusion 20...?? thanks
  8. Patncori


    LF Aquamaxx nemo 24-36" Thanks
  9. Patncori

    Mars Aqua 165w

  10. Patncori

    Mars Aqua 165w

    I have taken the fixture apart and determined the "white side" driver is bad, both fans are not working also (determined this by plugging "blue side" driver into white side & they work)... Can anyone give specific suggestion for replacements...?? Does Mars Aqua offer direct replacements...?? Thanks
  11. Patncori

    Mars Aqua 165w

    Anyone have any experience with repair of above fixtures...?? Thanks
  12. Patncori

    Reefkeeper Lite

    WTB used Reefkeeper lite... please advise... thanks
  13. Patncori

    Posting in marketplace

    I'm new here and would like to post (WTB) in marketplace... Please advise Thanks