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  1. 701 Classroom Tank

    Yeah - we are still in the beginning stages - thanks for the kind words! I need to add some sort of filtration/skimming option. There is a fair amount of surface gunk that isn't getting exported.
  2. New clown and nem

    Picked this up recently from my favorite reef shop. My students think they are fantastic!
  3. 701 Classroom Tank

    After some patience, black garbage bags, water changes, and better fish food, we are algae free! And new inhabitants came into the tank. We have two new tomato clowns and an anemone (I think a ritteri). Tank looks great and here are some photos! In early January, the plan is to add one or two more fish (something like a wrasse that will swim the length of the tank and a fish like a goby or a hawkfish - something that will hang around on the bottom). Plus some more softies and some LPS.
  4. 701 Classroom Tank

    I should add that I'm thinking about the tunze 9001 or about the glass column/airstone skimmer (available now on marine depot) regardless, Its running some sort of media that I'm trying to come up with a solution to. I know that the current subcurrent filter would be perfect but those aren't sold anymore and it seems that finding a used one is tough.
  5. 701 Classroom Tank

    Thought I'd update since it had been a while. Tank is doing well - we still have just our one Bangaii Cardinal. For the past few days, I had the tank blacked out, dealing with an algae problem... Seems to have been pretty effective. I've been doing water changes throughout the week as well - I'm hoping that the one-two punch of water change and light deprivation will knock the algae out. Does anyone have any suggestions for skimmer/filter/reactor options for in-tank use? I own both the nano and full size remora and both are too tall to fit on the tank (I have the back underneath a cabinent. What I love about the remora is that you can fit the heater in the body of the skimmer, you can put a bag of chemipure in the intake of the over flow box, and you get the skimming. Are there any options that are designed such that you can add at least the chemipure type product? Tomorrow I'm heading to the reef shoppe in the afternoon. I think some clowns are in order!
  6. 701 Classroom Tank

    Phil - our Bangaii Cardinal ate some mysis today and is enjoying some clean water.
  7. 701 Classroom Tank

    Today's pic - the gsp opened up a bit today and I added the diffuser top.
  8. 701 Classroom Tank

    Added a bangaii cardinal and a gsp. Things are looking great in the tank - here's a pic if drip acclimation. And to help provide context (that's my daughter in the back):
  9. 701 Classroom Tank

    Thanks so much for the welcome - I've always been into aquariums since I was a little kid and I got my first saltwater tank when I was 25 or so. I had two saltwater tanks for the past few years - including a 12 gallon aquapod in my classroom for the past 7 years. When I was hired at the school where I teach I had a mentor (who has since passed away). I thought he was crazy for maintaining several different (very simple) saltwater tanks around the building. But, now, almost ten years later, I can understand why he thought saltwater was worth the time and effort over fresh, especially for students.
  10. 701 Classroom Tank

    I'm their math and science teacher - it is 8th grade, which in our school is 13 and 14 year olds. (Pretty typical in the US). The tank is not part of a specific curriculum. However, there is a lot of basic tank chemistry such as ratio/proportion and solubility which are already components of the existing algebra and physical science curriculum. There is some opportunity for mathematical modeling (experimentally deriving equations that describe how different variables fluctuate over time), etc. The science ideas are more conceptual - biology/ecology is more of a systems science in that changes to any one variable impact other variables. So the reef is a good model for that. I think I'm going to go tomorrow afternoon to the spot I like in NYC - its called "The Reef Shoppe," and it is affordable! Otherwise, NYC doesn't have tons of shops anymore - there is one in Manhattan, a few out in queens, and a few across the George Washington Bridge in NJ.
  11. 701 Classroom Tank

    Things are looking good. I think we will add a fish on Monday. I'm thinking a royal Gramma.
  12. 701 Classroom Tank

    Actually I've been turkey basting two times a day, rock is looking good. That's a test kit made by hagen. I also have the red Sea ammonia kit. I prefer the red Sea format. Easier to read. I think I'm good - I read zero a few days ago and then added lots of food for two days. Ammonia is still zero. Doesn't matter much, I'm taking this slow anyways - going to be sure before I add fish.
  13. 701 Classroom Tank

    Here's today's photo - live rock rearranged into a scape I find acceptable - and I'm working on getting the sand off of the rock. I think I need to bring in an HOB filter to get the excess dusty sand out of the tank. I did some measurements today at got 0 for ammonia, 0 for nitrites and 5 for the nitrates. So I think I'm good on the cycle... I put a bunch of food in the tank plus some reef roids. I'm going to keep that up for a few days and see what happens with the levels. I suspect that the cycle is done since it is established live rock. But better to go slow! Crabs and snails come thursday.
  14. 701 Classroom Tank

    oh good question - its a sponge from an old aquaclear filter. When I knew I was going to be breaking down the old tanks and setting up a new one, I put the sponge in an old tank to get "bacteria" rich. I left it in for the weekend. Probably not necessary since it was live sand and the rock was coming from established tanks, but I figured, why not? I haven't tested the water yet, got to do that tomorrow. CuC on its way from Reef Cleaners - the best place to buy your snails and crabs from!
  15. 701 Classroom Tank

    Tank made it through the weekend - no leaks - all looks well. I had just piled the rocks in on Friday, it was too cloudy to really see what was up. I'm going to switch things up this afternoon when the class is in Gym. I also need to get a HOB filter from somewhere (I'm sure I can find one somewhere) to start filtering out all the dusty stuff that is stuck to the rock. I don't want to run a filter all the time though - I don't want the noise.