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  1. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Those are the same ones that I'm using. I split the matrix into two media bags.
  2. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    If you are running Chemipure and filter floss then you really don't need add anything else media wise. I switched from Chemipure blue to having separate bags of carbon and purigen to save money. The purigen hasn't needed changed in 6 months and I change my carbon every 3 weeks since it's cheap by itself.
  3. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Others have removed the false bottom by sticking something into the holes and lifting straight up. It seems like a better solution than how I removed mine. I had a hard time working in the chamber because they are small. I've actually had to remove my male clown from the return chamber twice since taking him out of the first chamber. In the return chamber it was big enough that I could get a hand in and catch it with my hand. A small net may work well too if you can find one small enough. 1. I don't see the Urchin actively going after the GHA in my tank but I believe that it has kept it from spreading further. I think it spends more time on the other film algae than the GHA. Manual removal has helped the most for me. Also limiting nutrients will prevent excessive growth. How are you feeding? I've seen the Astrea snails eat it sometimes. Also emerald crabs will eat bubble algae and i believe GHA too. 2. Aiptasia-x works well. They can hide in the smallest places so it may take multiple runs to get them all. The powerhead placement depends on the rock work. I have mine in the top left next to the return line. They both blow towards the glass and rotate around the front of the tank and back towards the overflow. I do this so that higher flow corals can be kept up top and lower flow near the base of the rocks. 3. I've really only cleaned my back chambers once or twice. When I did my siphon was small enough to fit back there. The filter floss does a good job of keeping detritus out. 4. I don't have the protein skimmer but I believe that @banasophia uses it. 5. Chemipure blue is carbon mixed with purigen. It's not necessary to run the extra bag of carbon if you're using Chemipure. 6. With the curved glass on the biocube scraping from side to side (left to right) works best.
  4. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Well, during my maintenance this week I found a small aiptasia near the back of the tank. I promptly covered it with aiptasia-x and haven't seen any more yet. Hopefully it is the only one because I haven't seen any for months so I'm assuming it came in on one of the new frags. Also noticed that my RFA has moved down to the sand again. It's pretty hidden in the spot that it is in now. We'll see if it stays there. On a good note, there are a couple of new corals that I really am enjoying looking at every time I walk by the tank. The Leptastrea is looking very hairy and I noticed the colored tips on the tentacles: The Cespitularia is looking amazing. It really gives some nice movement being below the powerhead. It's quite large and fills in the left side of the tank. The soft purple color is a nice contrast to everything else in the tank:
  5. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Yes, I've always kept my carbon under my filter floss but still on top of the media rack. I setup the doser to add more stability to the system. When I was dosing by hand I would use larger doses twice a week and I might miss one sometimes so it created higher swings in alk. With the doser I can setup smaller daily doses to replace what is being used by the corals.
  6. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Thank you. Not much has changed in the back. -chamber 1: heater and purigen -chamber 2: filter floss & carbon up top and Chaeto & Red macro algae below the media rack -chamber 3: temp probe, matrix, dosing lines and return pump I'm still doing 2.5 gallon weekly water changes and changing the filter floss during the water changes. I change the carbon out every 3 weeks. The current dosing schedule is 1ml of Bionic 2 part per day.
  7. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    It's been a while since I updated my FTS. The tank has changed quite a bit over the last two months and I'm looking forward to watching the new corals fill in. 14 Months FTS:
  8. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I glued the rest of the corals down today. Here are some of the exciting new additions to the tank: I added some Zoas to fill in the spaces between some of the bigger corals. It was a coral pack of three so I wasn't sure what I would receive but they look great. Sour Lemons: King Midas: I also got a second frag of Sunny D's. I hadn't seen this coral before, but I really like it now that I have one. It's a nice sized Violet Cespitularia which adds nice color and movement: For the LPS I picked up a Meteor Shower Cyphastrea: And a John Deere Leptastrea: Now the main reason for the order is that I wanted to start filling in the top of the tank. So for SPS I got: A beautiful Bali Green Slimer: A Blue Montipora Digitata that came in pieces so I've actually glued four small frags spread out instead of one big one. It also looks red to me instead of blue, but we'll see if it colors up over time: And last but certainly not least, I needed something that would work on top of the overhang. Because it is near the water surface it would have to be a flat or entrusting coral. I decided on a beautiful Leng Sy Montipora Cap. It has some great texture and the purple rim that grows on the edge looks really nice: I'm hoping that it'll grow kinda flat and cover the overhang. Overall I'm very happy with the new corals and I think that they'll look good once they grow in.
  9. Jackal227

    Banasophia’s Biocube 16 & IM Nuvo 10

    I love the colors on those RFAs.
  10. Jackal227

    Saxplayer’s 16g LED Biocube

    They look great. Those zoas add colors all over.
  11. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    The corals arrived today and are now in the tank. They are still acclimating but here is a preview of one of the new ones that I wanted to try:
  12. Jackal227

    Starting new biocube 16 gallon tank

    Welcome, I'm currently running the same tank. For a heater, 100 watts is a good size for this tank. Cobalt makes some nice ones that fit in the back chambers. I've been happy with the nano size flipper for cleaning the glass. I've seen some people upgrade the return pump but the stock one has been fine for me. You'll need a powerhead for water movement. What kind of corals were you wanting to keep? Also what are your plans for fish that you want to keep?
  13. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Luckily, I shouldn't have to deal with any algae since my culture isn't lit.
  14. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Yes I am. From what I read 53 micron should be small enough for the pods and eggs both.
  15. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Well it's been a while so it's time for a tank update. The new corals have been in the tank for about 6 weeks now and everything has been looking good so far. The Acans have been looking very puffy and happy lately: The Ricordea trio are still holding strong: The hammer coral has really opened up wider lately. I can see the first signs of new heads starting to form under the existing ones now: The GSP has really taken off since it opened back up. It has almost covered the rock that I put it on in just a few weeks. It also has regained the metallic green color and glows brightly under the blues again: I haven't shown off the fish for a while but they are still doing great. The Clowns have grown quite a bit since they were put in: The hardest working member in the tank, it never stops doing laps: As for struggles, I'm still battling bits of hair algae in a few spots. They are mostly under control and the algae in my refugium has been growing well again. Hopefully the fuge will out compete the hair algae in the long run. I harvested my 1st gallon from the pod culture today. After running it through the sieve I could make out at least a few pods running around, but they are so small that it's hard for me to see them. I will continue the culture to see if it gets denser over time. And finally with the holiday sales I ordered some new corals to finish filling in the gaps in the tank. They should be arriving later this week. I've got some different types that I look forward to trying out.