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  1. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I have some new additions to the tank. I've added a pair of Ocellaris Clownfish. They are very active and have given the tank some much needed color and movement. All parameters are still testing good after the additions. I also picked up a small Neon-green Trumpet coral frag. It has 2 heads on it and is starting to open up now. It is currently placed under the large overhang because I read that they do well in lower light. Still have some Diatoms on the sand bed, but they appear to be getting lighter. With the added livestock I've also started running the Chemipure (using 2 nano bags under my poly filter in chamber 2).
  2. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I blasted the rocks with a turkey baster, vacuumed the sand, swapped 2.5 gallons of water, and changed the filter.
  3. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Tank Update @ 5 Weeks: The snails are all still alive and continue to traverse every inch of the tank. They seem to do a great job clearing any green specs that pop up. The Nassarius are very interesting creatures to watch. The Zoas have also been glued down onto their own island that they will hopefully cover in time. They are looking good though. The sand turned brown this week. I believe this is from Diatoms? I'll include pictures of the sand before and after the water change. Also the refugium has been up for a week now. I've seen some growth on the Chaeto, about 25% roughly. So far it appears to be working. Before water change: After water change:
  4. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    It's tough to get the whole thing because it's close to the wall but you can see all three chambers in this one. 1st chamber is the heater. 2nd is poly filter up top chaeto in the bottom (light is off) . 3rd is matrix and the return pump.
  5. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I didn't realize that pods could attack zoas, I'll have to look into it. I forgot to mention that I picked up some Chaeto as well, so I'm sure there are probably pods in it. The Zoas really glow under the blue lights, I don't think that the pictures do them justice.
  6. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Picked up some snails today and a small frag. I have 4 Nassarius Snails and 4 Trochus Snails. The frag wasn't labeled but I'm fairly sure that it is Zoas. It has 8 polyps and some nice colors. I drip acclimated the snails and dipped the frag with CoralRX. The frag has only been in the tank about an hour and it's started opening up.
  7. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I've seen reviews both ways on them, I guess it may depend on their personality. I may opt for a Blenny or a Goby instead. It depends what is available. My hands didn't fit inside that chamber so I ended up having success with a long flat head screwdriver. Take it slow prying and you'll realize which bottom corner is attached.
  8. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I had some extra time today so after the water change so I set up the refugium light. When searching for a light most of the budget builds were using gooseneck lamps with an LED bulb pointed at the back of the tank. To me these were bulky and an eye sore when looking from the side of the tank. I also found some magnet LEDs that would stick directly on the back of a nano tank, but they were all $50 or more. So while searching for a more economical option I built this for about $25. Time will tell if it is successful at growing Chaeto. Supplies: 6500K LED Light Strip w/ Power Adapter Command 3M Clear Hooks GE 24 Hour Outlet Timer Total Cost: ~$25 / Time: ~10 Minutes I wanted something slim that fits up against the glass and is cost effective. The lights are in the 6500K spectrum which is supposed to be good for macro growth. The light also has two screw holes on either end for mounting, which works out great with the 3M hooks to hold it in place. This light can also be daisy-chained so that multiples could be used if more were needed. It is also 12" long which for the biocube is the perfect size to cover chamber #2 from the top to the bottom of the tank with light. And the last thing that stood out for me on the light is that it is waterproof. I simply used the adhesive strips with the hooks one on the top rim and one on the bottom rim fit perfectly to keep the light centered with the glass. With the outlet timer I can run this light at night when my main lights are off to help reduce PH swings in the display. Currently have it set for 8 PM - 8 AM. Once I get some Chaeto I'll post updates with how it grows and whether or not one of these lights are strong enough to run a refugium. Below are two pics of it mounted in the chamber. One off and one on.
  9. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I do have a drip line for acclimating, and am planning 2.5 gal a week for water changes to help keep things stable.
  10. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Probably a royal gramma and a pair of clowns.
  11. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Tank update: Ammonia and nitrites have now both dropped to zero. I'll do a large water change tomorrow to reduce nitrates. There is minimal algae growth so far, not enough to keep a full clean up crew yet. After staring at an empty tank for a month, even something as small as little green algae dots are exciting to see. I'll probably end up starting with a small fish and adding the cleanup crew as needed later. Also I've sourced a cheap 6500k led light that I plan on using to create a diy refugium in chamber 2. More to come on that later once I have it running.
  12. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    For the cleanup crew I'll probably add around 8 snails (mixed), 2 scarlet hermits, 1 emerald crab, and a cleaner shrimp. The heater functions and keeps the tank at 78 degrees. I have had a thermometer in it to monitor during the cycle. However, I'm planning on picking up a temperature controller to maintain it. Probably going to use this one (Temperature controller), but I'll seal the probe with silicon. I already have one of these that I've been using on a chest freezer for a couple years. It works well and is cheap.
  13. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Thank you. I look forward to covering it with corals.
  14. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    I've set up my lighting schedule to initially run as follows. Lighting Schedule: LC1 (Daylights): 11:00 am to 7:00 pm LC2 (Sunrise / Sunset): 10:30 am to 7:00 pm LC3 (Moon Lights): 7:00 am to Midnight This gives me 8 hours of main lights which hopefully will help with algae on a new tank. The sunrise will start 30 min before the main lights come on and sunset will run for 30 min after the main lights go off. Blue lights will run early in the morning and late at night for viewing. All lights out from midnight until 7 am. I will monitor to see how these work out and adjust as needed.
  15. Jackal's Biocube 16 - Clowning around

    Currently I'm trying to keep the budget small so will end up getting small frags when I add them. I'm sure things will change when I look at them in person, but currently I like the look of Rhicordeas, Zoas, Acans, Frogspawn, Hammers, Duncan's, leathers, and Gorgonians. Pretty much anything with nice colors or lots of movement.