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  1. Been eyeing an Inkbird and have a question

    I do not. I have a laser thermometer that I use to check my saltwater for water changes and I've spot checked the tank with it many times, but it's always been spot on.
  2. Been eyeing an Inkbird and have a question

    I've had one on my tank for about 6 months now with no issues. I got it for the controller mainly to protect against heater malfunctions. The digital readout is nice as well but more importantly, it has alarms that will go off if the temperature gets too high or low.
  3. Inkbird issues

    Hd is the heating differential. With it set to 1 the heater should kick on at 78 degrees. This should be indicated by the "heating" light being on. If the light is on and the temperature is still falling then it could be an issue with the heater. Is there an internal thermostat on the heater? If the light isn't coming on until 76 then it may be an issue with the controller. I've been running mine for about 6 months and it consistently stays within the threshold.
  4. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    So the new corals are starting to acclimate and open up. Some of these colors really stand out so I took a few pictures under the blues. I really liked the color on the Blastomussa that I already added, So I picked up two more in different colors to fill in the low light areas below the overhang. Red Mint Blastomussa: Aussie Green Blastomussa: Blue Sympodium (I split into 2 small frags for separate areas): Sunny D Palys (adds some very vibrant colors) : Orange Leptastrea: Red Goniopora with Yellow Mouths (just starting to extend) : Everything is still acclimating but so far they look great. The tank is starting to fill in nicely. As I was cleaning out the refugium I found what appears to be a baby bristle worm. It was small maybe a quarter of an inch. I added it to the sandbed. It's exciting to see new life pop up out of nowhere. I also found some life in an aiptasia growing on the rocks. It looked hungry, so I promptly fed it some aiptasia-x. We'll see if more show up.
  5. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    My first order I picked up from liveaquaria. Their coral prices seemed a little high for certain pieces but can be good if found on sale. I chose them mainly because they had the Conch that I was looking for. A couple of the corals that I received had some algae on them that I had to remove. Their 30 day guarantee is very nice though (a little peace of mind for a 1st time online order). The order that I got today came from uniquecorals. There was no excess algae that I had to remove on these. I feel that their frag prices are very competitive. Their wide selection of bright colors is why I went with them. They had the majority of the pieces that I was looking for all in one place.
  6. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    Well, UPS dropped off another box of life this morning. It's far too easy to spend money on corals online... I'll add some pictures of the corals once they fully open up. For now this little guy is exploring his new home:
  7. Biocube pictures for ideas

    Biocube 16 - about 6 months old
  8. Stock biocube lighting

    It's a little old, but maybe this will help:
  9. Stock biocube lighting

    Which version of the Biocube do you have? The newer ones are LED and the older ones use CFL bulbs. I have the 16 gallon LED and these are the settings that I've been using for the last 6 months: LC1 (Daylights): 11:00 am to 7:00 pm LC2 (Sunrise / Sunset): 10:30 am to 7:00 pm LC3 (Moon Lights): 7:00 am to Midnight
  10. The tank is looking great! I look forward to seeing it grow in.
  11. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    Maintenance Day Update: The good: I'm seeing some good growth out of the Blastomussa. It now has two baby heads growing on it. The leptoseris also appears to have started encrusting as well. I finally got a pic of the elusive gramma: I also fragged three small pieces of the birdsnest to test them out on the island and see if they grow in the highest spots in my tank. The Bad: The entrusting Montipora is still a struggle. It started growing some algae on it, so I scraped the algae off causing it to fade in color and show no polyp extension. We'll see if it bounces back. Also I'm still battling the Diatoms on the sandbed even after the cyano disappeared.
  12. Nittos Biocube 16 Tank Thread

    The light timer is confusing at first. LC1 is your whites and LC2 are your blues. If you set them to run during the same time periods then they will both be on. Is that 3am or 3pm for LC1? If it's 3pm then you will probably want a longer cycle when you have corals. Without corals the shorter times will help keep algae down. LC1 and LC2 should overlap 6-8 hrs a day to provide the PAR needed for corals. Here is what I've been running: LC1 (Daylights): 11:00 am to 7:00 pm LC2 (Sunrise / Sunset): 10:30 am to 7:00 pm LC3 (Moon Lights): 7:00 am to Midnight
  13. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    Just a quick update on the new additions. The new snails and conch appear to be keeping the sandbed in check. The cyano has almost completely disappeared and the Diatoms are slowly getting lighter in color. I expect that over time they will continue to improve. The conch stays buried under the sand. I've only seen it out once, but I occasionally see his eyes sticking out of the sand so I know it's alive. The Reverse Superman Montipora looked like it started to bleach at the top of the tank so I relocated it to a lower spot near the birdsnests. The color looks to be improving in the new spot. The polyps are still peaking out, but I haven't seen full extension on it yet. You can also see how full the birdsnests are getting in the picture (compared to the 3rd month FTS in my first post). It also appears that the trumpet coral is going through a double split. Both heads now have 2 mouths. The Blastomussa has a baby head growing on the side of it. My Frogspawn is splitting on the back head and apparently has a baby head growing off the side as well. It's really starting to fill in the middle of the tank. The fish are still all doing well and getting along so far. Updated FTS with new Monti placement:
  14. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    Livestock Update: All of the new additions have acclimated to the tank. So I've added a Fighting Conch and 2 dwarf Cerith Snails to assist with the sandbed. The Conch stayed buried for the first few days but today he's out cruising the sandbed. I also added 4 corals along with the Conch order so that I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. I tried to find some that would add some nice color like a Bright Orange Leptoseris, Reverse Superman Montipora, and a Purple Blastomussa. I added a Green Duncan to get some more movement into the tank. The corals are doing well. The only issue I had was with the Montipora. It showed up very pale looking. The color has now started to return to it, and I can now start to see a tiny bit of the polyps. I can't wait for it to open up those blue polyps all the way. Purple Blastomussa (2 heads): Bright Orange Leptoseris: Reverse Superman Montipora: Green Duncan (2 heads): The new Gramma is still doing well. It's a little shy so I haven't gotten any photos of just him, but I did catch him briefly in the FTS. In other news on the tank. I'm going to increase my dosing to 2 days a week instead of 1 (still 2.5 ml each). My Chaeto continues to grow consistently and I'm harvesting every other week now. The purple coraline algae continues to spread throughout the tank. 6 Months FTS:
  15. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED - New Corals

    Livestock Update (Gramma 2.0): So, it's been 6 weeks and I haven't noticed any issues with the clowns. I decided to try another Royal Gramma. After having the first one I really enjoyed watching the added color swimming through the tank. The purple and yellow markings are very bright and really stand out. The new Gramma that I picked up is larger than the last one and seems more active so far. It started eating right away and will go after pellets right along side my clowns. I feel this is a good sign. It's still a little shy when I'm near the tank, but hopefully I'll get some pictures up soon. I was hoping to pick up a Conch with the Gramma, but I couldn't find one locally. I did find one online and placed an order to ship one in. I wasn't willing to pay overnight shipping for an $8 conch so I had no choice but to add a few other items to get free shipping . Everything just arrived today and is now acclimating. I'll post some updates (with pictures) on them soon.