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  1. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    The Clowns generally stayed towards the top of the tank and the gramma tended to stay near the bottom. I feed PE Pellets so the clowns would eat the floating ones and the gramma would eat the ones that sank. As it got used to the feeding, the gramma would come up higher each day. I suspect that it would've eventually came to the surface with the clowns.
  2. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I think stress may have been a factor. I can't find anything else that was off. So far the clowns have been acting normal. I will continue to monitor them.
  3. How should I start my Biocube 16?

    I also have the biocube 16. Like clown said the internal sump will work fine. I've been using the Koralia 425 powerhead and have been happy with it. The cobalt heaters are highly rated and most people like the low profile. For a refugium light I've been using this. Others have found success with this. Your choices look good and I look forward to seeing how the tank progresses.
  4. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Honestly, I've only been testing amonia, PH, nitrite, and nitrate. I've been relying on regular water changes to replenish calcium, alk, and magnesium. I've been using reef crystals from the start so the levels were somewhat elevated. I realize that as I continue to add corals that the testing will become more important and eventually dosing will probably be necessary. These test kits are something that I plan on getting soon. I've already looked into the red sea ones for calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium. The rock did take some time with a hammer and chisel to shape. The Chaeto has grown consistently but I wouldn't say it's been a fast growth. I believe that it is due to having low nutrients in my system. I barely get any reading from my nitrate tests. It's an api test so it's hard to read below 10 nitrates, but based on color I would say my nitrates are never above 2-3. I've harvested a baseball size clump and just let the rest grow. This is how it currently looks, and you can compare to the original pic earlier in the thread: I'm sad to report that I found the Gramma laying on the sandbed this morning. I'm really not sure what happened. It was swimming freely yesterday and eating well, then hid in the rocks last night, then found dead this morning. Looking at the body I don't see any white spot or anything visibly off that I can tell. The Nassarius Snails already ate his tail, but the rest of the body was in tact. Maybe an internal parasite? I've done a lot of research on aquariums but diseases and parasites are something that I haven't looked into deeply. I'll have to do some research to see if I can figure out if I missed something. It should also be noted that the night before this happened we did have a power outage for about 4 hours. I don't know if this may have impacted the death as well. I have planned to get a battery backup in the future to help prevent future issues due to power. Due to the sudden loss I'll hold off on adding any new livestock to the tank for a while and monitor the Clownfish.
  5. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I've been watching and there hasn't been any aggression yet, but time will tell. The Gramma mainly hangs out near the bottom of the tank while the Clowns mainly hang out near the top which I think helps. I also find it interesting (and creepy) that the Gramma seems to watch me and will turn to face whichever side of the room that I'm on. It also likes to wedge itself into the smallest crevices in the rocks when it's hiding. Sometimes the holes are no larger than it's body. I'm surprised that it can get out sometimes.
  6. Light schedule for Biocube 32

    I have the 16 gallon biocube, but I believe that the light timer is identical. I've only been running for 4 months but I've seen consistent growth in my corals so I'll share what has worked for me. I believe that you will want the blue channel to overlap the white channel because it'll boost the PAR output of the lights. I've set up my lighting schedule to run as follows: Lighting Schedule: LC1 (Daylights): 11:00 am to 7:00 pm LC2 (Sunrise / Sunset): 10:30 am to 7:00 pm LC3 (Moon Lights): 7:00 am to Midnight This gives me 8 hours of main lights which will help with algae on a new tank. The sunrise will start 30 min before the main lights come on and sunset will run for 30 min after the main lights go off. Blue lights will run early in the morning and late at night for viewing. All lights out from 12:30 am until 7 am.
  7. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    4 Months In, Tank Update: Well, I feel like I've passed my first milestone and am happy to report that somehow I've managed not to kill everything yet. So onto the new additions. This week I've added a new fish and two new frags to the tank. These additions are all about contrasting colors. I wanted to get some items to break up all the greens in the tank. The 3rd fish in the tank is a Royal Gramma. It's a beautiful fish and the purple and yellow colors add a nice contrast to the black and orange on the Clownfish. The Gramma was hiding in a cave for the first night, but now is swimming freely around the tank. It even hangs out with the clowns at times. So far everyone is getting along. The new corals that I added to the tank are another Zoa frag and an Acan frag. The Zoas have dark red skirts that I think will contrast nicely with the previous green skirted Zoas. The Acans are also a reddish orange color to contrast with the Frogspawn. They both are open and looking healthy so far. For the existing corals in the tank they are growing well. The Trumpets get fluffier each day. The Birdsnests continue to sprout new tips. The Frogspawn head has almost completely split off. It gets further apart each day. Some observations following the modifications to the filtration chamber: I've noticed that my filter floss now seems to brown more evenly with the increased flow over it. Also the air gap that used to occur under the floss is now gone quieting the back chamber. I've also found that when cleaning the front glass that it can be hard with the curved surface. I'm having better luck using side to side motions on the front glass instead of an up and down motion. I've also found that for thicker algae on the glass, I can use my hand and the scrubbing side of the magnet cleaner to clean it better than the magnet does. I get a little wet but it's quicker and does a better job. Seeing everything together I'm really liking the addition of new colors to the tank. Now I gotta find some blue corals to further enhance the view. I look forward to seeing how everything grows in. Here's the 4 months in FTS:
  8. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Filtration Modification: I made two small changes to the filtration chambers this week. I've been noticing that the flow from the right chamber into my floss only hits a small part of the filter floss due to the tab up top blocking half the flow. To alleviate this issue I widened the overflow between the chambers by removing the tab with a utility knife. This makes the water flow more evenly over my filter floss. It's hard to see in the picture but now the overflow is straight across. The other issue that I've noticed is that the flow through the plastic tray that the filter floss sits in is too slow which causes an air gap between the floss and the water level in the center chamber. Also because the water wasn't flowing through the tray fast enough it would overflow on top of the wall between the left and center chambers. I'd rather have the entire flow go through my filter floss, my Chemipure, and my Chaeto. So to fix this I used a 3/8" drill bit and widened the holes in the tray on top of chamber 2. This allowed more flow through it and makes sure that all the water is going through my filtration. It also has eliminated the air gap below the tray. Frag Updates: I've got some new growths that are exciting. Both of the birdsnest frags are still showing good polyp extension and they are now growing. All of the tips have gotten longer and most have split into multiple points. The bleached base on the right frag has started to regain some color on it. Also the Frogspawn frag is doing well. One of the heads is showing two mouths now and is beginning to split. So, soon it looks like I will have 3 heads . I did a deep cleaning of my refugium this week. I haven't really done anything to it since it started. The algae was covering the glass right where the light is mounted and was probably stunting the growth of the Chaeto. I scraped the glass and back wall and siphoned out as much as I could. Trimmed about a baseball size clump of Chaeto and removed it. The pods continue to grow wild. I am thinking that I may add a couple snails to the refugium to keep the glass clean in the future.
  9. Wiggles' LED Biocube 16

    Which sicce pump did you get, any issues fitting in the chamber? Also, what powerhead are you using?
  10. Biocube 16g Setup

    I also started a biocube 16 a little over 3 months ago. I've enjoyed this tank so far but I ran into the same issue as you when I researched it. Most of the information available was on the older models. If you search the aquarium journals on this site you'll find 4 current builds with this model that may help you out because most of us had the same questions starting out. You'll find that in this hobby there are many different ways to achieve success and there's many different opinions on what's best. I'm by no means an expert, but I'll do my best to answer some of your questions with my limited experience: There are many different options to set up the filtration. The most common setup is to remove the stock filter in the right chamber. Use poly filter on top of the middle chamber as your mechanical filtration. The poly filter can be changed out twice a week. Carbon is beneficial for removing impurities and clarifying the water. I've used Chemipure blue nano under my poly filter on top of the 2nd chamber. They are individually bagged and simple to swap. These won't be needed until after your tank is cycled. In the rest of chamber 2 I've set it up as a refugium. This is beneficial for tank stability and it gives a place for pods to grow. They were only in the older models. Look for a 100 watt heater. The water level in the return chamber varies and you want to make sure that the heater is always submerged. If you don't put anything in the center chamber then the heater can go in there. The false floor in the right chamber is removable if you want to put the heater in this chamber. This is what I did and It gives extra room in the middle chamber for other things. The temperature can vary as long as it's kept consistent. The most common seems to be between 78-80 degrees. I currently run mine at 79. Soft corals are considered the easiest, LPS as the middle ground, and SPS are the hardest to keep. With corals they like different levels of flow and lighting. I'd recommend researching each type of coral that you like the look of to see what the requirements are because they vary a lot. Some easier to keep corals with color are Zoanthids, Mushrooms, Candy Canes, and Trumpets. I've been using this kit. It's considered a lower end kit because it's not the most accurate but it works. Once I'm out of reagents I'll probably replace with the red sea test kits. Instead of a hydrometer, I would get a refractometer because they are much more accurate and fairly inexpensive. Good luck on your tank and you'll find some great knowledge in this forum.
  11. 16g LED BioCube Mixed Reef

    I think that add-on is designed for the older 14 and 29 gallon biocubes with the cfl bulbs. Not sure if it's compatible with the led models because it looks like a different connection.
  12. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    The corals are settling in and here are some updated pictures: Frogspawn: It seems to be doing well and is becoming my favorite to watch sway. Birdsnest Frags: They're still showing good polyp extension. I noticed that the white tips have started healing, but the white base on the right frag hasn't changed yet. Trumpet Frag: These guys are finally starting to puff up again. It looks like they will recover fine. Also to note I'm been seeing little spirorbid worms (very tiny filter feeders) all over the refugium glass and now they are starting to show up in the main display. Also, the snail eggs from last week have disappeared but they've laid a brand new set of them on the back wall again.
  13. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    They still look the same as the pictures. Both are showing good polyp extension. They've been in the tank now for a week, and glued in place for 3 days.
  14. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I really don't know how they will do. The way I see it is they were basically free for what I paid so I'm not out anything if they don't make it. If they do, then they were on my long-term list anyways. I just didn't expect to try them this soon. I find that the challenge and the unknown is part of the fun in this hobby.
  15. Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Week 12 Update: Whelp, I've made it 3 months and things are starting to come together. I've got some new additions that I'm pretty excited about. I picked up a 2 headed Frogspawn frag and 2 separate Green Birdsnest frags. I wasn't planning on going with SPS in the tank this early but I got all three frags for $20 so I couldn't pass up trying them out. So, I guess that means I can officially call this tank a "mixed reef" . The Frogspawn adds some excellent colors and movement to the tank. I can't wait until they fill up the center of the tank. The birdsnest really are going to test the lighting and the flow of the tank. It'll be interesting to see if they can survive in my system. One of the frags has some bleaching on the base, we'll have to see if that recovers in time. They do both show good polyp extension so I'm going to assume that they are happy at the moment. It's hard to tell from pictures online but seeing the tiny polyps in person gives me a new appreciation for SPS corals. Other items to note: I'm seeing an increase in my microfauna. I see pods regularly in both my refugium and in the display as well. I've got a little bit of Diatoms on the sandbed. I believe it is due to overfeeding so I will cut that back a bit. The trumpets are still holding steady but haven't made a full recovery yet. They do look like they are going in the right direction though. Also, my snails have laid eggs on the back wall of the tank. From what I understand the eggs usually don't survive long enough to hatch, but it's interesting to see their natural behaviors. 3 Month FTS (including dirty glass):