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  1. Yes I'm still using it. The macro is still growing and I haven't noticed any issues with the light itself.
  2. So I made the decision to use fluconazole (using Reef Flux brand) to try to rid the tank of Bryopsis before it becomes a serious problem. I've ordered it and it should arrive in a couple days. To prepare today I did a water change and removed as much manually as I could. The current plan: Dose 320 mg Fluconazole for 14-21 days depending on observations. Remove carbon during treatment Remove purigen during treatment Replace filter floss as needed 5 gallon water change after treatment Add back in carbon and purigen I'll document the journey to see what happens. The corals are doing well right now and hopefully they will continue through the treatment.
  3. The brown on the sand looks like Diatoms. They are normal and will go away in a couple weeks usually.
  4. Tank Update: So looking closely at the GHA that I've been struggling with, I believe that it may actually be Bryopsis instead of GHA. In the close-up view it appears fern-like: I've been researching a fluconazole treatment for it. If I go that route I'll document the process. Also, here's a reefing fail for me. It's not uncommon for me to knock off frags whenever I stick my hands into the tank. The problem here is that I managed to somehow glue this Zoa frag ontop of one of my Blastomussa heads 🤤: Luckily, the 2nd head appears to be fine so it's not a total loss. You can also see the RFA snuggled up against the Blastomussa as well. It's been moving all over the tank the last 2 weeks and just can't seem to find a happy spot. Here it is a few days ago snuggled up with an Acan: It doesn't seem to be stinging the corals so I'm not too worried about it yet. Okay onto the good. The rest of the tank is still doing well. The corals are showing signs of good growth. One of my hammer branches has split so now it has 4 full heads: I've also noticed that as it grows the tips are taking on more of that flattened hammer shape. It's really looking great. The textures on the tentacles of the Duncan looked really neat so I tried to get a close-up of them: The Urchin is cruising around looking nice as usual:
  5. I would add one if you plan on keeping corals. It probably wouldn't affect fish without one as long as there is good surface agitation. I've been happy with my Hydor 425 for this tank. If you want one that's controllable I've seen a lot of people use the aquamai kps.
  6. Wow, does it eat that whole piece? Mine is fairly new but only seems to come out after the lights are off.
  7. The rock work looks nice. Do you have a powerhead? If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm still learning new things in reefing everyday, but I think that you'll find a great community here.
  8. I like the scape. I look forward to watching how the tank progresses.
  9. I'm glad that I got it, it's really growing on me. I like the way that it fills in the left side of the tank. It has great movement, and you can really see from the side how it transitions from a violet base to the white tips.
  10. Adding to the new coral growths it appears that my Cespitularia has grown a new branch on the left side: Also, it's always entertaining to see the Urchin giving a new snail a guided tour around the tank. I've noticed that my alk has been running lower the last couple weeks so I upped my dosing from 1 ml per day to 2 ml per day (half in the am and half in the pm).
  11. The tank is looking great!
  12. I keep the water level in the 3rd chamber about 2 inches from the top. It stays consistently at that level for me so I think it'd be fine to use temporarily for the heater. Just keep an eye on it because you don't want it to run dry. Keeping the 3rd chamber full will keep the middle chamber full as well. It won't affect your media basket because the water will still flow downward through the filtration to get to the 3rd chamber.
  13. I haven't seen my emerald crab since adding it to the tank so no pictures of it yet. However, here is my new frag a GARF Bonsai Acro: It has some great color and I think it'll fill in the top nicely. I've been seeing some growth out of a lot of the corals recently. The pink Ricordea has grown a second mouth: The Duncan has sprouted lots of baby heads on all sides: The Digitata is growing like a weed. It reminds me of when I had my birdsnest: The Leng Sy cap has almost doubled in size. It doesn't show up well in pictures but it has a vibrant purple ring around the edge that really looks almost florescent: The Acans are shooting out baby heads: The Zoas are all growing nicely. I haven't shown this guy in a while but it was one of my first frags in the tank, survived the tank crash, and now has almost covered the rock: