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  1. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Tank update: So it's been a while since I've updated the tank. I've continued to let things stabilize. The only change that I've made to the tank is upgrading the powerhead to the icecap gyre 1k: I've been running the 1k for about 4 weeks now and I like it. It provides a more consistent flow across the entire aquarium and is programmable to produce some random patterns. I've also noticed that some of my cleanup crew had dwindled down causing the algae to start growing. There was a good mix of cyano and hair algae throughout the tank. The new pump has already shown a reduction in cyano. I ordered some new clean up crew members to battle the hair algae. They arrived today and are acclimating now. Since I was already paying for shipping I added a few replacement corals to see if they survive. I'll get some pictures once everything settles in.
  2. Jackal227

    need something NEW

    When I removed mine I took out the two side rails that hold the filter cartridge in. They were a little tougher to remove but I believe that they "pin" down the floor so I can't put mine back. But if you just lift it out I believe that it would probably go back in but I haven't seen anyone try.
  3. Jackal227

    need something NEW

    It lifts up to remove it. Some use a knife that will fit between the vents and twist to pop it out. I've seen other's use a thin wire with a hook on the end to hook onto the vent holes and pull it up and out.
  4. Jackal227

    need something NEW

    Yes the false floor in the first chamber is removable if you wanted to put the heater in there. I'm currently running my heater in that chamber. In the middle chamber I have the media rack with my filter floss and carbon on the top shelf and Chaeto below. In the third chamber I have my bio media in bags resting ontop of the return pump.
  5. This is a great idea as I've had to pluck my male clownfish out of the return chamber several times on my biocube. Is there any reason/benefit as to why it covers the center overflow?
  6. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Tank Crash Update: Well, it's been almost a month since I started seeing issues and things haven't rebounded yet. I'm not really sure what the cause is but my corals continue to decline. Here's what has happened so far: - I came back from vacation to find my temperature alarm going off from a high temp. It was reading 82 vs the normal 79. - Salinity was a little high at 1.028 vs the normal 1.026. - The tank was covered in Cyrano and the corals were all partially closed up. I figured that the corals were all upset due to the unstable temp and salinity. I continued my normal maintenance and water changes hoping that things would level off. After 2 weeks the corals still were partially closed and the birdsnest was bleaching. Testing the normal parameters (alk,cal,mag,nitrate,ammonia) all were looking normal during this period. So I figured it wasn't the stability that's causing the problem. The only thing left that I could think of is possibly a foreign contaminate or maybe my chemical media causing the issue. After researching other threads on Phosguard I thought that it may be the issue. So I removed all the Phosguard and carbon out of the tank. It's now been 2 weeks since removing my chemical media and my corals are still declining. I know there's nutrients in the water because algae is thriving now. During these issues the fish and inverts seem to be completely normal. I'm really stumped as to what the issue is, but I will continue my normal maintenance until things level out. Then I will plot out a new vision for the tank. Here's the current status of the corals: Dead: -birdsnest -Montipora -trumpets -acans On the way out: - Frogspawn - Duncan - Blastomussas - Leptoseris - Leptastrea -Goniopora Doing ok -Zoas -Palys -blue sympodium The last two days my Frogspawn has grown a whitish cocoon over the heads. I've never seen anything like it but it looks like a goner.
  7. The tank looks great. I look forward to seeing the corals grow in.
  8. Jackal227

    Best place to purchase dry rock??

    Is it Stax Rock?
  9. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I agree that 81 should be fine as long as it's stable. I just think that the increase in temp along with the other issues combined are the cause for the unhappy corals.
  10. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Sorry for the delay in updates. Unfortunately the tank hasn't been looking good the last couple of weeks. I went on vacation and when I came home I had a few issues going on. The first is that the tank has always stayed at 79 degrees and now it stays at 81. I believe that the fan in the hood may be having issues causing an increase in temperature. I also noticed a lot of cyano when I got back. I've gotten rid of most of it now. Just a couple spots left. And lastly I had a spike in salinity. I've corrected this with recent water changes to bring it back down to 1.026. These issues have caused the corals to all be pissed off. The birdsnests have all RTN'd. Most of the other corals are at least partially closed. Currently I'm just working on getting everything stable again. I haven't fed any reef roids for 3 weeks while getting rid of the cyano. Maybe I'll try feeding the corals this weekend to see if that helps. The fish and inverts are all still doing well and growing.
  11. Jackal227

    JZP's Biocube 16

    I'm really not seeing much algae in the picture. Are you referring to the bright lime green color on the rocks? My rocks turned the same color and after a few weeks it got darker and then the coraline started growing. I've seen other tanks follow the same progression. It's just the rocks going from "dry" to "live".
  12. Jackal227

    Sadies Biocube 16

    The biocube 16 gallon is definitely glass. I use the flipper nano on it. It does a good job at removing coraline algae on the glass.
  13. Jackal227

    JZP's Biocube 16

    My fire shrimp walks all over the corals but they don't seem to mind it much. However, whenever I feed the corals with reef roids he goes nuts and tries to dig it out of the coral's mouths. Your tank is looking good. I really like the colors on the wrasse. How long has it been set up?
  14. Jackal227

    Aiptasia or Feather Duster?

    Picture #2 looks like Spirorbid Worms. They are tiny filter feeders and are harmless.
  15. Jackal227

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    I don't do much in the back chambers. I also have the algae growth (and coraline) on the glass behind the refugium light that I will scrape off once or twice a month as needed. Usually it's the same time as I trim the Chaeto. I've siphoned out the chambers maybe once or twice but the filter floss catches most of the detritus. I do change the floss twice a week and the chemical media every 4 weeks.