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  1. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    May update shot with a few top downs. I went topless this month.
  2. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    April update shot.
  3. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Thank you! Yeah I got the pygmy angel when I thought the firefish had died after not seeing him for two weeks. Of course he made his approach few days later. The pygmy filefish was a rescue. Fortunately everyone gets along well. No one bothers anyone else except the male clownfish, and he only doesn't like me when I have to get in the tank (the little jerk lol). I skim pretty heavily and do weekly water changes and so far all seems stable. When I move in the spring I'll inevitably get a bigger tank.
  4. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    February pic. Things are going well. I had a small cyano outbreak that I cured with chemipure pretty easily... I list a clam in less than 24 hours to what turned out to be whelk snails that I bought as nasarrius. Otherwise all good! Moving some things around as they grow.
  5. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Steve's LED in my tank, successfully growing acropora and other SPS.
  6. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Nice work on the stand, I should have done that. I juat used some cabinet hardware to reinforce the corners but it still isn't as stable as it should be. It's stunning that they put out such a flimsy product that should be designed to hold an aquarium! First chamber is heater and probes, second chamber is intank media rack and tunze 9001 skimmer. Third is just and upgraded pump. Hoses showing are from a doser.
  7. Krzydmnd

    Krzydmnd Biocube 32

    Update since it's been a few months. Various SPS, a few LPS, a few more fish. Everything seems to be doing great so far!
  8. Krzydmnd

    My fav for sps, lps, fish

    Nice looking Digitata!
  9. Krzydmnd

    Decided to go SPS with my biocube

    Ha! Acclimating on the side of the tank beside my couch. I'm researching each now to work towards final placement.
  10. Picked up a nice selection of frags today to go SPS. WWC Grafted Cap Avatar Chalice (was told mother is Fox) Medusa Red Cap Digitata Setosa Chili Peppers Jedi Mind Trick
  11. Krzydmnd

    Paly/zoa ID help?

    Hi folks. I got a few frags from a friend who didn't know what these were. Any help identifying? I scrolled through the zoa libraries but I couldn't find anything with such long lashes. A few polyps are bright green, and there are some smaller, different species on the same plugs... Most interested in the big guys. When fully opened, the largest is about quarter sized not including lashes.
  12. Krzydmnd

    Help ID please

    He's about 1/2 inch long. It looks like a two legged starfish! . This pic is all of him.
  13. Krzydmnd

    Help ID please

    Just saw this guy for the first time tonight. He's crawling away in the picture. Any ideas? Good? Bad?
  14. Krzydmnd

    Biocube 32 Setup

    I love the Steve's LED upgrade! The blues are way better than stock and my few corals seem to have adapted pretty quickly although I am still in the process of ramping the lighting up slowly. It does seem to make the tank run a degree or two hotter but that's easily remedied. The bluefish controller works great for me and allows for a lot more flexibility than the stock controller. Current configuration under daytime schedule.
  15. Krzydmnd

    Purple firefish hiding

    I added two purple firefish about 3 weeks ago and they disappeared for the first few days. . Not a sign. Now they hang out in the open and come swimming to the front whenever I walk up. Great personalities! They rarely ever get more than 10" away from their hiding place though. They like to dart in and out. Just this morning I couldn't find one of them for about an hour. I finally noticed a turban snail had wedged in their normal hiding place so I moved him and the missing fish showed up minutes later!