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  1. Protein Skimmer for IM Nuvo 10g

    The ghost skimmer is hit or miss. I have one that I’m using in my IM10 and it works great but it did take about a month for it to break in and really work. No micro bubbles after that month break.
  2. Apex Jr - WiFi?

    With my apex I just set up I wouldn’t give me the token until I hardwired it and then after that I used a reprogrammed router for WiFi for the apex
  3. Huge mistake made! Please help!

    It’s all good we all make mistakes. My very first tank I had I accidentally topped off with salt water for a few days and also killed my fire fish. But as for the light all I have is a evergrow Black box with two knobs one for white and one for blues and it’s just fine you don’t need a crazy light but they are fun.
  4. Huge mistake made! Please help!

    At this point the best thing you can do is just wait and see. The light probably isn’t messing with the corals as much as the huge temp swing. Sorry about the fire fish they are one of my favorites. Just leave the light alone the 60-40 settings you have it at are fine for now. What kind of corals do you have? Softies? Or SPS? I’m assuming you pulled the dead fish out of the tank.
  5. Pest ID Please

    Awesome thanks
  6. Pest ID Please

    Found these covering a rock in my refug. Never seen a little tube worm like this with a soft white shell. Please ID
  7. Zoa Identification

    I have 2 zoa frags that have been doing nicely and was wondering if anyone knew what they were called.
  8. Protein Skimmer

    Even if a slimmer isn’t dialed in and collecting waste it provides added O2 to the water which is always a good thing
  9. +1 on any fire/dart fish they are always active and inhabit the upper part of the tank which is a hard place to fill in small tanks but tail spots are a lot of fun to watch as well
  10. Fluval Spec V - Freshwater Version Conversion?

    I would replace the stock spong filters for some chemipure and filter floss and maybe block off that little slit towards the bottom of the filter wall so all of the water passes through the filtration.
  11. ID this fish

    Will do thanks for the guesses 👍
  12. ID this fish

    That looks like the close thing I’ve seen so far and maybe this guy is just really washed out
  13. ID this fish

    It was brought in by a costumer who was braking down her tank and told us it is just a hogfish Tangs just came in Thursday they are being feed lots of nori and mysis shrimps.
  14. ID this fish

    Not going to buy it this guy is huge 8”+ just need a name so we know how to label it