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  1. 1967type1

    hermit changing shells (vid)

    I don’t think I ever have seen this happen! It’s a lot faster than I would have thought. So cool thanks for sharing.
  2. 1967type1

    SPS Coral ID

    The seller is a good friend of mine and got it from someone who was breaking down a tank and he never had luck with sps so I took it off of his hands. I don’t believe it is an Oregon tort but I have seen them similar in color to this one but usually they are deeper blue than this one.
  3. 1967type1

    SPS Coral ID

    I knew you weren’t being mean and usually I can get the names of a lot of actors but this one has stumped me for a while. Just wanted to ask the internet to see if someone might have known ?
  4. 1967type1

    SPS Coral ID

    Haha I wish but I love knowing the fancy names of corals ?
  5. 1967type1

    SPS Coral ID

    Still looking for answers. Thanks!
  6. 1967type1

    SPS Coral ID

    I have this SPS coral for a bit now that I saved from someone’s dying tank and it is growing like a weed and I love it. Pictures don’t do it justice, it is light blue/teal, with yellow new growth. Any idea what kind of SPS this is?
  7. 1967type1

    Best Reef stores Southern California (and along I-5)

    Renton just south of where I-90 meets I-405 44th street
  8. 1967type1

    Best Reef stores Southern California (and along I-5)

    Barrier reef aquariums is accessible from I-5 but it might be a little out of your way ? we are up in Washington. Ultragem came up with some goodies for a drag swap a few months back and brought a nice selection of decently priced larger frags of SPS and high end shrooms.
  9. 1967type1

    VW1967Type1's IM-10

    I lost 2 pintail wrasse in a row because I posted pictures of them on FB and same with the Gold Flake maroon. That was a hard week on the heart and on the wallet. Not sure what my planes are with chicken nugget when she out grows he tank. Might have to get another one for her ?
  10. 1967type1

    VW1967Type1's IM-10

    So far when ever I post a picture of a new fish then end up dying so I waited a few weeks before I showed off chicken nugget (the gold nugget maroon). I work at a LFS so I can get almost any coral I want for the tank which is really nice. My favorite is my Pectinia.
  11. 1967type1

    VW1967Type1's IM-10

    One of my favorite views of any tank. Reminds me of snorkeling over a reef!
  12. 1967type1

    Seahorse Tank (October Update)

    I love this tank so much please continue to pose videos!!!
  13. 1967type1

    Transferring tank from Fresh to Salt

    Listen to what Clown says she knows her stuff. Vinegar is great always but I like bleach and being able to smell the clean when i clean the tank. Just make sure its well rinsed and de-chlorinated after! As others have said take it slow. Enjoy what you have before adding more to the tank..... after it is cycled!!! Take everything read here with a grain of slat. What works for others doesn't mean it will work for you. You can never over test a tank. Alkalinity and Calcium are vital for a reef and Ideally we should all test daily but thats just not viable. Have fun, take it slow, and enjoy the ride in the salty side.
  14. 1967type1

    Life span of Yellow Watchman Goby

    Fish definitely do not live longer in the aquarium than in the wild. Our tanks are far less stable than the ocean and even though there are most likely not predators they do live longer in the ocean, as long as they aren’t another’s fish lunch.
  15. 1967type1

    What fish would you recommend?

    Ditch the 6-line and coral beauty and get a prettier Wrasse like a exquisite or any fairy wrasse. Then maybe get a midas blenny they are so cool I love mine!