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  1. 3G Pico Bowl

    I've been fighting tank cloudiness for a week now. I've upped water changes to 90% but the tank clouds within a few hours to the point you can't see 2 inches in. I removed the filter media a long time ago but have added some polyfill to see if I need a better bacteria population in the tank or if it's precipitation from reef crystals. A=But now even with just plain non-reef salt has this instant-cloudiness happening.
  2. 3G Pico Bowl

    New additions: molly, mini maxi nem, emerald crab Losses: shrimp, torch, A lot of my algae is clearing up. Today I found a huge (huge for a 3 gallon) bristleworm. His name is Frankie Mr Pasghetti the spaghetti worm, the gonis and zoas are going strong
  3. 3G Pico Bowl

  4. 3G Pico Bowl

    Sorry I haven't been posting lately. The pro mode makes some really nice pics too big to upload here so I've just given up. Tank is doing great. I've added a skunk shrimp recently and found my missing yuma. My only concern is I am seeing a lot of bubble algae starting to pop up. Any way other than manual removal I can control it or get rid of it? Some magical unicorn snail that seeks and destroys bubble algae? It's pretty but I'm scared.
  5. 3G Pico Bowl

    2 new heads on duncan!
  6. Red Chili Cactus

    Why is my rcc coral shedding? I'm finding a lot of teeny tiny red sprinkles on the sand. It hangs upside down in a cave. Polyp extension are almost all day and night long.
  7. 3G Pico Bowl

    Snoozing snail
  8. 3G Pico Bowl

    1 gallon wc today, filter#2 cleaned out. My shrooms are detaching 😭😭😭. Acans finally opened up a little bit
  9. 3G Pico Bowl

    Is it normal for the mouth to be this open all the time? I skimped reefroids yesterday and skipped today all together .
  10. 3G Pico Bowl

    My name is Patrick Star. HUUUUGE paly
  11. 3G Pico Bowl

    I spoke too soon. It fell out today. Looks like I will have to glue it.
  12. 3G Pico Bowl

    Red chili looks much happier in its cave. I sneek a peek at it every night after lights are out
  13. 3G Pico Bowl

    It has a figure 8 shape. Here's an older pic
  14. 3G Pico Bowl

    Ebay auctions. Each coral automatically has $35 shipping, but an invoice request adjusted it to $35 + $1 additional per coral
  15. 3G Pico Bowl