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  1. 3G Pico Bowl

    1 gallon wc today, filter#2 cleaned out. My shrooms are detaching 😭😭😭. Acans finally opened up a little bit
  2. 3G Pico Bowl

    Is it normal for the mouth to be this open all the time? I skimped reefroids yesterday and skipped today all together .
  3. 3G Pico Bowl

    My name is Patrick Star. HUUUUGE paly
  4. 3G Pico Bowl

    I spoke too soon. It fell out today. Looks like I will have to glue it.
  5. 3G Pico Bowl

    Red chili looks much happier in its cave. I sneek a peek at it every night after lights are out
  6. 3G Pico Bowl

    It has a figure 8 shape. Here's an older pic
  7. 3G Pico Bowl

    Ebay auctions. Each coral automatically has $35 shipping, but an invoice request adjusted it to $35 + $1 additional per coral
  8. 3G Pico Bowl

  9. 3G Pico Bowl

    Baby paly
  10. 3G Pico Bowl

  11. 3G Pico Bowl

    Is my ricordea splitting? I've noticed a new green spot (mouth) on the right side
  12. 3G Pico Bowl

    After eating
  13. 3G Pico Bowl

    Frag plug holder singles Mushroom guts looking for reefroids
  14. 3G Pico Bowl

    *copy and pasted from Facebook I stuck my red chili cactus into a cranny under an overhang to glue later. Now all the polyps are out and it's stuck to the wall, can't remove without force. Do they have a "foot?" Should I leave it be or unstick and glue hanging? Right now some of the polyps are squished against the wall but it seems happier than a pig in a mudpit anyway. (Polyps retracted from my poking at it with tweezers)
  15. 3G Pico Bowl

    So hard to see in the "lair"...red chili cactus is in a nook under an overhang. I need to glue it so none of the polyps are squished, but it is so awkward in a small bowl, I need to find my smaller forceps