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    One Center Piece

    For a 45 gallon 5 fish isn't too much. I had 5 in my 36 gallon and it worked other than some aggression issues (with fish that I took a gamble on for their assertiveness). Definitely a Royal Gramma over the Yellow Wrasse and the Clown and Neon Goby are very small fish. The Yellow Coris Wrasse is actually a member of the Halichoeres Family and they grow pretty quickly so I would definitly not put them in what basically amounts to a 2 foot cube.
  2. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    Coral Growth Update, the Zoanthid is doing well and has sent out a couple of additional polyps:
  3. A lot of it depends on how customizable you want the programming options. AI Prime HD would be the gold standard for Nano and Pico Tanks and gives you programming options that are beyond ridiculous. If you just need a timer, then I agree that a cheap timer from Walmart or hardware store will fit the bill with any of the aforementioned lights.
  4. Outside of Aesthetics, the only reason to have sand is for certain types of fish (ie Gobies, Jawfish, Sand Burying Wrasses). I agree with the post above. When I transferred from my 36 gallon to my 90 gallon I had the water and buckets ready for the transfer. I drained water from the old tank into several buckets (you can get a bunch of the Homer Home Depot Buckets for cheap that will do the job) and transferred the Live Rock and Corals directly into them to keep them wet and drained the water most of the way which made it easier to catch and remove the fish and then picked it up with most of the water drained and moved it out of the way and slid the new tank into place and then added new sand and did a mix of old water and new with the new setup and transferred stuff from the buckets straight into the new tank this way my rock and corals were only exposed to the air for a few seconds and had no time to even start drying out. I left the tank alone with no new additions for a few weeks.
  5. Jesterrace

    One Center Piece

    For the 40 or 50 they are referring to a 36 inch long tank, but with the 55 gallon they are referring to the smallest of the 4 foot long tanks. I agree that with active fish like Wrasses you can't simply substitute length for width or height and call it good (one of the big reasons I am not a fan of cube tanks as they greatly inhibit stocking options for fish).
  6. Jesterrace

    One Center Piece

    I definitely wouldn't attempt a 6 line wrasse. Know a guy who maintains tanks and it's the number one fish he is called on to come remove from tanks and has had to remove them from tanks as large as 240 gallons and it was not uncommon for them to kill other fish that were even larger than they were. They are also very quick and difficult to remove. I agree on the Butterflyfish (you don't want them in a mixed reef anyways) and the Yellow Wrasse. The best choices for a tank of his dimensions are a Possum or Pink Streaked Wrasse. https://aquarium-fish.liveaquaria.com/search?w=Possum Wrasse Both. They can also nip the fins on other fish.
  7. Jesterrace

    Old Equipment , New Tank? HelpPlease!!

    Definitely keep the lighting as those are pretty good lights for a smaller tank. The A160 should do nicely even up to a 30 gallon tank IF you put lower demand corals on the sides. For a 30 gallon that powerhead is pretty weak if you want corals, you could purchase another one and that would be close to where you want to be with the 2 together. I would have something in the 1000gph range ideally. The 75 watt heater might work for an 18 gallon but I would have something in the 100-150 watt range for a 30 gallon and as mentioned reusing an old heater isn't really recommended as it's cheap to buy a new one and easy to kill your tank if something goes wrong after it's fired up for the first time in years. If I were doing a 30 gallon AIO, I would go with the IM Nuvo 30 Long. Great dimensions and use of space and a great option given that between the two lights you could probably make it work. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/nuvo-aquarium-fusion-micro-30l-tank.html
  8. Jesterrace

    skimmer for a New frag tank

    Fair Enough, the HOB Skimmers do have overflow tubes that will send the water back into the tank if it overflows (that's what the tube is in the tank on the far left). At that point it's really not benefiting much as a skimmer but at least the water isn't spilling out all over. Sump would be your best bet though. Just me personally but I wouldn't do any less than 20 gallons for a sump, it's not just about the water flow, it's about having space for the equipment (a bigger/beefier skimmer and return pump are definitely crucial parts of a sump) and that cleaning and working in and around a cramped sump is no fun at all. I run a 29 gallon sump on my 90 gallon (biggest tank that will fit in my stand). Here it is in action:
  9. Jesterrace

    Setting up my first saltwater tank

    It is an okay light, but IMHO you can do better for the money. A Kessil A80 would be a good choice for 10 gallons or less and should grow about anything in a tank of that size. Although if you want full customization you will need to spend around $200 plus mount for an AI Prime HD (fully programmable out of the box).
  10. In terms of bang for buck, buy once AIO the IM Nuvo 20 is tough to beat for the price. It doesn't come with a light but that gives you the opportunity to buy a really nice light without wasting money on a light that you are just going to upgrade anyways. They periodically have it for $180: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/20-nuvo-fusion-aquarium-innovative-marine.html
  11. Fortunately for me, when I got my AI Hydra 26HDs for my 90 gallon, I tested them out by setting them on the counter and then aiming the lights out into my living room. Turned a totally dark 30 foot area into Daylight at max intensity with just one of them. I can't imagine powering up the light at all with the pucks in direct contact with something other than air.
  12. Jesterrace

    skimmer for a New frag tank

    Just me but I am not a fan of the nano skimmers (especially on a larger tank) and certain HOB models are more effective. Eshoppes makes the PSK-75H and 100H models which both work well and Reef Octopus has the Classic 100 model that is pretty good. I ran the PSK-75H on my 36 gallon bowfront and it did a pretty good job. Here it is in action:
  13. Jesterrace

    Fluval 5 versus 12 First Saltwater Tank

    Unless I am missing something here the IM Nuvo 20 is a whopping $20-$40 more than the Evo 13.5 for the kit itself plus the cost of the nicer light (which is the real difference in price). If he is going to upgrade the light on the 13.5 in the next year or two anyways, doesn't it just make sense to save and spend the extra money upfront and have all the additional benefits of the post listed above? As for the difference in the cost of equipment, I see maybe a few extra lbs of sand and rock, maybe a slightly more expensive tank heater and powerhead. The only real reason to get the 13.5 over the IM20 is if he is going to keep the stock light (which it sounds like there is a good chance he won't). https://www.marinedepot.com/Innovative_Marine_20_Gallon_NUVO_Fusion_Nano_Aquarium_(Tank_Only)_Nano_Cube_Aquariums_Tanks_20_29_Gallons-Innovative_Marine-0I10458-FIAQNCNTTT-vi.html https://www.amazon.com/Fluval-10531A1-SEA-Aquarium-13-5/dp/B01M2WI6PT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546577786&sr=8-1&keywords=fluval+evo+13.5
  14. Jesterrace

    Pair of fairy wrasses?

    Agreed with Tamberav, Wrasses are more of opportunistic type breeders who meet and breed at certain times and then move on. That's why it's generally recommended to do wrasses as one per species and have a variety of species.
  15. Jesterrace

    Another Angelfish in a reef thread

    A Pink Streaked Wrasse or White Banded Possum Wrasse (in my link above) will fit the bill on that and be very well suited to your tank. As for Flasher Wrasses, you got it backwards. You can keep A Male with a group of females and be okay, the problem is that Wrasses can change genders and you might end up with a group of males (aka the kiss of death). For Wrasses it really is best to do one per species and mix different species. @Tamberav, thanks for being honest and pointing out the fish that aren't best long term for smaller tanks. I get really tired of people who tell me they keep Flame Angels, Medium Sized wrasses, Tangs, etc. in 20-30 gallon tanks with no problems. Try reaching out to the these people a year or two later and ask them how things are going and precious few respond that things are still going well or they didn't have to remove/rehome the fish at some point during that time period. That Blue Star Leopard definitely will need a new home before too long (as you pointed out). I have a juvie Blue Star in my 90 and it makes good use of the space in it. I did keep a really small/young Melanurus Wrasse in my 36 gallon tank for a few months, but I would never recommend it long term (and I knew I was upgrading anyways).