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  1. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    Needed some more bio-filtration. Added a CF Grow LED to my sump along with some Chaeto:
  2. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    Apparently neither of my Wrasses got the Memo that they aren't supposed to eat Seaweed:
  3. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    The Pajama Cardinalfish:
  4. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    The Melanurus Wrasse:
  5. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    The One Spot Foxface:
  6. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    Species Spotlight: The Blue Star Leopard Wrasse and how to ease your burden on a naturally finicky fish:
  7. Jesterrace

    Jester's 90 gallon reef tank upgrade

    Will be doing spotlights on the individual fish over the next few weeks. Here is the first one:
  8. Jesterrace

    Shrimpo's 75 gallon shallow tank

    Some smaller wrasses will work if the tank is covered. A Dwarf Angel will, if you are willing to take the gamble on corals. I recommend the Coral Beauty personally, lots of people have had success with them (myself included). It's a bit of a stretch given the shallow depth, but since your tank offers plenty of length and width a One Spot Foxface could work. *EDIT* oh and BTW did you tell the fleabag to take a hike and that it isn't welcome in the tank? 😄
  9. Jesterrace

    Fish Compatibility (Royal Gramma & Azure Damsel)

    Damsels are jerks in general, and Azures are among the worst, I hate to say it but the fish has got to go if you want to have any more than one fish in your tank.
  10. Jesterrace

    Tank for wife

    At the very least it should speed up the cycle. Just be sure to keep it wet as long as possible and I would add some tank water from the 55 gallon to help it stay as stable as possible. I transferred 40lbs of established live rock from my old 36 gallon to my current 90 gallon and a couple of cupfuls of old sand from my tank to add to an otherwise brand new sand bed and I tested my tank for several weeks afterwards and had no issues. I still recommend holding off adding anything for a week or two just to make sure everything is good.
  11. Jesterrace

    Ai prime HD

    1 should be fine for that size tank, as mentioned above though keep the more demanding corals closer to the light.
  12. Jesterrace

    Need Help / Prime and Ammonia

    Just me, but Prime is a "last resort" sort of thing. If you have an ammonia spike then you use it, but trying to short cut the cycle with chemicals often ends in failure. As has been said many times, nothing good happens fast in a saltwater tank.
  13. Jesterrace

    Need help choosing protein skimmer !

    I ran an Eshoppes PSK-75H when I had my 36 gallon bowfront and although it was a bit of a pain to get dialed in initially (all of them have about a 7-10 break in period where they are super touchy). It was a very nice HOB unit though. Here is a vid of it in action:
  14. Jesterrace

    Water Changes

    Small weekly water changes are best. I had a 36 gallon and would do 10 gallons one week and 5 gallons the next. I would say somewhere between 5-8 gallons a week would be right for your size tank.