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  1. Sometimes they fight, but less chase then last week. Still, keeping an eye for damages but for now they are fine. My tank has alot of hidding places, and the small one hide well... i check for fin damage everyday, and for now they are not hurting each other... you can try net method for "teaching" leasons, i'll try it out in case chase happens again
  2. Less fighting!, some times they chase but way less frequent than last week. Today they are getting along just fine , even swimming together more. sometimes i think that i worry way too much,
  3. 11~12g display tank. its on the edge for a pair i know, how much time i have until they outgrow my tank?
  4. Hey guys, hi. i have 2 ocellaris clownfish (or percula, i cant thell the diference) for 2 months, got them really small, almost 1'' . i'll call them stripes and almost-stripes. Stripes was a little bigger than almost-stripes when i just got them, but not much. they used to almost never fight and almost-stripes always showd submissive. (that wired shaking move that all girls love.) they grew up really fast (moving to 1.5'' to 2'' category of fish fight), and now almost-stripes is the one bigger. And chases stripes a lot. Stripes sometimes fightback but almost-stripes is unstoppable. So, stripes is now who got some shake moves. i know that clownfish love is weird and all, they are just saying who is who. But today I looked closely, and both of them got damages on side fins, not much and just on non-color fins. they swim along when are not fighting, and both are active goofy fishs. eating like pigs. ps. this name are fictionary, just to ilustrate. the real names are peter and pepper. should i be worried? how can i tell if they need a time from this realationship? pics for you guys to guess how is how. (sorry for the blueish pic, cant figure how to take pics in this light.)
  5. So, new update. Yestersay i was thinking about the corals and, after some time i decided to give more light to them. Just to see. After 20 minutes my kenya opened almost all polyps, today the leather put all the polyps out and start some shy oppening. Some skin is hanging from leather coral.. , good stuff but, as a beginner, how can i tell if a coral need more or less light? Without PAR systems? I think learning ajust to the system is part of it, but maybe a diy led in first aquarium was too much... The reason to do it is that light systems are realy expensive over here. Thanks for all the help (: , still need to learn a lot from you guys
  6. with two cooler fans i got a lot of control over it. i'm building a aquarium controler from scratch (in arduino) and i can set the range, in Celcius its 27.5 to start the fan, and 27 to stop. takes a good time to stop, when i'm at home i can monitor all changes from it. I have 3 termometers to check if the sensor is doing his job, and all them match in some range. This 0.5 celcius range is to protect the system from constant start/stop. ( i think the hightec controlers do the same) sometimes when i'm thinking what could be wrong i always come back to light. my led system is DIY, 5 leds (4blue 1 white) 10w each, for aquariums. its the same that my LFS uses, and he did the recommendation. i used some calculators online with led and maybe they are too strong, in the starting cycle i set it for 20% lower intensity. because of that i'm trying to acclimate them at send bed. if the problem is the light what should i look for behavior them?
  7. 12 hours after, i need to wait longer? i was keeping ammonia and nitrit daily checking for 4 days after adding the fish ( way too worried about this babys) and i got low readings, some detectable ammonia at first days less then 0,2. nitrit not even detectable. in my lfs big tank he has big a green zoas colony. i think this one want to feel special .
  8. Hey guys, my reef tank is now 10weeks old, i tried soft corals a month ago and didnt go well.. i'm trying to learn with it, and start checking regular for parameters and weekly WCs. Since then, i told myself that i would wait 2 or 3 months for adding another coral to the tank, and keep thinking if nitrogen cycle was going well for a month i would add a pair of clownfish Last week, i went to my LFS and choose 2 clownfish. The owner of the LFS said i should try corals once more and gave me a leather and a kenya tree. So, the pair of clownfish have 1-1.5 inches and are totally happy, . They are very silly fish, and love swim (and eat alot). I noticed some color changes, black fins showed up. Since my last incident i have worries about corals, the leather opened up for 3 to 4 days at full bloom, and closed up. i read that they shed, and i noticed old skin coming out. one day i got to see all polyps again and they shirink up next day (normal behavior?) is still shedding?. The kenya is a big one, with two branches and alot of polyps,they stretch out but the polyps never open up fully, they stay closed. In the rock of the kenya i got another surprise, a single polyp of a zoanthus (yey). a green one. Its opening every day and looks really happy. its a 10g tank, after the weekly WC i got: amonnia is at 0 nitrit 0 nitrates 5ml/l KH 8 Calcium 425 ph 8.4 salinity 1024 the only thing i had some problems is temperature, at stable 83. its been really hot days here (Sao Paulo-brasil, 34 celcius. ITS WINTER) i installed fans over the aquarium now the temperature its at 80.6 to 81.5 range. and i want to get it lower to 79.5 to 80.5 at the end of the week (i'm trying to do it over time not at once.) so should i worrie about the corals? is normal to kenyas not open fully?
  9. so......., i post 275. its 375 sorry guys hahahaha its low right? i have a glass densimeter to check on salinity but i double check salinity every couple of days with a LFS refratometer.
  10. Hey guys, So i got home today, did a water change and runned new tests 0.1 ammonia No2 0 No3 2.5 PH 8.4 Kh 8 Calcium 275. (After waterchange) Its the first time i do a calcium test, maybe my calcium and kh were realy unbalanced all this time. What now? How i can stable my calcium?
  11. Thanks for all the reply guys, I used a live rock from a stablish tank from a friend. I also put some fish food for the hermits crabs and snails after 2weeks. I started testing after a while. So idk maybe it didnt start cycling from start The green carpet is not the anemone. Its a soft coral, idk the name you guys use, in brasil they call by this. Like this one: About the light. I think its strong too.. i cut the intensity by 30% this week This is a old photo.. before corals I will try to put more later, some coral photos too.. Ty for try helping (:
  12. hi, i'm a beginner in aquariums and i started learning all about this year, in july 8 i started cycling my nano tank, 10g. for ilumination i have a DIY light, five 10w Leds for aquariums (maybe too much?) temperature its around 78,8 (26c) (i have 5 snails and 5 mini-hermit crabs) after 4 weeks cheking for parametres i got: 0 nitrates 0 ammonia 0 nitrites two weeks ago i got 4 corals frag to populate my aquarium (maybe first mistake?) 1 Kenya tree 1 GSP 1 Carpet green 1 Cloves in the first 2 days, cloves kenya and carpet starting opening up, looking fine. i was away for 1 day and when got home all corals seemed to be dying checking for parametres, ammonia nitrates were up, starting dosing niteout II and did around 4g of water changes... after this Kenya looking fine, everyday opening GSP never opened Carpet didnt opened yet Cloves died last friday (RIP) today my parametres where 0 again I'm realy upset with myself and Annoyed for letting my corals so bad what could be wrong, maybe my aquarium wasnt biological ready yet? (i had brown alge boom -> to green alge boom already) maybe i need to check for another parameters? please help. sorry for my English, not my native language Please, easy on me, I'm trying to learn.