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  1. REEFreefLJS85

    Corals on the bottom of Barebottom

    Thanks everyone. That was my major concern was removing the glue.
  2. REEFreefLJS85

    Corals on the bottom of Barebottom

    Will that glue do anything to my glass?
  3. Can someone give me a ideal or technique to keep a coral on the bottom on a bare bottom tank. I have them on plugs and I cut the stem off the plug but nothing really keeps them in place. My hermits jut knocks them down all the time.
  4. REEFreefLJS85

    Making my own AIO insert

    Well if its a 20 gallon or a 40 gallon breeder, Fiji AIO Box is the way to go. I think they make other sizes as well This looks really good.
  5. REEFreefLJS85

    Convert from Sand bead to Barebottom

    So last night I took half of the sand out and I can already see a big difference. I put strong powerhead in the tank and there is better flow and the volume of water will increase as well. Im sure my clowns ere pissed because there sleeping area was totally gone lol
  6. I am about to convert my 10 gallon Innovative marine tank to a bare bottom, I am tired of dealing with sand in my tank. Should I slowly remove the sand slowly or could I do it all at once? Does anyone else have a bare bottom, if you do how is it?
  7. REEFreefLJS85

    Fish & Corals Dirty Water

    I was wondering has anyone else experience this. I notice my corals and fish are more active when I let my water get dirty and wait two weeks to do a water change.I have a 10 gallon tank and I use to do a weekly water change. Around 5 gallons a week. I had corals that didnt open up until I start doing a 2 week water change,
  8. REEFreefLJS85

    Innovative Marine 10 Gallon

    I wish I could take mines off. I tried it before but it didnt work. One jumped out. I hade one with the lid and one without the lid jump out. For some reason they love sleeping at the top of the water.
  9. REEFreefLJS85

    Innovative Marine 10 Gallon

    So I have IM 10 gallon tank and one of the flaws I see with the tank is the top/lid of the tank. I have had two clown fish jump out the tank due to the gap on the side. I was wondering if anybody else is having this issue? I was thinking about replacing the lid with some egg crate that can cover the top of the tank.
  10. REEFreefLJS85


    no it was from salt critters
  11. REEFreefLJS85


    so I bought 11 frags yesterday for $124 They had a free shipping deal going on but shipping wouldve been 30 bucks which isnt bad. When they come in I will let you know how they look
  12. REEFreefLJS85

    Bayer for coral dipping

    Has anyone heard of dipping their corals in Bayer Advanced? I have seen many people do this and praise it alot,
  13. REEFreefLJS85


    Have anyone ever heard of salt critters?
  14. REEFreefLJS85


    I am about to add the first corals to my 10 gallon. When I use to stay in Minneapolis I usually just go to a local fish store or somebody houses to buy frags but now since I dont stay in a big city anymore I cant do that anymore. I am looking for the best bang for your buck corals online. I checked out places like live liveaquaria but I feel like they are wayyy overprices for frags. I even looked on ebay but I dont know if I trust ebay or not.
  15. REEFreefLJS85

    RODI Water TDS rising

    So I just checked my bucket and its a #2 HDPE