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  1. Corals

    no it was from salt critters
  2. Corals

    so I bought 11 frags yesterday for $124 They had a free shipping deal going on but shipping wouldve been 30 bucks which isnt bad. When they come in I will let you know how they look
  3. Bayer for coral dipping

    Has anyone heard of dipping their corals in Bayer Advanced? I have seen many people do this and praise it alot,
  4. Corals

    Have anyone ever heard of salt critters?
  5. Corals

    I am about to add the first corals to my 10 gallon. When I use to stay in Minneapolis I usually just go to a local fish store or somebody houses to buy frags but now since I dont stay in a big city anymore I cant do that anymore. I am looking for the best bang for your buck corals online. I checked out places like live liveaquaria but I feel like they are wayyy overprices for frags. I even looked on ebay but I dont know if I trust ebay or not.
  6. RODI Water TDS rising

    So I just checked my bucket and its a #2 HDPE
  7. RODI Water TDS rising

    Wow i have learned alot from these post. The bucket is just a normal bucket I got from a hardware department store called Mernades. Its just a regular bucket you can mix or store things in.I didn't know anything about food grade or HDPE buckets. I thought a bucket was a bucket lol. So its a good chance the bucket could be leeching something in the water. I have been doing this for months now and everything in my tank is healthy but I will look into buying another bucket. I was looking into a reservoir but I dont understand why its the sames price as a fish tank lmao
  8. RODI Water TDS rising

    So I am having a head scratching issue that is going on. When I put fresh RODI water in my top bucket. Within days the TDS rises alot. From 0 to 100. I am storing it in a bucket I got for the hardware store. Just a regular bucket 5 gallon bucket. Nothing special about it. I see people use these buckets for tops offs all the time. Can this water harm my fish? I guess its been ok because this has been going on for weeks. What can be the cause of this and how can I prevent it from happening?
  9. Mixed Clownfish

    So I have a Snowflake and Picasso Clown. The snowflake is the female and Im sure the Picasso is a male now. The snowflake was super aggressive to the Picasso but I fixed that by accidents by rearranging my aquascape and also had to take a rock out due to flow issues. They are bonding now and actually can be by each other. I almost sold the Picasso because I felt bad for him. He would go hide because he was scared. The snowflake was super aggressive. She even bit me. So now that they are bonding and if they ever spawn, what will the fish be called? I been trying to find pictures online but I can't find them anywhere.
  10. Removed Live Rock

    I put a little back in there. I still have alot in there but the water flow is alot better. I was having issues with my snowflake picking on my Picasso but after I changed some stuff last night they are best friends. They are doing their little clownfish dance with each other. I am going to be doing a water change every other day for a couple weeks until everything is stable.
  11. Removed Live Rock

    So I have IM Marine 10 gallon and I just removed half of the live rock tonight because I was having water flow issues. I also notice my water volume wasn't that high. I would guess I probably was only getting 6 to 7 gallons with all the live rock. Now since I removed it I notice water volume and the water flow is great. My question is , will anything be affected by the removing of the live rock? I know im removed some good bacteria from the tank but it still two piece of live rock(nice size) and sand.
  12. RODI System

    Yea its always something on their site you want to buy
  13. RODI System

    I was using distilled water which is .89 a gallon which can get expensive after a while. I only have a 10 gallon so I didn't think I needed a RODI system. I have already made $20 dollars worth of water in couple of days. So its a big difference. I store my water in the old distilled water jugs I had lol.
  14. RODI System

    Hey guys, just giving you a heads up. Bulk Reef Supply is having a huge sale on their RODI system. I bought one and its a 4 stage for $94. If you shop with them alot and have preferred reefer points you can use those points towards that 94 bucks. I think mines came up to $90 after my points . They have other systems as well depending on your price range\budget . I read alot of people on here who use distilled water which is fine but just playing with my RODI system for a day, I can already tell its going to be more convenient. It is also cheaper in the long run when you sit down and do the math. By the way for all my apartment people, I stay in a apartment and I was worried about hooking one up. It was so easy installing it under my sink. You can also install on the sink faucets if you have a standard faucets. Just giving everyone the heads up. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/75gpd-4-stage-value-ro-di-system-bulk-reef-supply.html
  15. Clownfish fighting

    I have a snowflake and Picasso clown. They got along just fine at first but the big one is the snowflake is the big one and it picks on the Picasso sometimes. I thought because they were different species but I was told that not the case with these breeds. I was reading somewhere that both are probably females and the big is try to make the smaller one change sex. Its a great chance you have two clowns that are females and the small clown hasnt turned into a male yet. Just keep a eye on it. My situation is they dont fight bbut he snowflake is just bullying the picasso . But you can tell my picasso is turning now because he is very submissive. I know who wears the pants in the tank lol