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  1. RODI System

    Hey guys, just giving you a heads up. Bulk Reef Supply is having a huge sale on their RODI system. I bought one and its a 4 stage for $94. If you shop with them alot and have preferred reefer points you can use those points towards that 94 bucks. I think mines came up to $90 after my points . They have other systems as well depending on your price range\budget . I read alot of people on here who use distilled water which is fine but just playing with my RODI system for a day, I can already tell its going to be more convenient. It is also cheaper in the long run when you sit down and do the math. By the way for all my apartment people, I stay in a apartment and I was worried about hooking one up. It was so easy installing it under my sink. You can also install on the sink faucets if you have a standard faucets. Just giving everyone the heads up. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/75gpd-4-stage-value-ro-di-system-bulk-reef-supply.html
  2. Clownfish fighting

    I have a snowflake and Picasso clown. They got along just fine at first but the big one is the snowflake is the big one and it picks on the Picasso sometimes. I thought because they were different species but I was told that not the case with these breeds. I was reading somewhere that both are probably females and the big is try to make the smaller one change sex. Its a great chance you have two clowns that are females and the small clown hasnt turned into a male yet. Just keep a eye on it. My situation is they dont fight bbut he snowflake is just bullying the picasso . But you can tell my picasso is turning now because he is very submissive. I know who wears the pants in the tank lol
  3. Siphon Hose

    I am looking to replace my siphon hose and I dont want to go to the pet store and buy a expensive one. I seen a lot of them at home depot and lowes. Are these fish tank safe? What should I be looking for if I am buying one of these hose from there? You get a lot for the money and its alot cheaper.
  4. How do you encourage coraline growth?

    I agree. i was having that same issue. I swtich the Reef Crystal and its whenever now.
  5. Petco

    Its a great chance you ran to a petco that knew what they were talking about. I also ran into good Petcos but its more bad ones than good ones. Its alot of new people who are coming into the hobby that is going to these bad Petco. Just because we know how to get more info on the hobby doesnt mean the newbies does as well. When somebody come into the hobby they already assume these pet stores know what they are talking about. Not knowing they are talking to people with the same knowledge they have. Even with their other animals they dont know anything about them. I have seen the dog trainer and grommer do well but thats about it. These big corp stores are worthless.
  6. Petco

    I have seen some good Petcos out there but this is the issue. There are great people who work there that know alot about saltwater tanks, but then they may leave. Then its a great chance the store will go down. Petco should have saltwater guys who know their stuff. Just like they have dog trainers and groomers.
  7. Petco

    You are absolutely right but Petco is a nation wide store. The first thing a beginner will do is go to Petco because its accessible and the price are decent. Petco also has a bad rap on other animals as well. Its just not fish. I bought a fish for Petco before as well and it did just fine. But what about the other dozen of fish that were sickly.
  8. Petco

    Of course it takes a toll but it also takes a person who is knowledgeable about the hobby to take care of them. You have people in these stores that know a little about a gold fish that try to tell you how to keep a saltwater fish. I could tell you some stories of what I was told when I first started the hobby.
  9. Petco

    @jahnjeI use to live in Minneapolis MN and Memphis TN and it was one out the whole city that was good. I live in Grand Forks ND now and the Petco is horrible. I do agree some other pet stores or horrible as well. Petsmart does not sell saltwater fish.
  10. Petco

    So I was in Petco the other day to buy some salt and I started looking around just because. The only reason why I shop in this store is salt, maybe fish food,fish net, stuff like that. But the one that's in my town just put this new fish system in. Before they install this new fish system it was horrible. Now they have the fish setup looking gorgeous. So I went to the saltwater side and I looked at the fish and it was so sad. They have clowns in a tank and they were already dying. The setup isnt even 2 weeks old. It was a sad thing to look at. The other fish looked so sick as well. These were hardy fish. So to all the beginners please stay away from Petco. Don't go in there asking about saltwater fish or saltwater questions. They will make up anything and sound like a sales person that is a moron. I rather for somebody to say I dont know something before feeding me garbage. When I got in the hobby years ago I bought fish from Petco and it turned out bad. Just please stay away.
  11. So I open my big thing of salt the other day and it a strange smell came from it. It is also rock solid. Should I just buy more salt and toss the old salt? I never had this happen to me.
  12. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    I do agree lol.. It been plenty of time my hopes and dreams was destroyed in this hobby.
  13. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    What I would do is take it off the tank and get something else. Dont even bother with it. I have seen people take off the hood of the tank and do their own thing. Go to google and search "biocube no hood"... There are some really great ideas when you go to the image search. You can even go to youtube. This setup looks like a death trap.
  14. Used tank with poorly installed Rapid LED?

    This doesn't look safe at all. Nothing is protected. Did you buy the light separate than the tank or did it come in all one bundle?
  15. My tank stinks

    I agree with everything @Droy008 is saying. But if you cant stand the smell carbon should fix the smell problem. I had a bacteria bloom a couple time and a water change helped me as well.