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  1. Selling my 12g L Mr Aqua tank. It's 36"x8"x9" set up for a few months - $60. Also have a 22g L Mr Aqua tank (36"x12"x12" BRAND NEW) for sale as well - $150 obviously local only (10034) NYC area
  2. very nice!
  3. that thing does look like a flower nem but upon further review it does look like a yuma, just crazy nice! nice collection!
  4. yeah i was going to say whats the scale on this?
  5. is that an echino? whatever it is i like!!!
  6. very nice
  7. yeah i was thinking a plating algae of some sort wierd
  8. is that a tiny cbs? the claws look small ive never seen a yellow with red legs and antennae either cool guy though
  9. either way its nice
  10. wow thats an awesome peppermint, never seen one that red
  11. nice collection
  12. ive never heard of a tomato clown named nemo!
  13. lol nice pic its under a shroom it looks like
  14. nice, my pair are always out when the actinics are on but always hide when the lights come on ive only had mine for a week though