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  1. So I know I haven't been keeping up but here is the final product. SORRY KAT!!!!! I actually built this rockwork for the assessor and chalk basslet. Problem now is the basslet has kicked the assessor out! So I am pretty sure I am way over budget on this one. Yellow Assessor $80 Yellow Rose Antenna Goby $19x2 Chalk Basslet $35 Purple Firefish $30 Ocellaris Clownfish $16x2 Neon Goby $34 Cleaner Shrimp $35 Alveopora $30 Papaya Clove $40 Birdsnest $40 GSP $20 Dragon Soul Favia $60 Lobo $40 Green Sinularia $60 Torch $50 Zoa frags $30x4 Xenia $20 Ricordea Yuma $50 Ricordea Florida $30 Orange Fungia $60 Acan $40 Wellso $40 Palythoa Grandis $60 Rhodactis $40 Flame Scallop $12 Goniastrea $40 Flower Anemone $50 Grand Total $1176...wow yeah that was a little over budget!
  2. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    I tried iwagumi in reefs before but I just can't figure it out how to give it that look. I think it's more because of the materials that we have to work with more then anything else since the rocks in reef tanks are very random compared to say seiryu or ohko. I am very excited to get into the freshwater side of things but just don't know where to start, already have the rocks picked out though but I think I chose the wrong tank for it as I got a 3x1x1 and it's just really long for this kind of tank. Should have just gone with a traditional size but I like challenges...lol gotta keep telling myself that!
  3. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    I'm focusing on iwagumi setups, which to me is much more difficult then reef tanks. Just may be because I've been around this all my life as a hobbyist and professionally but it's a new challenge which is so much fun. Been doing this since 1999, have a degree in marine bio and aquaculture, worked at ORA's coral greenhouse for 7 years and now work at an LFS. Literally immersed in this world since I was 15. I mean don't get me wrong, I will never leave the reefing world. My veins are filled with salt but sometimes you need to refresh that passion. Building tanks has always been more fun for me then the long term which is why I constantly got new tanks and sizes to see what you can do with them. Never did anything large though, large tanks scare me. I love the world that you can make in a small tank.
  4. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    lol, you guys are too much! As for livestock, the top part can house pretty much anything encrusting. The light is programmable so you can control intensity. As for what, I was thinking something on the lines of cyphastreas and zoas and do lower light corals at the bottom...not exactly sure just yet. Also wanted to house a bourbonius but that would eat up my entire allotted budget! We have a tiny little guy that would be perfect too and I have thought about just adding just him and maybe gsp for the rest of the entire tank! lol decisions decisions I have added a couple of things today but no pictures yet and I have the next 2 days off so I won't be able to take pictures until Wednesday. Just an orange shroom, some zoas and a porcelain crab. I am thinking about doing an invert tank though since the $500 budget isn't really enough to do much with rare stuff. After the contest...we will see what happens! I mean I have always been in the industry but yeah, boards I haven't been on as much. After working at ORA for the past 7 years now I'm at an LFS and it's just a different world. Wow, just saw our join dates though...we have been in this for too long! Actually trying to get into freshwater but I just don't have much time anymore with a kid and all. lol A lot has changed since back then.
  5. I thought this was the FTS thread?
  6. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    wow, didn't see that until now!!! great I might have to change this because it's stuck in my head now! Good thing my memory is as short as a fish's... Ok, I'm going to only post FTS shots from the front! that should solve it.
  7. BLAH! Just found this FTS page. I have my journal up and running but I guess we need to post here too... Here's the first and second and I'll keep updating here. You can see more at my journal page here.
  8. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    lol I am OCD about things being off like that! which is why I can't do it. The first thing I did was count the fins on the heat sink to see if I could screw it into there but when I saw the center was a fin instead of space I was was like...so that's not going to work. Anyways, here's the newest picture of the scape AND WATER! Took a full day to clear up. I'll update the first post with materials used but this is Marco Rock. The piece I attached to the back wall and on the bottom is their prime cuts which is flat on one side and attached to the wall with silicon. The other two pieces is just good ol Marco Rock I was able to piece together. Was planning on using Marco E-400 mortar to attach it but I didn't have any on hand and since they're small pieces it wasn't completely necessary. Had the rock propped up and siliconed and super glued with a sprinkle of sand to hide the adhesives a bit. Came out much better then I expected! As for salt, using AquaCraft Marine Environment. It's an amazing salt that brings great color. Best salt I've ever used hands down and have never had a bad batch *knock on wood. Tossed a Flipper Nano mag in there to scrape off any algae in the future and it looks like I am set to go!
  9. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    I thought that but there is not true center which is why I just couldn't do that! From what I see, there is supposed to be 2 mounts that is supposed to go across the adjustable mount things that you can then mount onto the bar. I'm thinking of just making something myself but the only issue is everything I have is silver so I need to paint it.
  10. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    ok WHERE DO THEY SCREW INTO!!! lol I spent an hour yesterday trying to figure this out and said screw it, they are going onto that plastic mount!
  11. FateX9's 100 Days Contest Tank

    Ok, so looks like I need to get the post-it note INTO the tank so here it is along with the start up! Wasn't really sure exactly what rocks I'd like to use but there are my choices. So far, that's really the only decision I've made! Marco now has rocks with flat sides. I attached one rock onto the overflow wall. Other then that...still don't know how I want to scape this. Oh, that second rock leaning against the rock wall is just to apply pressure while it dries... I'll finish the rockwork later today and am planning on water to hit the tank by the end of the day!
  12. I guess I'll play a long. I know I don't have anything in the tank but Kat gave me a pass...I think. Anyways, this is going to be on display at Manhattan Aquariums so if you wanna see it, it'll be on display on the register counter maybe. Still deciding on placement. Here you go Kat! Edit: ok so looks like I'm starting off bad. What's supposed to be on the post it? Eh already packed it up. Just copied the person above me.
  13. Just so you don't have to constantly follow this post, I will write up everything being used in this setup in the first post. Tank: Innovative Marine 14g Peninsula Light: Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED Rock: Marco Rock Prime Cuts and normal Sand: Natures Ocean Crushed Coral Magnet Cleaner: Flipper Nano Thermometer: Deep Blue Digital Thermometer Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 50w Bacteria: Dr Tim's One and Only Pods: AlgaGen Tisbe Pods Alright, let's do this. I will fill this out later as I just got off work and this is going to be a long story. Oh, I'm also horrible at keeping up with things so hopefully it won't happen here...or Kat will skewer me This was very coincidental for getting the tank in but now I have it I'll have to get the light.
  14. Selling my 12g L Mr Aqua tank. It's 36"x8"x9" set up for a few months - $60. Also have a 22g L Mr Aqua tank (36"x12"x12" BRAND NEW) for sale as well - $150 obviously local only (10034) NYC area