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  1. neptune apex jr brand new in box

    Still available?
  2. Fluval Evo 12 / 13.5 CHAMBER TWO Media Basket

    Interested if still available.
  3. Full Apex

    Still available?
  4. Radions and some other stuff

    XR-15 still Available?
  5. Contact Jason at Ellis Aquatics Ellis Aquatics 923 W 133rd St, Compton, CA 90222 (562) 822-6673 https://goo.gl/maps/CE1MF6Pm73m
  6. Fluval Evo 13.5

    I think you may, but it will not look nice and sleek anymore. At least in my opinion. I’d rather use the DIY Cheato Reactor which I’m running right now.
  7. Lets try this again- 16g New Build

    Looks great Sandy... convert that small tank to RFA garden... lol
  8. Lumini Asta20 LED Light Initial Impressions

    Got this same light for my nano as well.
  9. So when can the non backers get to buy?
  10. Fluval Sea EVO 5 vs 13.5 Gallon

    That’s true but you have to watch out. I had 7 on my 13.5 the other week, recently 2 Black Clownfish, 2 cardinal and one tailspot died.
  11. Seller blocked me because...

    Got it from a wellknown vendor as they say, and a sponsor here in this website... don’t want to say too much as of yet.
  12. Fluval Sea EVO 5 vs 13.5 Gallon

    I’m for the 13.5
  13. Seller blocked me because...

    Oh yes I have the video of the unboxing. I only test the basic like temp: 81~82 then, Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 0.25, Salinity: 1.024~1.026. I did lower the temp to 78~79 within the course of 1.5 weeks to help save the RFA, I still lost more and end up with only 2 now out of 10. no where in the website says that my parameters should be like their tank nor it was communicated to me via text or email, that’s why I left it the way how my tank is. Plus I already have corals and fishes that had been there prior to the purchase.
  14. I did but I closed it since they replied and said they’ll replace the 5. Just few hours I got lucky with their website email and they said they’ll ship it out next week. We’ll see.
  15. I will report back after a week. I actually got a response from the website email.