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  1. that would be nice. and maybe a video review of it too. to serve as an advertisement and help gain popularity.
  2. Since I got my RFA, at least 4 of them keep moving. Hiding at daytime and out at night. Also I see they shrink every now and then. I try to feed them with bits and pieces of small shrim but they don’t eat it. I have ReeF Roids for all the corals. I’m wondering what could help them stay in one position and not shrink.
  3. NanoBox Red Sea 170 : New Start

    Hi Dave @DaveFason, How high is your light from the water line?
  4. IM Nuvo 10 Nanobox Tide Plus M settings

    nice RF Nems... where did you get yours?
  5. So I had been running 70% for Blue/Violet/Cyan for 2 days now, the hammers and frogspawn are not happy with it as they don't extend that much anymore. My Toadstool don't come out that much as well. So ill be starting from 30% from dusk til dawn and adjust slowly from there. I hope some people have advices...
  6. IM Nuvo 10 Nanobox Tide Plus M settings

    Yes, Play around with it... this light are so bright, if not correctly set-up, your corals might not like it.
  7. awesome. I really love the idea of hatching it in the tank instead of a separate one.
  8. Side view of the cube

    what kind of coral is that pink one? is that hard to keep?
  9. NanoBox still Available?
  10. https://www.marinedepot.com/AquaMaxx_Eco_Rock_Dry_Live_Rock_10_lbs_Dry_Rock_for_Saltwater_Reef_Aquariums-AquaMaxx-UJ21010-FISSLR-UJ21010-vi.html this is the rocks I got... so far my Ammonia reading is 0.25 ppm so I did buy some Bio-Spira and dump the whole 3 oz bootle inside. Will wait and see..
  11. Thanks... the 70% is now unusable due to it being out of water for almost a week now. The 30% I left it piled on the side of the tank just to be sure, and I’ll take it out in a month or two. Reason why I can’t just use the old one to Is cuz i have no idea to make it the way I’d like it to be scaped.
  12. So I have a Fluval 13.5 gallon tank running since August of this year. I have this scape but ended up not holding due to it not being glued. So I had to take out at least 70% of LR. In my sump, has 2 bags of Matrix which has been there since the set-up. Today my dry rock arrived and I did a scape and put them on the tank where the 30% of LR was. The plan is to totally get rid of the old rock and start with the new one. Now the question is, will it be safe for my 5 fishes and corals if I take the live rock put the new dry scape in there at the same time? I have Matrix and live sand. Will it be okay? Original Scape No Scape New Scape
  13. FS! strombus maculatus(nano conch) snails!

    I’m interested too with that fragged stuff @Lula_Mae lol
  14. How do I know if my white is changed to mint? On my I have whites on white and kinda yellow on Moon.