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  1. Noinoi24

    FS: Nanobox Hyrbid *SOLD*

    When you said 2 channels, so I can’t change the colors like I did with my regular one with lots of channels?
  2. Noinoi24

    FS: Nanobox Hyrbid *SOLD*

    still available? let me know..
  3. I did this per the sellers instruction on the website, had 20 but only 3 left Alive to this day...
  4. No noticeable issues... all my tank occupants are fine... the RFA would next to another open their mouths and white stuffs comes out then dead... so disappointed...
  5. Any Acclimation tips/procedure? Bought 20 from @VIPReef last year and only 2 is surviving right now...
  6. Noinoi24

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    well, those waves/divots are so easy to take off. they probably overlooked it, but I was able to fix it in less that 10 mins with a hair dryer. Eggcrate is not a bad idea... Enjoy!
  7. Noinoi24

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    please look them up on Facebook.com or check out their website. https://safetoplids.com/.
  8. Noinoi24

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    lol... okay then...
  9. Noinoi24

    Why top lids for your tank? (My Opinion)

    lol... but I hope you get the idea. its about the lid... - edited...
  10. So I got a chance to get the top lids for my Reefer 170 after finding it on Facebook of all places I got excited. At first I was NOT convinced having to spend this amount of money just for a tank lid, well after some research regarding Lexan and their pros and cons, I STILL WAS NOT convinced until they came up with this FUSION VENT DESIGN. I got it ordered... When I received the Lid, I was surprised on how thick the Lexan used. I would say 1/4 inch thick, it has options for feeding doors, cable slots (per request/extra charge), and this nice moonlight kit, (not sure how they call it). All I can say is I’m blown away! Talking about fusion vents, it serves its purpose in preventing accumulation of tank evaporated water in the lid, I never had issues with shading or shadowing in my tank as well... Note that due to the demand, I had to wait over 7-8 weeks to get mine, but it is worth the wait. Also please take into account that these are custom made, so prices vary. I am not a seller, I am simply making you guys aware of this company as I have very good experience with them, and the product itself in my opinion is beautiful. you can contact them: https://safetoplids.com/ My brother and I made a video unboxing, if you guys are interested on how it looks on my tank, watch the video.
  11. Noinoi24

    Ultra Rock Flower Anemone Packs!

    Those prices are shipped Conus right?
  12. Noinoi24

    Wee tanked-Red Sea Reefer 170

    How’s the anthias doing in your tank? Thinking about adding 3.
  13. Noinoi24

    FS: IM Chaetomax LED light.

    Got pics?
  14. Noinoi24

    Grape Monti - Free, Chicago Area

    I would love that palm size. Please let us know if you’d consider shipping. I’ll pay for the shipping fee. Thanks