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  1. Penny the Lightning Marin Clownfish

    This is my Lightning Maroon Clownfish Penny! She had a really bad tail injury recently but it has healed up very nicely!
  2. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    Same with me, but I guess I got lucky cuz she’s actaully very peaceful...for know at least. And Yes!! Reduced photoperiod and bought a pretty cheap uv sterilizer. Cleared up within 2 days and it hasn’t looked better!! Me too! Thanks for the food suggestions, really helped.
  3. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    I’m happy to say that my clown’s tail is growing back nicely! I have had him on Mysis shrimp for the past week and he LOVES it. Occasionally I will feed him the Rod’s food, just a little messy and sometimes too much pollutes the tank. Haven’t seen any signs of infection and overall he is doing great. Just wanted to update you guys. Thanks so much for the help.
  4. Bacteria bloom help and Nitrate at 0ppm

    I would say green...I’m not sure. Here’s a picture. The tank is almost 3 months old. And...no i haven’t. I just assumed that I wouldn’t have phosphates since I used distilled water. I mean, I known phosphates can come with uneaten food and fish waste but I keep my tank on a good cleaning schedule
  5. Bacteria bloom help and Nitrate at 0ppm

    I have pleanty of water movement, but I guess I’ll see about getting some of that MB7 and UV sterilizer. Just wish I could figure out why thsi is happening. Thanks for the help!
  6. Bacteria bloom help and Nitrate at 0ppm

    so for my water changes I use distilled water...I don’t really know what the parameters are for my water change water. I mean, I assume it has no phosphates or Nitrates...that’s what everyone has told me. I have an RO/DI machine, just haven’t gotten it running yet. How do you think this phosphate spike is happening? No I’m not dosing anything
  7. Bacteria bloom help and Nitrate at 0ppm

    I just edited the topic, sorry about that. Ammonia- 0 ppm Nitrite- 0 ppm Nitrate- 0 ppm pH- 7.9 really don’t know why my Nitrate is at 0 ppm???? Is this a problem?
  8. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    Yeah I understand. Thanks so much for your help, you’ve been a great encouragement!
  9. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    What food would you recommend? Right now I am feeding brine shrimp and green marine algae. Also how would I know if it is infected?
  10. So I have been dealing with bacteria blooms here and there in my 30g biocube. They start up and then they subside and then start up again. I can’t even remember the last time my tank water looked clear. I have done everything everyone tells me to do. I have done water changes, I have completely vacuumed my sand, I change out my filter floss way more frequently now cuz it just seems to get dark brown in the matter of 24 hours, My filter media (chemipure elite, purigen) are all in good shape right now and purigen Is said to make your water crystal clear and that’s all I have heard from people about it. I don’t overfeed...I’m not seeing why I can’t get rid of this cloudy water. I just want my water to look clean!!!! Also my Nitrates are at 0ppm. My master test kit is new (definitely not expired) and I have done exactly what the instructions tell me to do, I’m almost 100% sure it’s not a test kit error. I really have no idea, but could this have anything to do with my bacteria bloom problems? Thanks
  11. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    Was not easy but I re-homed the puffer. Not gonna lie, pretty devastated. That fish was the first saltwater fish I have ever wanted and it just didn’t seem to work out. Right when I think I know everything about taking care of fish, stuff like this happens. I mean I’m only 16, I got a lot more to learn, but saltwater tanks can get overwhelming and I thought I was doing a good job I have been very successful in the past with my other tank so this is kind of a bummer for me. Sorry for rambling, needed to get that outAnyways, moving on from now, what can I do to help the healing process for my clown?
  12. Clownfish and Puffer problems

    I posted a day ago that my Maroon clownfish had a bite in its tail. I also have a Valentini puffer, so I was sure that he had done it. Today I came home to find that my clown’s tail is completely ripped up. I thought maybe I could just feed them more and the nipping would stop but it hasn’t. I have had these fish together in this tank for almost 2 months and I have had absolutely no problems, and now all the sudden the puffer is nipping. I’m not sure what to do. Will feeding them more even help? The very last thing I want to do is get rid of the puffer, it’s almost not an option for me. It’s only been a month and a half but I’m already so attached to them. Does anyone know why the puffer just suddenly started nipping out of nowhere and is there a way I can make it stop. Would segregating them work and how would I go about doing that? I know there’s probably not much i can do, but I’m desperate for a solution
  13. Maroon Clownish has a bite in his tail

    Haha will do! Thanks so much for the help
  14. Maroon Clownish has a bite in his tail

    Haha!! I’m going to get them on a better feeding schedule and keep an eye on the puffer. I was just concerned about the clowns health. THANKS!!