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  1. Checked as above and no nudis Used magnifier and light. I do have some vermetids. Could this be from them. Was going to transfer rock from aquarium to upgrade Red Sea 170 but now wondering if I should start from scratch. I know there is no guarantee I still may have pests. Montipora firmly attached to rock. Should I leave alone or use tool to remove it. Thank you.
  2. Yikes is right. How do I get rid of them. All corals dipped before adding. Do not have a quarantine tank. Have looked with magnifying glass not sure.
  3. Hi, I went to the site - did you get custom cut outs or standard lid. I am fairly new too but thought the lid was pretty cool and liked the feeding door. Can you post a pic and share dimensions used. I think the mesh lid messes with the light too.
  4. Thanks. Want something peaceful but more active in the tank. Little guy looks like he was smiling but spendsalot of time in caves and just hanging at doorway or in ridges of rock. Not sure if it is my light but doesn't look as yellow as in LFS so just blends in i love having the tank and don't mind all the water changes. It's not bad as long as I keep regular. The hardest part is being patient and not buying too many things at one time. Love everyones posts. I have read a lot of info here before doing anything. Really appreciate all the knowledge
  5. Is it normal for these guys to perch on the coral. I am still new. My tank is cycled. IM Fusion 10 with nano box mini tide lite All parameters good. Salifert test kits just started livestock 1 yellow clown goby 1 Skunk cleaner shrimp 1 frogspawn 1 Montipora 1 lavender mushroom 2 ricordia all happy for at least a month. Want 1 more fish but haven't decided. Had firefish but it jumped out of the tank with a cover. Found on the floor. Hobby by is addicting. 8lbs rock. 4 was dry and 4 live and live sand.
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