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  1. This is such a cool tank! I cant believe I haven’t seen it before. Love your fish and coral selection. Do you have any issues with your heavier bioload and feedings?
  2. Picked up a couple of fun things recently to celebrate! Also tank just reached 1 year old and doing well! I moved 7/15 without any problems. Detritus got kicked up so there was some hair algae bloom, not too bad though black and regular snowflake clowns FTS, with blues on Utter chaos bought 8/3 with 1.5 polyps. Picture on the 9th. Now has 2 more polyps so it is doing super well Rastas. 1 polyp on 8/3, picture on 9th. 4 polyps currently. Isn’t opening up much but is growing still... my rainbow BT split! They are moving around a bit but seem happy. Probably split from the stress of the move. Definitely need a better camera still because pictures are bad and super blue even with editing. More of monitoring growth. Clownfish aren’t hosting yet but still hopeful!
  3. I’ve been having a couple problem with pests, next tank I will for sure need a quarantine. I am worried that most of them came in on the very first frag I got-Zoa’s and more recently have been spreading. Aiptasia- noticed within 1 week of buying. 2 heads that over the course of a month I destroyed with boiled fresh water. No problems for a couple of months Bubble Algae- Noticed a tiny piece start growing in the middle of the frag about a month after buying. Slowly has spread throughout the tank-picking off what I can but I have been noticing more and more in tiny cracks. I probably have too many crabs already for an emerald... Vermitid snails- I’ve never seen them before so I did not notice the thin black stalk protruding from the polyps. Now they are on all the rocks. Every week I kill the ones I can get to with a dental pick. Any tips? Super glue doesn’t work well either. Thinking of dipping my rock in iodine when I move Asteria snails- no clue where these came from but I like them and think a couple of them are the signs of a mature tank and not actually a pest Flat worms- 😐 just noticed these last week. Completely covering my elegance coral. Pulled out the coral and redipped it. Was angry for a couple days but is opened up quite nicely now. Bought flatworm exit, removed the carbon, put the recommended amount of drops in, waited 45min and none of the flatworms were dying.... ended up putting in 8x the amount of drops that should’ve worked. Will need redose in a couple of weeks in case of eggs. No clue where these came from... maybe some on trochus snail or BTA I bought? TLDR: QUARANTINE EVERYTHING Tank is maturing nicely and the corals are wide open and growing. All my Inverts are happy and healthy. BTA has grown a lot already. Overall still very happy with my tank. I’m moving mid July so I am holding off on getting anything new till then. I am going on a vacation for a week, will my Clown Goby and Cleaner Shrimp be okay if I don’t buy an automatic feeder? I almost feel like a week is pushing it but I don’t wanna have a huge nutrient spike
  4. Slightly premature done with finals treat blue porcelain crab!
  5. I bought a new high fin goby a couple week, unfortunately it somehow jumped out through my lid... and went carpet surfing... there is at most a 2mm gap along an edge so if I ever get a new one again I will need to make a better lid. To mourn its loss I made a possibly rash purchase but it was super cool and really cheapmy new Rainbow Bubble tip anemone! It’s about 1.5” across so perfect until I get a bigger tank The boxing crab has been roaming a lot recently and I was able to snap a great shot of it! My trumpet was getting a bit big so I decided to frag it. I gave the mother colony to my parents, and grabbed a tiny drag of birds nest for funzies. Posted to keep track of growth. Colors on the nest aren’t great right now but it was growing in a low light tank so I hope my LEDs will brighten it up
  6. Best I could think of for fully Reef safe fish are flasher wrasse. I’ve been looking into the same thing though
  7. Picked up a couple new things for the tank at 50% off. Got one of the cool inverts I wanted, but unfortunately they did not have any of the others. Also no shrimp gobies :(. I moved last week and everything went well. I pulled out the zoa rock and most of the water. Kept everything else in the tank and had my fiancé drive 20min with it on my lap- advantage of a tiny tank. I’m gone for a week, so she will be taking care of it while I’m gone. Hopefully will put in an order for my yasha when I return. Now pics!candy cane pistol doing well still. Comes out a couple times a week to say hi.every night is a new game of peekaboo beautiful purple sea blade. Opened up immediately. Will need bigger tank ASAP. Also my mushrooms have started to have babies!
  8. Thanks @cassianoyoung for getting back, it seems like everything I was worried about you extensively tested. Super cool set up, I can’t wait to start my build. I’m moving in a couple months so I have to wait a bit to start buying stuff. Your FTS is gorgeous and your SPS seem to be loving your light set up! Glad your extensive prep work is paying off
  9. I absolutely love your build, I wanna do something similar! Anything you would recommend doing differently? I originally was going to do an overflow box but I really like how you did your overflows. I might have missed it reading through your article, but I had a couple questions. Typically the water level stops around the height of the overflow, but it seems like yours goes much over it. If one of your overflows gets clogged, are you worried the tank will overflow? Would you have preferred to drill them higher? Thanks!
  10. So I’ve been looking at a bunch of other builds, and I really like the look of the Aquamaxx rimless low iron 22 gallon. I think by having a long tank instead of a wide tank it’ll be easier to keep the anemones to one side of the tank and i think they look better. I’m hesitant to keep clowns with my elegance corals if I don’t have a better hosting alternative, I’ve heard elegance’s can tear up easily and I don’t want it getting sick. Looks like I’m gonna heavily DIY this tank- build a stand, sump, lid.... to help keep it cheap. I stumbled on cassianoyoung and scorched’s tanks and got inspired lol. I’m not too concerned about the pistol shrimp getting lost. I can never find him in my little tank alone and it would only come out when my shrimp goby did. I’ll hopefully be starting this summer, so hopefully there are good sales at BRS by then. My LFS had 40% off some tanks this week and it made me wanna get a bigger tank. Unfortunately they don’t carry rimless or low iron. You guys are great, thanks!
  11. The 25 lagoon is one of my favorite looking tanks too, but I’ll never get a tank that isn’t easy to make a lid for. A lot of the ambiance of the tank is its rimlessness. I’ve had clownfish carpet surf too many times in the past- i had one get out a 3mm wide gap :/ 30L looked nice too, hmmmm Thanks all for your input, It’s good to know I won’t be causing shrimp fights in a small tank... or an angry anemone killing everything haha. I love kimberbee’s set up, I wish I had that many RFAs lol. Concessus seems to be 20-30gal but better for RBA if on the bigger spectrum of that
  12. I was originally thinking a 20L so at least I’m in the ballpark. I did consider picking up a used jbJ 28g but upgrading the lights seemed more daunting than drilling it for plumbing. Thanks for your help guys! Good to see I’m not the only one who loves so many inverts
  13. Hey all, I want to upgrade my currant tank size (8g) so that I can keep a couple more things. What size do you think I would need for all of this? I wanna try to keep it as small as possible (without doing an unbearable amount of water changes). This will also be my symbiosis/ invert tank so if you guys have any other suggestions, let me know! I will be adding a sump with a refugium for chocolate chip stars and macros. Fish: Two designer clowns Possible shrimp goby Inverts: Bubble tip anemone Rock Flower anemone garden Porcelain crab Harlequin shrimp Pom Pom crab Possible candy cane pistol shrimp Possible 5 sexy shrimp for nem garden Possible anemone shrimp Possible clam down the road Coral: Mushroom and Ricorda garden Elegance Coral Hammer Coral Birds nest coral Montipora Possible gorgorians I’ve never seen anyone do such an extensive invert list in a nano so I am not 100% sure on the compatibility of all of them together in a small tank Any cool ideas for a set up?
  14. If you get a candy cane pistol you’ll be fine. Some of the larger ones can be more aggressive
  15. I have a nuvo 8 too and always wanted a bubbletip in it. I was scared away by too many people though since it’s “too small.Â’Â’ Glad youÂ’re having success with it though! I might have to try this summer after I move but my tank might be too full of other corals. My next purchases are gonna be some poms too. Inverts are great in such tiny tanks
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