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  1. I think it has more to do that the light is just bright and my tank is small. Since it hangs over the aquarium and I look straight into it, I can see the LED's shining up top. I'm also thinking my white rocks are reflecting it. I probably just need to research how others are lighting their SPEC V's. It also doesn't help that I had Lasik a few years ago and light shining from above down kind hurts my eyes.
  2. I purchased this PAR 38 bulb on amazon and I have it hanging about 12" over my SPEC V tank. I don't know why, but when I look into the tank I feel like I'm getting dizzy and my eyes start to hurt. I think its because the way the individual LED colors move and reflect off the side with the movement of my water. Is this normal, Is the light maybe too bright, is it maybe a crappy chinese light. I'm wondering if I should just upgrade to something like a KESSIL A80.
  3. Hey all, I have my Spec V doing nicely in my office at work and now I want to work on a 46G bow front I have at home. I'd really like to keep this tank mainly Coral and possibly a few little fish, peppermint shrimp,and snail. The Stand I made for it is more for support and looks rather than functionality so there is no way I can even fit any type of fuge, filtration etc inside cabinet. My main question is, can I get by on a 46 Gallon with a larger Aquaclear HOB setup with some Filter Floss, Bio, and Purigen and call it a day? will I need a skimmer, overflow, etc.
  4. So I received my Fluval Spec V and saw that a common upgrade was getting a Media Basket. So in looking at the tank and seeing where said media basket would go, isn't that space in itself a media basket already? Why not just put the media you want in those media pouches you can buy and shove them down then one at a time? What on earth is gained by having plastic shelves lol. I don't get it.