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    Thanks I'll remember that cos I really know nothing about the subject. I think I am going to go with the prime - just have to wait for pay day 😁
  2. HeatherD


    Thanks I'm officially talked round. Looking forward to it now. Best get looking at beginner corals!
  3. HeatherD


    Yea I think you're right, I've only seen good comments about the AI. It's just the open to that's putting me off but I'll get used to it.
  4. HeatherD


    Hello everyone. I've recently set up my new saltwater tank using the fluval flex 57l. The tank measures approximately 15x 16" Now that I have a couple of fish and a couple of snails in there I'm turning to thoughts of some beginner corals. But the lighting that comes with the flex isn't suitable for corals so I'll need to change it. I've been looking at different options and am drawn to the AI Prime although am concerned that it might be too strong as I've seen it recommended for tanks from 18" to 24", although I'm thinking you can probably adjust it? I really am a beginner with lighting 😃. The only thing that is stopping me from just clicking 'buy' is that is really prefer to keep the hood as I don't like seeing the cables etc. So I went searching again and have found truelumen light strips. These seem to be more an American thing but have seen them on Amazon UK. I'd need the 10" ones and they come in different colours. But what colours would I need? They do white, blue, a combination of white blue and a red one I think. And you can get a connector that connects 3 together. These stick to your hood although I think I'd probably silicone them in place. So has anyone any thoughts as to which would be best? I'd like to keep the hood but the AI prime seems more controllable and programmable with the WiFi and if i get that I wouldn't need to decide what colours I need😃 Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. HeatherD

    New 15 Gallon Tank

    Thanks for the great advice everyone!
  6. HeatherD

    New 15 Gallon Tank

    Hello everyone. I've been doing a fisheless cycle while researching and finally it seems to be ready (hooray). 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and nitrates off the chart (large water change planned for tomorrow). Then if all reads ok on Saturday morning its time to go shopping and I was hoping for help on what to get. I'm thinking - 2 clownfish 1 cleaner shrimp or blood red fire shrimp. Blue leg or red leg crabs (how many?) Snails. But then I got to thinking - I'm planning on a bare bottom tank so are the crabs and snails a good idea without sand. And also the shrimp? The plans aren't set in stone so any suggestions/advice would be welcome Indeed, the bare bottom idea isn't an absolute final decision. I'm going fish only for the time being but hope to take on corals later on but will need to upgrade my lights first. Oh and also learn how to keep corals😁