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  1. I'm Batman

    Planning Ahead and Curing/Cycling Rock

    I personally have only had algae problems after introducing new rock to a system. Even after curing for over a month.
  2. I'm Batman

    All In One 20g Long DIY

    Well here's an update.... Got a new hydrometer today....
  3. I'm Batman

    Montis doing great, Euphyllia - not so much

    Thanks for all the good advice. I'm definitely with @burtbollinger here where my tank would be more focused on the LPS. Frogspawn is what I'd like to see thrive.
  4. I'm Batman

    Montis doing great, Euphyllia - not so much

    Yeah here's the most recent full tank shot @Scalion
  5. I'm Batman

    Additives to water for coral growth

    Which leads me to something nobody can answer. What the f*ck are Nutrients??
  6. I'm Batman

    Additives to water for coral growth

    Not really. I throw in some reef frenzy pellets a few times a week. I used to spot feed feed mysis but the tentacles grab onto the shrimp and it seems they just float off after a bit... should I be feeding LPS? There's so much controversy on the matter. Have you ever seen a Euphyllia eat? Are there home tests for amino acids and lipids?
  7. What gives?? I have crazy encrusting growth from a few different Montipora but somehow my Euphyllia have slowly started to decline... I've watched the tissue on my hammer slowly recede and I had a dead Frogspawn that was coming back to life all of a sudden shrunk back in to nothingness. Funny thing is another wall hammer i had that died off in my other tank, is making a very nice recovery. Looking for tips on this. Doesn't make sense to me, im at barely detectable Nitrates, 1500 Magnesisum, 500 Calcium and 10dkh. Shouldn't everything be JAMMIN?
  8. I'm Batman

    Help with Pocillopora SPS cant tell what's wrong

    Is that the best way? Frag it, seal up the cut ends with glue and throw away the skeleton? Or keep the skeleton?
  9. I have the mixed reef LPS and SPS... As as most of you know I transferred from a 15g to a 20g tank. Mintipora are doing awesome however my frogspawn, aren't flourishing like I'd expect. Question: With all Params spot on, what if any, additives would I benefit from? I've been looking at brightwell aquatics and zeovit additives and there's sooooo many different aminos and elements I can add. Does it make sense to buy up everything in their catalog and start adding drop by drop to see if anything changes?
  10. I'm Batman

    Help with Pocillopora SPS cant tell what's wrong

    Same thing going on.... I have some recession then this weird white film grew over it... My Montis are doing awesome but this little guy... just hanging on!!!
  11. I'm Batman

    What to feed for best growth and health?

    This is a pretty good question! I'm having massive SPS growth and some not so great LPS growth. I'm trying to research the best method to feed these guys and keep everybody happy!!
  12. I'm Batman

    All In One 20g Long DIY

    Someone in another thread mentioned Hydroids... which is an interesting guess because I have seen a hydroid or two on the glass. Nothing near as bad as the population I had randomly bloom in my puffer tank!!
  13. I'm Batman

    Low Nutrients vs. Some Nutrients

    Is this why my nano isn't thriving?
  14. I'm Batman

    All In One 20g Long DIY

    Here's a better pic of that film/ growth on the frogspawn...