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  1. j_wey

    NanoBox Mint Guide

    Hi Dave, I have recently purchased a used tank that came with a mini tide. Can you please let me know if this one has the Mint LEDs? The D9 and D12 are more of yellowish LED. Thank you. Jeff
  2. j_wey

    Reef safe glue for corals

    I have found this is the best gel super glue to use so far. You get 20G/bottle for about $6 vs. Loctite Ultra Gel which is 4G/bottle for about $4.
  3. With the new controller, is there anyway to dynamically change the intensity/color of the light? Say in the middle of the light, which with the programming normally all the lights are turned off, but I want to turn the white and blue light on for viewing temporary.
  4. I am currently using a Current USA Orbit Marine LED 18w model, with the loop controller for another 10G tank and the result is not so good, as it does not have as many color LEDs, mainly white and blue. I am trying to find info on the new AquaMaxx Prisom 36-48" LED light. Hopefully this is a good choice.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. Since the Innovative Marine 30L is a long and shallow tank. A new LED light fixture caught my attention : AquaMaxx Prism 36-48" LED light fixture. I am wondering if this is the best choice to go, for $200.
  6. AquaMaxx is coming out with a new series of AquaMaxx Prism LED fixtures. Has anyone got one and thoughts? Technical Specifications 13-20" 24-36" 36-48" 48-60" Power 24 Watts 48 Watts 72 Watts 96 Watts Length 11" 22" 34" 46" Width 5" 5" 5" 5" Height 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.5" Weight 3.3 lbs 4.4 lbs 4.4 lbs 6.6 lbs Programmable Light Channels 3 3 3 3 WHITE: White and Warm White BLUE: Blue and Royal Blue SPECIAL: Red, Green, and UV LEDs WHITE: White and Warm White BLUE: Blue and Royal Blue SPECIAL: Red, Green, and UV LEDs WHITE: White and Warm White BLUE: Blue and Royal Blue SPECIAL: Red, Green, and UV LEDs WHITE: White and Warm White BLUE: Blue and Royal Blue SPECIAL: Red, Green, and UV LEDs Number of LEDs 64 - Energy Efficient LEDs 128 - Energy Efficient LEDs 192 - Energy Efficient LEDs 256 - Energy Efficient LEDs 20 - White (Channel 1) 8 - Royal Blue (Channel 1) 28 - Royal Blue (Channel 2) 2 - Blue (Channel 3) 2 - Warm White (Channel 3) 2 - UV (Channel 3) 1 - Red (Channel 3) 1 - Green (Channel 3) 40 - White (Channel 1) 16- Royal Blue (Channel 1) 56 - Royal Blue (Channel 2) 4 - Blue (Channel 3) 4 - Warm White (Channel 3) 4 - UV (Channel 3) 2 - Red (Channel 3) 2 - Green (Channel 3) 60 - White (Channel 1) 24 - Royal Blue (Channel 1) 84 - Royal Blue (Channel 2) 6 - Blue (Channel 3) 6 - Warm White (Channel 3) 3 - UV (Channel 3) 3 - Red (Channel 3) 3 - Green (Channel 3) 80 - White (Channel 1) 32 - Royal Blue (Channel 1) 112 - Royal Blue (Channel 2) 8 - Blue (Channel 3) 8 - Warm White (Channel 3) 8 - UV (Channel 3) 4 - Red (Channel 3) 4 - Green (Channel 3) All aluminium unibody design Ultra slim 0.43” body thickness Quiet fanless design High-quality multi-spectrum 0.5 Watt LEDs External 2-button smart controller with timer and dimmers to simulate sunrise and sunset Gradually ramp up or down light intensity between 4 set points Lunar moonlight settings for nighttime viewing Create weather effects with a programmable thunderstorm mode Adjustable tank mounting brackets included UL approved power supply
  7. j_wey

    NanoBox Duo & Quad Series

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your response. I plan to order a Quad+ soon and hang it on top of my IM 30L. How high I should hang it from the water surface? -Jeff
  8. j_wey

    NanoBox Duo & Quad Series

    Hi Dave, I am interested in getting the Quad for my new Innovative Marine 30L tank. However, I found that the Quads do not have the moonlight Channel. Can the Quad perform the moonlight function through the bluefish app at night? Or I have to purchase two Duo Plus M to achieve that function? Thanks for your response.
  9. Thanks. I have checked out the Nanobox LEDs, but there is not much information out there. Do you have any issue with shimmering or disco ball affect?
  10. Hi, I just bought a Innovative Marine 30L tank and looking into buying LED light fixtures for this tank. What would be the best LED light for the tank? Thank size is 36 x 15 x 12, so it is a long and shallow tank. I will be growing LPS, mushrooms and few fish in the tank . 1) Kessil A160 x 2 2) Kessil A360 x 2 3) Radion XR15W Pro x 2 or XR30w x 1 4) AI Prime HD x 2 or Hydra TwentySix HD x 1 5) Other suggestions? 6) Added: AquaMaxx Prism 36-48" LED Thanks for your suggestions. best regards, Jeff