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  1. A reef tank is your chance to influence young students to become interested in the sea and it's critical nature to our survival and the wonders of nature. Think of the tank livestock and corals as sacrificing themselves for the greater good of all their species. That way we can get more people involved (think Jacques Cousteau) with the oceans and, hopefully, not screw it up like we do everything else.
  2. Your anthropomorphism regarding ocean life is astounding.
  3. I just upgraded an old Oceanic 8 Biocube to two Truelumen 10" LED strips with 2 453nm blue & 2 12,000k white leds per strip. You can also purchase a dimmer & 3-way splitter to run up to 3 strips. Also, have a short 3 LED 453nm(blue) for moonlight. Must get power separately. Installs a snap(double sided sticky tape or screw). 10" strip $19.55 ea splitter $14.63 power supply $36.94 3 blue moonlight $13.68 all on Amazon (search Truelumen)
  4. Hi folks, I am resurecting my old Oceanic 8 and am new to this website. I've upgraded to Truelumen LED's, thrown out the bioballs and re- utilized the sump for better filtration and circulation control. I've looked all over the net looking for a new/used splash guard. Anyone know of a possible person/website that might have or make a new splash guard?
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