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  1. Sorry. I suddnely didnt feel well all last week. I reused both items to test something and will need to put them in vinegar water once again. Will post pics ASAP.
  2. Sorry for the delay: Before After Also moved the GBTA
  3. So something unexpected happen last night, my Rainbow BTA split! Pics later on today!
  4. IM Desktop (I believe, Fits 25 Lagoon) Protein Skimmer $125 Shipped OBOJebao RW-4 $35 Shipped OBOI am in the processing of vinegar soaking them so will post pictures tomorrow.
  5. TBH I got the mandarin that is in my tank as a test to see how long it will live (I wanted to get the blue mandarin in the future, but i dont think that will happen if this one stays alive XD), I never had much luck pass the first two weeks but it has been nearly a month since I added him in and I see alot of pods visible. My two clownfish doesn't eat pods, they usually wait for my auto-feeder to feed them and my firefish/damsel stays it hits spot till feeding time and my yellow watchman goby I have no idea where it is. I haven't added new pods yet, planning to get some around the 20th. I will post a pic today when I get a chance.
  6. Quick Update:Bought a pale green mandarin, around the time I purchased the pods, to see if it will last, well it has so far. We will see what happens down the road. I will seed the tank at least once a month if not twice. I had a power outage a week or so ago which made me lose my SPS. I am attempting once again but might be failing due to my RODI tank getting low. The funny part is I swore I topped in a day ago. I will be sending my water sample to do a ICP-Analysis. And also bought another RBTA, just a normal green one. Will post pics when I get a chance!
  7. Bad news first: Lost a few SPS, TCK Pikachu Red Dragon Sunselt Milli Miyagi Tort Cali Tort PC Rainbow Out of these only the Red Dragon and Sunset Mill are alive. Which is fine for now. So started the Triton Method and my dKH is holding steadily at 8 and as well started the Zeovit yesterday. So in 30 days time I will be changing out my Carboon and Zeolites. I also purchased a few new fishes and coral (LPS). Corals: Short purple Goniopora Multihead Duncans Various Zoas Multihead Torch Orange Birdnest Fishes: Damselx2 Yellow Watchman Goby (Small) Green Spotted Mandarin I plan to grab two high-end SPS at the end of the month if my three SPS survives and do well. I will do some pictures today when I get a chance.
  8. Selling an AI Director w/ wifi adapter $125 OBO
  9. I am looking to sell my SMART ATO micro, I gotten two from Amazon due to one not being shipped on time. Looking to sell it for $100 Shipped OBO.
  10. In picture: Clownfish pair Gold Maxima Clam Elegance coral
  11. Everything setup. I am running the lights at 67% but tone down it to 33% this morning. Dr Tims One and Only dosed and ammonia added.
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