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  1. Can't ID this algae/worm?

    I would have to sit there for hours to watch it move any real distance but i can see small pieces moving if I look closely. It never stays in the same spot for long, like every couple hours it has moved. I do not see any visible mouths.
  2. Can't ID this algae/worm?

    Anyone else ever seen something like this before? I have dipped every coral that has come in the tank in RxPro and made sure everything was visibly clean.
  3. Can't ID this algae/worm?

    So I have been searching the internet for about a month and discussing this with my local FB group. I have not been able to find out what this is. Few details about it. --It doesn't seem to be harming anything that i can tell. --It moves around the tank and if I look VERY closely it looks like a microscopic worm maybe. --I have a few pics of it including close ups and one of it on the glass. These were taken at different times after it had moved around. --It has been up to about 20" long and sometimes it disappears completely. It does not extend off of the surface. All parameters have been fine. Only thing that has happened was my ato dumped extra water dropping salinity to 1.024 from 1.025 a few weeks back but this has been around since before that occurred.
  4. Sold Tunze 9004 skimmer

    Will the AquaMaxx WS-1 fit where you need? they are fairly skinny
  5. Cycle almost done, no algae?

    I didn't think about it like that. Sorry if I seemed rude. I am not sure how it came to be so high. I think the biospira might have done it. When I first set it up I dosed 5ml of ammonia which ended up putting me at 5-6ppm and then just let the tank do its thing while testing every day. I had nitrates from about day 2 or 3 which I think was the biospira processing the ammonia right away. Ammonia dropped to 0 within 5 days of starting the cycle and I have had high nitrates since then. My Nitrites also spiked at 12ppm right when the ammonia hit 0. I will post the graphs of my ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. And Brandon, I do have a spare tank stored away that I plan on using for a QT tank once I get this tank established.
  6. Cycle almost done, no algae?

    Obviously nothing would go in the tank with Nirates at 200ppm. Not a single water change has been done on the tank yet. I state multiple times that water changes will be done to bring nitrates down before anything goes in. Thanks for the concern.
  7. Newbie here with a couple of questions

    I mixed mine in my tank with no rock or sand the first time. Then drained as much as I could to aquascape and add sand. Sand settled out in a few hours so wasn't a big deal.
  8. Cycle almost done, no algae?

    So maybe just start with a small pair of clowns then?
  9. Cycle almost done, no algae?

    I wasn't going to add a full CUC, just 4-6 snails and a shrimp then feed them. Ill be doing a few water changes to get the nitrates down. Im currently just running filter floss as well. Should I add in Purigen and Chemi-pure now?
  10. Cycle almost done, no algae?

    Rock has been in the tank for 2 weeks now. It was dry rock and was never live either so it didn't have any dead stuff from a previous time either. Also have 40 lbs on live sand for 2-3in sand bed. I also started with Biospira the first day and then started dosing ammonia the day after if that makes a difference.
  11. Tank is almost done cycling, after dosing to 1-2 ppm ammonia it drops to 0 and the Nitrite drops to .2 in 24 hours so a little further to go. I have kept the lights off the entire time. Since the tank is almost cycled i started to turn the lights on today hoping for some algae for the CUC to munch on when the time comes. How long should it take to get a bloom? My Nitrates are super high, like 200ppm so i figured it should be fast since they love nitrates. Plan was to do a large water change and bring everything down right before I add the CUC.
  12. IM Concept Peninsula Crack Repair

    Yeah I sure am. You probably saw the picture I posted over there of it.
  13. IM Concept Peninsula Crack Repair

    Seems to be fine, I noticed this tank as well as other IM acrylic tanks bow out on the panels which is a little worrying. I think I will add some eurobracing to it. I'm also getting a RedSea Max 130d on a trade so I will probably keep this one for a quarantine tank now.
  14. Acrylic tank repair possible?

    Ended up writing another thread on this dedicated to just the repair here
  15. I found a decent deal on a broken IM acrylic tank that was brand new and damaged in shipping. I wanted a unique tank but did not want to spend the 350-400 for one and I stumbled across this tank on ebay a few weeks ago. I took some pictures of the tank during the repair and can answer any questions about how I did it. It did not turn out as I hoped and I still have to do some buffing and polishing to get rid of some scratches. But I manged a leak free repair, which was my main goal. This was the tank when I started and the break was clean for the most part except for the rough interior edge. The rough edge made the final repair more noticeable but it helps hold the piece a littler better i think. I used multiple clamps to help assist in the process and found long reach vise grip clamps to work the best along with a long wood clamp. I tried multiple ways to clamp the piece and had to find the method that held the piece perfect with all the edges smooth and even as shown in the photos. The best bet here is just trial and error and taking your time to make sure it's lined up perfect because there is no redo. Once the piece was in the proper place it was time to glue. I used weld-on 4 for the main part of the gluing and I applied it with a small glass tube with a needle on the end that was recommended by another member. I would like to say take your time here but you can not. I found out quickly that any air bubbles that are formed have to be taken care of immediately or they are there for good. I ended up gluing from both sides since it did not flow all the way through. Since I had the wood clamp pressing down on the piece to force everything together the glue would not flow to a small section so I did not get a full glue all the way through which can be seen in the photos. Now the tank was fully complete and I left the clamps on for a few hours before removing them and then let the tank sit for 3 full days before attempting the leak test. I have slowly filled the tank over a few hours and let it sit just above the crack overnight to see it it would leak and then finally filled it the entire way and it's sitting for a few days running to see if anything develops. I have not had any leaks as of yet. The crack is obviously noticeable but since it is my first tank and sits on my desk in the office it doesn't bother me to much. I am not to worried about the air bubbles now that I know it's not leaking and this is mainly due to the broken piece being so high on the tank and the pressure against it is rather low.