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    Skunk shrimp Vomited then died later same night.

    Ya, i don't know guys. Im no zoologist but what i saw was a bunch of white stuff come out of his mouth kinda like he was puking. Next thing you know he dead later that night. He was pretty big though so maybe it was just old age but that might not explain the vomiting. Iv had the tank with fish in it for 9 months now after the first 3 water prepping months. I change water routinely once every two weeks as per my 30 gallon tank. I haven't checked salinity yet.... Im gonna go do that now lol. ..
  2. As the title of the post reads... My Skunk shrimp vomited then died later same day. Iv never seen a shrimp vomit before, is that the way they normally die? Im thinking i might not get another skunk seeing as how the clown fish now swim around the rocks where the shrimp use to be. Maybe they didn't like each other...
  3. Oscaralexander

    Is my fish sick? (Inverted swimming)

    20 Gallon tank, 5 Gallon bucket changes every two weeks. The tank has been set up for about 3 months, iv had clowns for about 2 months now.
  4. One of my two clownfish is always facing up. He spends a lot of his time pressed up against the thermometer. Is this normal or is the fish sick?
  5. Oscaralexander

    seizure like behavior (clown fish)

    Ya the guys at the store said that the water changes is one of those things you cant do enough of so I figure instead of getting all OCD about weather it should be 15%, 20% weekly or bi-weekly i figure a buckets worth is good enough every two weeks and everything seems to be going "swimmingly" lol... if you will.
  6. Oscaralexander

    seizure like behavior (clown fish)

    lol I guess i know which one the male is now
  7. Oscaralexander

    seizure like behavior (clown fish)

    Right on, Thank you sir.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new to salt water tanks and i'm hoping someone can clarify this odd behavior iv observed a couple times since beginning. Iv had my clown fish for about two months and twice iv noticed this seizure like behavior in my fish. The clown convalesce slightly on its side (not sure which one they're too similar to tell them apart) for a moment and then goes back to swimming normally. I noticed this once about a month ago and again last night. Is this something to be worried about or is it normal behavior? I have a 20 Gallon tank and I do a 5 Gallon water change every two weeks.