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  1. Thanks. any thoughts on a hawksbill? the clown and the damsel got along ok for a long time. that's why i was thinking of another clownfish.
  2. Hi, have a 16gallon bio cube. had a clownfish that just died after many great years of enjoyment. He was living in this 16gallon Bio cube with a blue velvet Damsel for about a year.( he lived with another Damsel for many years before this one) I was wondering if I can get another clownfish and if so, how soon should I do the introduction. Know the Damsels can be territorial, and thought sooner the better. I don't want to cause any harm to fish. Thanks for whatever advice. Thanks.
  3. i took my GSP off the rock it was on and will get it it's own rock. it had only been on the rock for a couple weeks. this should be ok, yes? Id like to have the large rock for other corals. Since it had only been for a while so it should not have contaminated the large rock. Thanks
  4. thanks so much!! yes I found out after I bought the polyp that it can get big. I read that I can trim it if it gets out of control, is this correct? Thanks also for the super glue . I hear that you have to use a certain kind. I bought some Krazy glue brand gel. Trying to figure out if this one will be ok. I have 16 gallon bio cube, how many coral would you recommend to put in? I have only one rock, however I think I will add another soon. There again taking it slow find out the correct way to add each item, as not to stress the balance. Thanks again for all the info. It is nice to have friendly help!
  5. what other corals would be suggested for a beginner. As I said I have the Nepthea Leather and a green star polyp. I would like to have one or two more, but don't want to cause problems. Thanks
  6. it is on a small acrylic plug. Not to sound absolutely daft< but as the rock is in the tank how would the plug be glued to the live rock? also for added clarification I have a green star polyp on the other side if the rock. I have since learned that this coral will get pretty large and even may cover entire rock. Thanks so much for all the help! Will try to figure out how to add a picture as soon as I can
  7. I am new to corals . I have a green nepthea leather coral that I have put in a 16 led bio cube. I have two fish in tank. I have had the coral in the sand bed. It is mounted to what I believe is a piece of acrylic. Will it grow ok in sand bed or should I place it on the live rock with the piece of acrylic that it is attached to? It has been in there a couple week and has been doing well. However my Damsel knocked it over, so I have stood it back up. Thanks so much for any help.
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