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  1. I had success with phosbond. I hear your phosphates can read zero, but that's just because they are being consumed. I also greatly reduced water changes to around 1x 10 days or 2 weeks.
  2. I go with the stealthy tweezer method, but you gotta be quick and precise! The bristle worms I removed are the typical variety shown below (not my pic)
  3. Bristle worms are a love/hate for me. I've kept bristle worms in my tank without culling for many months now, following the thinking that they're a great part of the cleanup crew, and if my tank couldn't support their numbers, they'd die off. What I'm finding is that bristle worms are reaching into the corals when I feed, and there's just too many of them now. I think they also irritate a handful of my corals. I removed about 20 from my 20 gallon tank last night, and plan to remove any large ones I see. For every visible bristle worm, there's probably 2 you can't see. They're a great part of the cleanup crew, but i'm beginning to think they're important to keep in check. I believe you when you say one was eating a brittle star. They get pretty desperate and aggressive when they're hungry.
  4. I love growing macros and so far, have grown Dragons Breath, Caulerpa Mexicana, and Chaeto. I started by turning a HOB filter into a Chaeto refugium, but I think the system worked too well, and the macroalgae started disintegrating. Then I put Dragons Breath in the display, and it took off. It grew well for months, so I added Caulerpa Mexicana. The new Caulerpa grew like wild, however a couple months later, the dragons breath had completely withered away. I suspect it was being outcompeted for nutrients. It's fascinating how well macroalgaes uptake the excess nutrients in our tanks. I have this perpetual fear of overfeeding my tanks because my equipment is simple, but i'm considering stepping up the coral feeding and seeing how that goes. Currently every 7-10 days, feeding fish every other day. What's your experience with keeping enough nutrients in the system to avoid macro dieback?
  5. Just for the record, that's not quite true. I get what you're saying tho. Specific gravity, aka density, changes with water temp. That's the 1.025 number we shoot for. Salinity is measured in PPT and doesn't change with temps
  6. I corrected my outbreak by using phosguard to reduce phosphates. They often can't be detected through testing. I'm almost positive it was my rocks leaching. I also dropped the water level and spot treated with peroxide. Got a big ol mexican turbo snail. Also fighting conch, but he does better with other types of algae.
  7. A few tips from someone that transitioned their 20 long into a reef 1.5 years ago. - HOB Aquaclear is the bomb. A larger Aquaclear filter is an option, but if you're going for a circular flow, the wide outflow of the filter might disrupt it. I found my 70 to be perfect. - I bought 2 Koralia powerheads however I only use one. Adding the second one get's things spinning like a whirlpool (not quite literally). - 4 fish is definitely the upper limit for stocking. I think with a skimmer you're in good shape in terms of bioload. - Refugium is cool esp with cheato. I ditched mine and now only use filter floss in the aquaclear, since it's so easy to change out the media and export nutrients. - Check out macroalgae too for nutrient export. There's some cool ones like dragons breath and caulerpa mexicana that look good in the main tank. Good luck!
  8. I just use the basic aqueon gravel cleaner. Works great when you use your thumb to control water flow, like a water hose.
  9. You can always clean even more later during water changes, with a substrate vacuum
  10. I received my eBay macro purchase packed in a plastic bag in a padded envelope. It was send over 2 day shipping
  11. I get these surface "blooms" every so often, however I can't say my eheim surface skimmer really helped much. Only cleared out a little 6" semicircle around the intake. I've been putting a little phosbond in the filter and it always clears up pretty quick. I'm pretty sure it's a result of excess protein from feeding, so maybe feed a bit less to reduce the occurrence, or get a protein skimmer
  12. Thank you! I get the nutramar ova from my local fish store. It lasts me a long time, so the last time i've purchased it was back in the summer.
  13. Check out the lagoon view from my couch! I gotta say, I'm really happy with the progress. It's been a year already and the tank has reached a nice equilibrium. I've backed off the water changes and only run filter floss. Added some Caulerpa mexicana the other day. I love the look so we'll see how it goes!
  14. Does anyone have an issue with red corals turning orange with time? I have a couple acans and zoas that slowly turn orange under my lights. Gen 2 Radion lights
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