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    Film on Water surface

    I had this problem and started using an EHEIM surface skimmer. I also defrost frozen foods with tank water, and then suck the water out with a pipette to reduce waste.

    Starry Night - My 20G Long

    I wanted to provide an update on my tank. My inhabitants at this time include a green Mandarin, Tail-spot Blenny, Black Clownfish, and finally a Talbot's Damsel. The Talbot's Damsel was added last, and it's thrown some chaos into my tank. It has been feuding with my Clownfish, and after 10 days they seem to have settled down, and established territories ok'ed with each other. Surprisingly enough, the Tailspot Blenny will strongly defend himself and has proven to be a tough little bastard. He will go jaw to jaw with the damsel, and I've never seen him back down.
  3. Hey everyone - beware of the Talbot Damsel. It's becoming very territorial towards my clownfish and probably sees it as a challenge to it's dominance. The damsel does okay with my mandarin and tail spot blenny. The clown has been bullied into a very small corner of the tank, while the damsel zooms around.
  4. I feed my Mandarin about every other day. It helps to feed to clown and other fish regular food, and they will be less likely to gobble up the roe. The roe can then settle to the bottom, and the mandarin picks around.
  5. Great point I haven't even considered this. Thanks for the info
  6. Not to turn this into a mandarin thread, but it's a popular topic -- Raising a mandarin trained on proper frozen foods is extremely easy. Mine eats Nutramar Ova shrimp roe. I think frozen mysis should be avoided. The particle size is too big for a mandarins little mouth. With how readily mandarins gobble up Ova, I would just pick some up and train the mandarins yourself. Supplementing your tank with pods isn't a good solution. It's expensive, and does nothing to establish pods in your tank. They just die a few days later because if your tank could support them, they'd already be living there. Hope this helps someone in their quest for a nano tank mandarin. It can be done.
  7. Thanks guys! I went with a Talbot Damsel - I can't say enough about this fish. It's very active and peaceful fish. I've heard they get territorial when mating, which makes sense. My clownfish has been acting territorial but the damsel is agile and swims about the tank undeterred. This fish has a lot of personality. I almost went with a beautiful goby, but I didn't want to take a chance with a really shy fish. Th damsel really breathes some live and activity into my tank.

    HOB Filter Medi

    Appreciate it! I'll look into these phosphate reducers a bit more

    HOB Filter Medi

    What do you recommend regarding phosphate reducers. Can i run them, continue my weekly 25% water changes, and just feed my corals and fish more often? Or do people recommend cycling the phos reducers?

    HOB Filter Medi

    That sounds like a great setup. I'm using filter floss, and Purigen occasionally. I've started to get a little green hair algae, so I just started running Phosbond too. I still have a few square inches of space so maybe I'll try some seachem matrix.

    HOB Filter Medi

    Do any of you maintain a HOB type filter for your nano reef? I've been using an Aquaclear 50 and with so much space, i'm wondering what you guys prefer as filter media? Do you use a protein skimmer in conjunction? Looking forward to hearing your input.
  12. Thanks for the advice. The mandarin has survived for about 9 months, so I’m not worried about her. Shes day and happy. Shes trained on frozen Ova which is probably a better particle size than mysis or reef frenzy. I def recommend it
  13. I current have these inhabitants in my 20 Gallon Long. Black Perc Clownfish / Tailspot Blenny / Mandarin / Cleaner Shrimp What do you guys think for my last addition? I like the sixline wrasse, but they have a lot of similarities to the mandarin in appearance and swimming style. The royal gramma is really cool too, but i'm wondering how everyone will gel. Had a chromis but he passed. He did really well with everyone. Possum wrasse is an interesting option.

    Mandarin training

    I think your point stands if you're only talking pods. There are many examples of mandarins surviving in smaller tanks, when supplemented with other foods. Frozen prawn roe melts in the water, and disperses. This allows the the mandarin to snatch up individual eggs settled on the sand bed, while the other fish eat the suspended roe. It's been working pretty well for me, and I've got a pretty fat fish to show for it.