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    How clean should I wash coral sand?

    I just use the basic aqueon gravel cleaner. Works great when you use your thumb to control water flow, like a water hose.

    How clean should I wash coral sand?

    You can always clean even more later during water changes, with a substrate vacuum

    Shipping macro traded?

    I received my eBay macro purchase packed in a plastic bag in a padded envelope. It was send over 2 day shipping

    How long do you mix your saltwater?

    LOL brazen attempt at redirection!!

    Film on surface of water

    I get these surface "blooms" every so often, however I can't say my eheim surface skimmer really helped much. Only cleared out a little 6" semicircle around the intake. I've been putting a little phosbond in the filter and it always clears up pretty quick. I'm pretty sure it's a result of excess protein from feeding, so maybe feed a bit less to reduce the occurrence, or get a protein skimmer


    Thank you! I get the nutramar ova from my local fish store. It lasts me a long time, so the last time i've purchased it was back in the summer.


    Check out the lagoon view from my couch! I gotta say, I'm really happy with the progress. It's been a year already and the tank has reached a nice equilibrium. I've backed off the water changes and only run filter floss. Added some Caulerpa mexicana the other day. I love the look so we'll see how it goes!

    How old is “old” in a LED light?

    Does anyone have an issue with red corals turning orange with time? I have a couple acans and zoas that slowly turn orange under my lights. Gen 2 Radion lights

    Agressive eaters

    Most predatory fish will eat things 1/3 of their length no problem. Even if you have a clownfish that couldn't fit in the predators mouth, you have to think about how they will interact. Predatory fish aren't exactly teddy bears..


    I'd have to disagree. I feed my mandarin frozen every 3 days. Turn off the filters and let her gorge. It's a 20 gallon, and she's been doing great for the past year. There's a weird mystique surrounding mandarins in the aquarium community and people really put them on a pedestal. Maybe I just have an easy-going, hardy mandarin, but it's been a nice and easy experience for me so far. To answer OP's question, I had good luck with peppermint shrimp. Aiptasia totally wiped out. Unfortunately the peppermint shrimp didn't eat other foods and passed soon after. Good luck

    Chalk Bass, what have people experienced

    My chalk bass was voracious! I had a really hard time keeping the tank mates well fed, as the chalk bass would gobble everything up. I got one because of all the glowing reviews online, but I was glad to move on once it passed. Just my 2 cents. Have a clowfish now that loves food, but much smaller mouth and not as agile a swimmer. Like above poster said, chalk bass are a small grouper, and they definitely act like it.
  12. I'd skip Chemi-pure for now, and just go with filter floss and chaeto. As for rock rubble, I dont think a handful of rubble will contribute much. I've been running this exact setup for about 2-3 months, and it's been a very successful experiment. Same lights and aquaclear model, but no modifications to filter. I run the lights 24 hours which has the chaeto growing wild. I cut the chaeto block in half every 2 or 3 weeks. That said, I think 10-12 hour schedule is perfect, as the chaeto against the light yellows. My refugium grows all kinds of funky algae, and I've let it go. Just change the filter floss every time I cut the chaeto. Green hair algae has disappeared from my tank and water quality has been great. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    New fuge light setup - biocube29

    I bought the same ACKE lights after looking at this thread, and I've been really pleased. It's very bright. I bought it for my Aquaclear 70 HOB chaeto chamber and it's been growing like wild. I've been cutting the cheato in half every 2 weeks. Hope this helps

    20 high or 20 Long

    Depends. A good light will cover a 20H better than a 20L. You might need two smaller ones for a 20L, which is often more expensive. That said, I vote for the 20 long.

    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

    I can never tell if my cleaner shrimp wants to clean his neighbors or eat them. I've seen him do both, that sneaky little scrimp