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  1. Yeah well, I wish my neglect narrative was half as good as yours
  2. Handsomely enough to cover how much trouble I’d get in off Customs?
  3. Thank you I try my hardest not to think about the cost!!! (Note this is *much* easier to do if you shop online cause it doesn’t fee like real spending). My only real ongoing cost - since I collect my own natural sea water - is dosing and chemical filtration, neither of which is super expensive specially if you buy in bulk. The dearest bit is the addiction to buying coral ? and thankfully I’m pretty much out of real estate....
  4. I wish!! Poor hammers were one of the first victims of my inexperienced, heavy handed aquascaping last year. There’s more epoxy than skeleton, and it’s both hammers and 2 pieces of live rock all cemented together... It was awesome in the old tank but the placement got a little lost in translation when we moved into the bigger digs ... lesson learned...
  5. Oh wow it’s been forever since I posted. IÂ’ve had the most stressful busy work month IÂ’ve ever had, and the tank got a little neglected as a result. Huge water change and really thorough clean today, thankfully everythingÂ’s looking ok. Bar the hammer on the very RHS - it started receding. ItÂ’s in a terrible spot but I canÂ’t change it without disturbing the entire scape.Â
  6. Yep - definitely got your groove back
  7. Good luck!!! New engagement, new job, new location - exciting year in store
  8. YAY you're still here and still tanking!!! Nice upgrade
  9. ^ what s/he said! Don’t “settle” - the tank is awesome, you don’t wanna dislike what you see every time you look at it...
  10. Yeah tbh I have neither the cash or the space in the tank. I’ll keep an eye on her, worst comes to worst I do still have my old tank and that can be my justification for running 2 PS not for the first time I’m beyond jealous at the prices you guys pay for corals etc!
  11. Or if I *don’t* have a lazy $500 for a BTA.... is there any chance that she can / is / will build up a tolerance for the torch? @Clown79 is that what happened with yours and the frogspawn?
  12. Hmmm... chalice growing vertically on bedposts... in bourbon... Thx for the ideas. Not that one so much, but plenty of others
  13. What’s the likelihood she’d swap to a BTA if there was one, now that she’s picked the torch? Is it a given that they’ll default to a nem if one is available?
  14. Or rather *was* back to normal. This is apparently her new normal. She has done nothing but suck on the torch for hours. Mouth frozen again. Also I’m worried about the spots on her side - you can see them on this pic. The bottom one is a black dot that’s been there since before I got her, the one above it looked like a white pimple yesterday and is turning black today. She’s seriously acting like a crack addict, can’t stop herself going back regardless of what it’s doing to her.....
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