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  1. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    I’m curious - what exactly do you get out of wading into someone’s journal thread and making a comment like that? Dude is pouring his heart out and asking repeatedly for any advice, suggestions or just someone to listen, and that’s what you offer?
  2. 150L of overthinking

    A solid glass one no less! There is a gap of like 5mm max on the sides, and maybe a cm tops towards the front and back walls. Husband number 2 was tiny - I thought I was doing the right thing getting the smallest one I could find so as he wouldn’t challenge her. Guess I thought wrong. I’ll make jokes about it all day but I’m gutted, I do take this whole responsibility for living things seriously and I feel terrible.
  3. 150L of overthinking

    And this morning makes 2 from 2 male clownfish who have leapt to their dry bitter end rather than live with her... I’m done, Widow Clown can be a cranky old spinster for the rest of her days
  4. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Hey So this tool read every word. Hearin ya, and feeling for ya. You are now in that shitty place where you’ve done all the set up moves you can and now all you can do is hurry up and wait. Hope all turns out...
  5. 150L of overthinking

    Totally. Takes better pics than my digital camera. Lol I’ve exhausted my supply of people offloading marine tanks, this was a totally unplanned upgrade but I wasn’t gonna say no... And loving the torch - I’d *made* myself disinterested in them when I only had an 8 gal display to play with. I’m hoping where it’s positioned in the tank (nothing downflow of it) means it won’t matter how much it doesn’t play nice with others.
  6. 150L of overthinking

    This week’s lesson is that the iPhone X camera does a STELLAR job of correcting white balance. No 3rd party apps, no stuffing with settings. Goodbye iPhone Blue 🎉
  7. 150L of overthinking

    Weird. Widow clown has decided she likes the torch. Guess she wasn’t happy staying in the marital nano mag home by herself. I feel bad for her being on her own but not sure whether to run the risk of getting a replacement for her to browbeat to death. Least she’s still got the damsel to harass...
  8. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Nil on the recommendations, ideas or laughs - just a bit of commiseration on the ineptness for keeping fish alive. My male clown suicided yesterday (granted if I were married to someone like the female clown I may well consider the same option). I have a glass lid FFS, he fluked (aimed for?) a >1cm gap But hey - in non-finned news your tank is looking great
  9. I hate phosphate! Phosguard running in the sump since set up (as in, in a mesh bag where there's heaps of flow over a baffle). Readings have been: 15/10 - 0.075 (day 1 of new tank) 21/10 - 0.2 (this is when it occurred to me that increasing water volume by 5x meant I had to increase EVERYTHING by 5x - so upped the phosguard to the right amount ffs) 24/10 - 0.1 28/10 - 0.1 31/10 - 0.075 (woohoo... getting there...) 4/11 - 0.15 ( - changed phosguard) 7/11 - 0.1 11/11 - 0.1 Bringing me to my question: do you change out the phosguard when the phosphate STOPS lowering, or not until it STARTS raising? Ie today - no change in reading from 4 days ago. Does that mean it's still working, or has it hit capacity and needs changing? I'm worried about potentially letting levels climb for 4 days, but at the same time with a big water volume now it's too expensive to change unnecessarily. And/or, now that I've got a bigger tank (120l display + 30l sump) is there another / better / more cost efficient means of phosphate removal I should be looking at? (Nitrates constantly 0 BTW) TIA
  10. 150L of overthinking

    And this week’s lesson: however freakishly unlikely, a clownfish can, if harassed enough by his psycho hose beast partner, jump. And even though there’s a glass lid, that teensy tiny less than a cm gap is enough (however freakishly unlikely) that he will land on my lounge room floor and that’s where I will find him. I seriously cannot believe that happened. RIP little man
  11. Can I put stuff in a filter sock?

    Yup. Have a few, mesh not felt, that I’m just rinsing. They get gross, and quick. I’d hate to think what the felt ones would harbour.
  12. Max tank size for AI Prime?

    Dumb question - is the hydra essentially just 2 of the prime light clusters? Cause I’m not actually worried about spread so much as depth and it just occurred to me that here may be no difference.
  13. Max tank size for AI Prime?

    Thanks all - if I upgrade it’s a huge financial jump from my current cheap n cheerful Chinese eBay one, I’m worried I’ll have buyers remorse if I get one that still ends up not powerful enough. Scape means I’m not too worried about width, it’s the depth that worries me, specially through glass. I’m tending to think I’m better off saving my pennies and my nerve and going the whole hog on something like a hydra...
  14. Max tank size for AI Prime?

    I know AI says it will cover 24x24 but I’m after some real user comments on what the max size tank is these will do comfortably - in particular, depth. Mine is a 24in x 18in x 18 inch high, with a glass lid. Just wondering if the prime would do the trick or whether I’d have to look at the hydra? LPS (mostly euphyllia and acans) and zoas. No aspiration for SPS.
  15. 150L of overthinking

    Lessons for this week: 1. Peroxide doesn’t do half as good of a number on aiptasia as lemon juice does 2. No app will let my phone take a good tank shot without post processing 3. The itty bitty (like 2mm tops) ricordea pup I spotted today is the cutest thing in the known universe 4. I HAVE ENOUGH CORAL Phosphate is down to 0.1 - it was 0.2, because it took me a week to register that I needed to increase all my chemical media and dosing etc since I’ve got 5 times more water volume. Well played, self