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  1. Algae ID

    20g only. I tried to plug out the aglae with tweezer. It seems that the aglae has a root into the rock which makes it hard to get out. It is slow growing although. My concern is only preventative.
  2. Algae ID

    I am attaching more pics. I have trochus and astrea snails. They don't eat it.
  3. Algae ID

    There is a film of light green algae on my rock that is not eaten by any of my snails. Anyone knows what are they and how to get red of them?
  4. Skimmer for IM Nuvo 20?

    The smaller the skimmer, the more frequently you have to adjust it. I run fusion 20 as well without a skimmer. Use poly filter pad to remove organic, it is highly effective.
  5. How do we know anaerobic bacteria is established?

    It is impossible to rely on bacteria to export nitrate unless you dose commercial products that contain large amount of bacteria and use protein skimmer to export the dead ones.
  6. Fuge Light

    I put chaeto in a breeder box placed in the display. The chaeto grows crazy because it shares the good display LED. https://www.amazon.com/Petzilla-PBI-1-Aquarium-Breeder-Hatchery/dp/B01GHG1VHQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1512151301&sr=8-3&keywords=breeder+box You can use a small size float cleaning magnet to to place it on the wall of the tank.
  7. My clown fish is a pig and my goby is slow

    My whole point is try to feed frozen. You can drop in more food without worrying too much about polluting the water.
  8. My clown fish is a pig and my goby is slow

    Feeding mysis with the powerhead on might help both the goby and reduce nitrate. When I feed frozen, my filter sock gets cleaner. The pellets contain a lot of nutrients that the fish does not absorb. They all get to pollute the water.
  9. TeenyReef's 10g Fusion - November FTS

    Why these monti has very coarse textures?
  10. Cyano and algae help!!

    You have to go through this. Reduce feeding. Put in some Nassarius snail and Astrea snail. Consider algae as your friend because it actually makes the water more stable. It is natural filtration.
  11. New fish not eating?

    It's normal!
  12. Alkalinity and PH

    DKH goes down could be due to low magnesium. Magnesium prevents alkalinity and calcium from bounding with each other and precipitate.
  13. Advice for sps

    Montipora cap and birdnets are relatively easy.
  14. Seachem freshwater iron

  15. New Cobalt C-View Tanks?

    The filter sock design is much much better than IM's.