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  1. Do you "dip" your macro's

    Why not someone with a big refugium with tons of harvested chaeto do a controlled experiments comparing FW, Revive, Coral RX, etc.............If I were ecotech marine, I would give him a set of XR30 pro as gift.
  2. Do you "dip" your macro's

    Good topic. I have bought some chaeto but still finding the right and safe method to dip it. I plan to dip half of it in FW to see if the chaeto survives. If it dies, I have at least the other half.
  3. Brand new hobby- 32G Biocube Setup Help

    Turn the light off while cycling. You don't want a tons of algae.
  4. Coral dying

    goniopora always die
  5. Coral Box Nano S150 compatibility

    Anyone knows if Coral Box Nano can be put into the second chamber of IM fusion 20?
  6. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    In chamber 2? Is the pump completed submerged. The specification says that the footprint is 4.5 in length which is exactly the length of chamber two of fusion 20. That's what makes me worried.
  7. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    Does it fit into the second chamber of fusion 20 without mod? Can you give a product link. Many thanks!
  8. Jazzmik's Fusion 20 Build

    Just wondering what's the skimmer on the back?
  9. Moonlight setup

    I am running the AB+ template. The template does not have moonlight for display at night. Can anyone suggest what color to use for moonlight? Royal blue?
  10. Clean-Up Crew Confusion

    The snails create more problem then they solve. For 10g, do not use any substrate. There are a lot of bare-bottom good looking tanks.
  11. What Fish For a Nuvo 10

    Keep a cleaner shrimp and nothing else.
  12. Radion XR15W G4 PRO

    Anyone knows how to calculate PAR at different depth?
  13. MP10 night mode without reeflink

    Does feed mode affect it?
  14. MP10 night mode without reeflink

    Do I have to manually turn on night mode every day if I am not using reeflink?
  15. Nano media bag for GFO

    So blue does remove phosphate?