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  1. kool_sk8a

    Where does the hole go?

    ok, thanks a lot guys
  2. kool_sk8a

    Where does the hole go?

    I will be getting a custom made 36" tank in the future and am trying to plan how it will be plumbed. I need to know where the hole needs to be drilled for a sump. I want the whole in the bottom of the tank in the back corner but how far away from the glass should the hole be? Many thanks, Rob
  3. kool_sk8a

    How sexy is my shrimp?

    Thanks, i think the common name is quite funny actually and it suits their movement. In general i dont really like any common name as it just causes confusion. Thanks for the comments
  4. kool_sk8a

    Sexy Shrimp

    My newest addition as of 30th Jan '05
  5. kool_sk8a

    purple sea slug

    my sea slug climbing over my rock (overgrown with macro algae).
  6. kool_sk8a

    Coral invasion

    they open back up but keep closing again and when they are open,they're not getting as big as usual. Should i frag?
  7. kool_sk8a

    Its turning into a planted tank

    I have heard that, but i think that one would be too aggressive in such a small tank. How long have you had yours and in what size tank?
  8. kool_sk8a

    Its turning into a planted tank

    Today i saw my hermit crab eating a little bit. I have 4 in a 12gal, do u think i should get some more? would they help keep the amount of macro down?
  9. kool_sk8a

    Coral invasion

    yeh it doesnt look like ric, but thats what i have been told by a few people. i dont think its a frilly shroom though. Is the only option it to frag them, is have never attempted fragging before so would it be a risk worth taking. they're nice so i dont want them to die, but today their all closed up. If i have to frag them, where can i find some good info on this?
  10. kool_sk8a

    Its turning into a planted tank

    I have turbo's but they dont seem to be eating it, maybe they're not the mexican ones? how can i tell?
  11. kool_sk8a

    Coral invasion

    My Ricordia and mushrooms are being taken over by a species of xenia (not pulsing) that also came on the rock. It started off as just one tiny stalk and is now spreading like mad. Unlike the pulsing kind, each bit is a different stalk rather then a few on each. Anyway the xenia is growing over, and through my Ricordia. Will it damage the Ric.? Its looking a bit untidy aswell. What can i do to stop it from growing through my other corals??
  12. kool_sk8a

    Warning to UK reefers

    Your in the minority. stm is a great shop, they offer loads of stuff and although i havent ordered from them yet, yours is the first complaint i have heard.
  13. kool_sk8a

    Its turning into a planted tank

    ok, i will just leave it for now and trim it regularly.
  14. kool_sk8a

    Its turning into a planted tank

    thats cool, thanks alot