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  1. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Thanks. Your correct, it had stretched out since I got it. I will move it up.
  2. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Noticed I never posted any of the coral.
  3. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Anyone know what this is? It had more buds before, but has gotten longer. Trying to figure out where it will be happy.
  4. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Added a white mushroom and some red macroalgae. The white mushroomhad nice colors at the store. Hope it comes back.
  5. New 15 gal aqueous column

    New lights from Nanobox Reef.
  6. New 15 gal aqueous column

    No coral yet. Only the hitch hikers that were on one of the rocks and what everyone says is a fan worm that is in a snail shell. Hope to have light kit from Nanobox by next weekend so I can install. Then I will start with the coral.
  7. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Alk at 10.2 and Ca at 460. Seem safe from what I researched. But is it more important to keep them stable. Also, how do you adjust either if they fluctuate? Ps. Shrimp is still looking strong.
  8. New 15 gal aqueous column

    I do not test ca and alk,but will get kits. Are the ones below any good? Shrimp was acclimated for about 4 hours. Closed bag floating in tank water for 15 mins, then clipped open on top of water and every 10 mins added small amounts of tank water.
  9. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Green algae gone. Took the one rock that had it out and scrubed with tooth brush. Took out some of the polyps that came on my first rocks, but no more algae. Added a cleaner shrimp. He molted the first night in the tank ( I think Sept. 9). He molted again last night. Checked ammonia, nitrate and nitrate, all are 0. The sg 1.024 and pH 8.2. Hopefully he is ok. Do you all leave the shrimp shell in the tank for it to get eaten? I've read mixed info on this. One of the hermits took over a snail shell. Crazy hermit. Finally put order in for retro fit Nanobox lights from Dave. Once that comes in, time to start the corals.
  10. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Added first fish last weekend. All readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate at 0. Still got green algae and some that looks grey.
  11. New 15 gal aqueous column

    The ammonia reading is either 0.0 or 0.25. Hard to tell. Nitrite is 0.0. And nitrate is either 80 or 160. I guess water change time. How much should I do? Also, got a snail shell (no snail) but something sticking out of a pin hole on the side. It goes in every once in a while. On the left side of the shell in the first picture.
  12. New 15 gal aqueous column

    Some numbers. 0.25 ammonia, 0.25 nitrite, and 40 nitrate. Still no alge growth. Test in a couple more days I guess? The waiting game. Patience my friend.
  13. New 15 gal aqueous column

    For the hob filter floss, is it ok to use pillow filler? I currently use this on my fresh water canister filter. Really cheap.
  14. New 15 gal aqueous column

    More angles.