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  1. Not much at the moment but the SPS are growing and they grow fast! Right now I’m maintaining ca/alk with saturated limewater. And touching up Mg with epsoms salt and magnesium chloride. I have a large cacl2 reactor that I will bring online once consumption outpaces kalkwasser. But for now, I’m waiting for my carbondoser. This weekend I cleaned up my electronics. Couldn’t do it the day of the transfer, just too much work transferring tanks. That was with 13 people there to help 🙂
  2. I ended up just scrubbing all the alage off the rock with a stainless steel welders brush and put everything in a new bigger tank.
  3. I added a 6” clown tang. He is doing a fabulous job of picking at the alage 🙂
  4. I was ran into one of the founders of Brightwell aquatics and he told me what the mystery impurity was.. forget what he said it was but it seems that it’s not effective on all strains of Dino’s.
  5. I have read your R2R thread and I have a theory that the toxins released by the jeabo ABS is actually what has been killing the Dino’s, it’s just a theory though. My Dino’s were scoped by anbother really well known coral farmer. I actualy got a scope for christmas but AmazClaus’s sleigh is running late LOL. That fish is doing fine for the time being, I actually rescued it from a smaller and much more overcrowded tank. He’s be fine for a few years and I have a buddy with a pair of 600 gallon 20’ tanks that will take him. My measurements have been confirmed with ATI ICP testing If the Dino’s return, I’ll temp in the old jeabo for a week or two but as it wer, I have been doing a LOT of WCs which should cause outbreaks but has not. my theory about dino problems as of the last 5 years is a lack of biodiversity. 20 years ago and up until not so long ago, we were using harvested live rock to start tanks, with all the dry rock tanks I believe that there is a severely limited diversity of competition in the “hobby herd” It has allowed strains adapted to the captive reef to flourish and be propagated and distributed across the hobby.
  6. Problem solved, in the prosess of replacing the tank with a 225 gal starfire peninsula 😄. Still a little cramped for him ultimately but may have to upgrade the tank again. Here is the thing, I had been doing 20% water changes every week or every other week for months. Turns out the problem was caused by my dino treatment 6 months ago. I was advised by one very well reefer, that another very well known reefer (won’t drop any names but anyone who has been reefing for more than a year knows who both of them are) had successfully killed the Dino’s in his 500 gallons SPS dominated mixed reef with cheep jebo UV serilizer. It seems that many strains of dinoflagellates are very sensitive to UV. Well it worked on my strain but had 2 flair ups where I hooked it back up and just decided to keep it running. Well, the cheep Jebao plastic that the UV sterilizer is made of is also very sensitive UV light. The inside of the sterilizer had been decintigrating, the alage had been uptakeing the toxins and killing my herbivores. The sterilizer has been out for about a month and the tank is turning around nicely. Alk uptake is on the rise, the SPS that survived are coloring up and growing. Nitrates and phosphates are down to < 5 and 0 respectively. It’s too low and I know it’s not healthy for the coral but at this point I am more conserned with finishing off the alage that has taken hold than health of the coral. I can get more coral. And it’s hanging on.
  7. So, that thank ^ is in the prosess of being replaced by a 225 gal 6’ X 24” tall X 30” wide peninsula. The sump is about 50 gallons and I think I want to put a fragrack in the skimmer section of the sump. I just need to find a light for the frag rack, I’d like one in white. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just enough to grow frags.
  8. Tank is just dying now. I sent off a set of samples to ati for testing but it’s a complete mystery to me. Been loosing a lot of SPS colonies 😞
  9. The overfeeding is being addressed. We have a 12’ Vlamingi tang so it’s a bit of a tightrope to feed him enough but we were puting about a pound of Asian market seafood mix in every month + other treats. The accuse issue is the alage encroaching on the SPS and dipping rock is not really an option as many of the rocks are rather large and encrusted with SPS bases.
  10. From what I understand, the bryopsys gets it’s N from sources other than nitrate. You can’t beat it with nutreant reduction and your pretty much stuck with either fluconazole or the dirty formula Kent magnesium at ~1800PPM because it will outcompete your coral and nothing we’ve found will eat it.
  11. J/K, not all at once but I have a real nutrient issue. Someone in my house has a habbit of feeding the fish every time they look hungry which is always. It hit critical mass about 2 months ago and my SPS tank started looking more like an alage farm. I started dosing vingar to bring down the nitrate (went from over 50PPM to20ppm Salifert) and Po4 read 0 Salifert. I had been dong manual removal of GHA and turf alage but it was takeing 2 hrs a shot once or twice a week and I just want to enjoy my fish tank. Monday I gave up and hit the tank with 300mg of fluconazole. I cut back on vingar to avoid a cyano outbreak with the extra nutrients from no skimming and alage dieoff what has me conserned is that I’m finding small patches of green bubble alage under where the filimentious alagies were and some patches of beautiful burgundy Cyanobacteria. Now I’m considering vibrant once the fluconazole is done to deal with the bubble alage. Of course, that will be the end of the chaeto in my fuge. I don’t mind doing some work and spending some money but I just want to enjoy looking at my fist tank 😞
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