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  1. Five.five-six

    fluconazole, vibrant and chemiclean all at once?

    Tank is just dying now. I sent off a set of samples to ati for testing but it’s a complete mystery to me. Been loosing a lot of SPS colonies ?
  2. Five.five-six

    fluconazole, vibrant and chemiclean all at once?

    He always looks hungry
  3. Five.five-six

    fluconazole, vibrant and chemiclean all at once?

    The overfeeding is being addressed. We have a 12’ Vlamingi tang so it’s a bit of a tightrope to feed him enough but we were puting about a pound of Asian market seafood mix in every month + other treats. The accuse issue is the alage encroaching on the SPS and dipping rock is not really an option as many of the rocks are rather large and encrusted with SPS bases.
  4. Five.five-six

    fluconazole, vibrant and chemiclean all at once?

    From what I understand, the bryopsys gets it’s N from sources other than nitrate. You can’t beat it with nutreant reduction and your pretty much stuck with either fluconazole or the dirty formula Kent magnesium at ~1800PPM because it will outcompete your coral and nothing we’ve found will eat it.
  5. J/K, not all at once but I have a real nutrient issue. Someone in my house has a habbit of feeding the fish every time they look hungry which is always. It hit critical mass about 2 months ago and my SPS tank started looking more like an alage farm. I started dosing vingar to bring down the nitrate (went from over 50PPM to20ppm Salifert) and Po4 read 0 Salifert. I had been dong manual removal of GHA and turf alage but it was takeing 2 hrs a shot once or twice a week and I just want to enjoy my fish tank. Monday I gave up and hit the tank with 300mg of fluconazole. I cut back on vingar to avoid a cyano outbreak with the extra nutrients from no skimming and alage dieoff what has me conserned is that I’m finding small patches of green bubble alage under where the filimentious alagies were and some patches of beautiful burgundy Cyanobacteria. Now I’m considering vibrant once the fluconazole is done to deal with the bubble alage. Of course, that will be the end of the chaeto in my fuge. I don’t mind doing some work and spending some money but I just want to enjoy looking at my fist tank ?
  6. Five.five-six

    WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    I love cyphastria and IMO it’s one of the more overlooked coral.
  7. It’s from experience. We have captive reefs. They run differant than natural reefs. You’ll never see 10-20 ppm nitrate in a natural reef but it’s a rather successful strategy in captive reefs. Not to say that if you swing 2c in a day everything will die. But if you are seeing that size swing you should work on a strategy to bring that down.
  8. Five.five-six

    Clam damage and survival ??

    I hate to say so but yes ?
  9. You don’t want to stay over 29C especially for extended periods. 1.5C is about the max for daily swing.
  10. Five.five-six

    Thinking of changing wave pump(s)

    Ecotech or tunze are your only real options. I know the upfront cost is shocking but long term they will save you money.
  11. Five.five-six

    Clam damage and survival ??

    Sorry, it’s heartbreaking when clams go. Get it out before it fouls your tank.
  12. Five.five-six

    Help me to find my no3 level

    37.5 ppm.
  13. Five.five-six

    Soft coral id

    Yes, colt coral.
  14. Five.five-six

    Apex Leak Detection Help

    Good news, now you can help the next guy! (or girl or transgender, pangender, etc...)
  15. Five.five-six

    Apex Leak Detection Help

    Iis there a “custom” option from one of the pull downs?