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  1. I’d say It’s the same size, 3/4” max it’s probably the smallest fish I’ve seen in a saltwater aquarium compared to anything from a store
  2. It’s funny, everytime I don’t see it for a while and assume it’s dead, it shows up for a few moments. I have a couple bad pictures from a few days ago
  3. I’m just not sure what it eats, I’ve never seen it eat, it is always cryptic and will dart then hide when I spot it usually. I can’t tell you how incredibly lucky I had enough time to get the shots of it before it moved.
  4. It’s larger than before I want to say 3/4 in i have literally never heard of anything like this situation.
  5. Update I’ve spotted it again, and even better news, I have better pictures
  6. It’s been a busy week so I haven’t had a lot of time to watch the tank but so far I have not spotted it since last. I still carry out my normal maintenance and feeding routines. It’s made me wonder though since I couldn’t spot it this week if it could have hidden somewhere else in the tank/has died?
  7. It’s just very difficult, this fish can see me like 2 feet away from the aquarium. Begins to move away from the opening when it sees. To top it off with the issues from before, because I have to angle the camera the glass causes distortions the more I try to look from an angle into the cave
  8. I feel like this fish must be juvenile Because I do know not of any fish that could be that small as an adult, what do you guys think?
  9. So I was watching it again, it hovers and does not dart only for movement, looks more like it can also glide a bit smoothly, I saw this as it turned and moved around a bit in the cave, the fish really only looks about fingernail sized,
  10. So update, I have a picture that’s better than before, I had just almost given up to take the picture when I saw it again. I already had the lights to all white. I could not get the phone to focus better before it left. The angle I used to get a better view causes distortion as well
  11. No I used the caribsea live sand bag, but besides that I ammonia cycled and seeded bacteria with vials of biodigest
  12. It’s just so cryptic and when I saw it just now it wouldn’t leave the dark area, Even when I broadcast fed the tank 3 times today to try and lure it out. I only could make out the body shape cause it didn’t notice me when I saw it in a cave. I was able to try and draw it. When I try to bring the camera in it notices and then the camera acted up since it’s totally actinic and almost off for the day, on top of being in the dark. It’s frustrating but extremely exciting.
  13. @Snow_Phoenix that is a beautiful fish but idk if I saw the long fins like that, I only know I saw the tail fin for sure
  14. I saw it again, it was in a crevice/cave that is dark, I was able to see it. It looks transparent and has a dark line in the middle, it hovers and does not lay on the ground as soon as I brought the camera in it moved away from view in the dark. Here is a drawing. I specifically remember the line in the center, it was transparent in the white part while the bottom of it was dark. I remember how it’s tail shape looked as well
  15. I know I received my cleanup crew and macroalgae from reef cleaners. Maybe @johnmaloney can give some input if he has fish in the system?
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