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  1. sapling

    Sapling’s 45p nano

    Thanks! I’m using a Sony A6000 using a 10mm extension tube. I was recording in 30fps though because I keeping forgetting to raise the settings to 60fps. I think you might be using the same camera if I remember your thread correctly?
  2. sapling

    Sapling’s 45p nano

    Update for today, all the shrimp are fine, usually, I won't see all of them at once, only about 8, but during a water change, they all go to the top and are easily counted. The ATO works fine and has been a blessing in terms of maintenance, as it's more time looking at the tank, and less time doing top offs. sometimes I get paranoid and check with my refractometer, but the salinity is fine. what is next to do is find a container I can use to store a few gallons of rodi at a time for top offs that will fit in the stand. As for the stand, I finished sanding it about a week ago, and am just waiting for it to be painted! I also added a few holes for the ato and wiring. I plan to drain the tank as much as possible during a WC to slide it over to the stand, leaving corals and shrimp in. I will update with pictures later, but here is a short video of one of my shrimp on a coral!
  3. Hey @Daniel91 I’m sorry to hear about the TS blenny, and your YWG, it’s never fun to lose something. my TSB jumped and it was a very hard thing for me to see since it was my favorite fish throughout the time I had my 25g. I felt horrible since I was in the middle of building the top during that week. he never jumped in the 6 months prior. as for your ywg, I had a bad accident happen to a exquisite firefish of mine swimming into a powerhead and being killed. I couldn’t find it anywhere for days until I finally started searching in the rockwork in the back, and I saw it’s corpse beheaded. I’m hoping that isn’t the case for you, and that the ywg is only possibly in the back of the aio or behind the rockwork.
  4. sapling

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 New Frag Swap Pick Ups

    Looks like aiptasia, As for the birdnest, it might come off on its own from the current,
  5. sapling

    Sapling’s 45p nano

    A small update, I ordered a hydrofill ato controller, and a rio plus 600 for the pump, very excited to get it set up! Namely because the water evaporation is crazy! In my bigger 25g it was not a severe issue due to the larger water volume helping stabilizing, but in the 45p the salinity and other parameters swings more than I prefer, The shrimp are all there, and they all like to gather on the rock far more now I’ve moved the coral. In other news my nassarius and red leg hermit have both passed on. I am at a loss for the reason. But I feel the shrimp may have a role. The corals are fine, but I saw the red leg being pulled out of its shell by multiple shrimp, as well as the nassarius being cornered before the next day an empty shell. Could this just been oppurtunstic? I’m not sure what could be the reason.
  6. sapling

    Sapling’s 45p nano

    @BaristaBob I’m actually not sure where I want them all exactly but I’ve moved them today, I like how I’ve laid them out so far , but want to be sure they’re happy before I glue. Heres a quick iphone pic ,I just did my weekly maintenance so apologies for the cloudiness Besides the water change and moving the coral, I’ve been working on the stand since my last post and it’s all assembled and ready to be sanded! I’m debating on how I want to do the finish. I’m also still looking into how I want to drill the holes A pic I had of the dry fit before pocket holes and glue
  7. that emerald crab is probably eating real good thanks to Ike too!
  8. sapling

    Fluval Evo 13.5 First Nano......

    I’ve done both. Usually it was the shipping price for me not the shipping that bars ordering, all my corals have arrived healthy and happy usually. Sometimes there can be some really good saltwater fish stores if you’re willing to drive a little further out. if the frags you see at local stores don’t catch your attention, see about Facebook groups for your area that trade frags if you want to see locally. Online can have the widest selection and some really great corals, so Besides that for online there is live aquaria, aquasd, uniquecorals, wwc, saltycritters, tidal gardens And so on.
  9. sapling

    Fluval Evo 13.5 First Nano......

    My top few to recommend off the bat would be Soft coral would be Xenia, if you want to add an island to isolate them. The pulsing Xenia is amazing to see in low flow, and won’t commit chemical warfare/allelopathy like sarcophyton and other leathers can do. Easy to learn how to frag with them as well, LPS, I really enjoyed my acans when I had them, a nice LPS that are good at feeding and have great colors. Another would be blastomussas, they’re similar to acans in look and willingness to eat, but want lower lighting, For a bonus SPS, I would suggest a pocillopora, it’s one of the hardiest sps, and frags are generally pretty affordable to try out, I’d suggest maybe checking out tidal gardens videos on YouTube for some ideas, since they have a lot of great images and video of corals and descriptions, as well as recommendations
  10. sapling

    hammer coral lost one tentacle

    So I actually asked this a couple months ago and got the same reply, and looked like the thread was answered well, but just to add a quote from advance aquarist “...Borneman (2001) also mentions that the tips of sweeper tentacles may stick to the substrate and break away at times, which can then give rise to new colonies. And, these tips may also pinch off at times and drift around an aquarium where they can stick to other surfaces. Borneman suggests that this may be a novel means of asexual reproduction and/or a means of defense, as the tips are packed with stinging cells and can damage other corals they may come into contact with...” https://www.advancedaquarist.com/2012/10/corals I came across this while reading today and thought to add to this topic,
  11. sapling

    Fluval Evo 13.5 First Nano......

    oh yeah cycling is just anxiety all over for me, worst part was I would window shop but the LFS wasn’t willing to hold any coral I bought for the duration of the cycle, missed some cool stuff 😞
  12. Love the goby! They’re always so grumpy looking, I hear you about the LFS being dry, the two stores I go to haven’t had a coral shipment in 2 weeks,
  13. sapling

    Fluval Evo 13.5 First Nano......

    What kind of rock is that on the top and the right? They don’t look like the dry rock I’m used to seeing at the LFS, Any stocking plans yet?
  14. sapling

    MrObscura's Nuvo 10 New Frag Swap Pick Ups

    Apologies, From personal experience, Acans and hammers can go into a tank with a finished cycle that’s stable without issue.
  15. sapling

    IM 14 gallon Peninsula/ BioCube 32, because why not?

    @banasophia itty bitty coral, have you tried to take a macro shot of it? Can’t wait to see some progression pictures though! @Nano Nano Boo Boo they refer to two versions of the tunze ato, one has 2 sensors and the other only has one iirc.