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  1. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new pics!

    @StinkyBunny thats interesting to say, in freshwater I've always done a week of prophylactic treatments of new fish with general cure(prazi & metro), and ick x, but In saltwater I Have not practiced this because iirc, I was told not to. I've always seen any fish not in my care as possibly dirty, no matter the origin. My question to you specifically though is could internal parasites be a common cause of fish not eating such for example, Court Jester Gobies and Blennies? Because I've read that like in the Case of Court Jester Gobies, Captive Bred never seem to have a problem eating, vs the Wild caught. https://biotaaquariums.com/product/rainford-goby-court-jester/ An example of a CB court jester touted as being readily eating vs a Wild caught.
  2. Yuma mushroom shrinking

    my ric florida shrinks up a bit at night, I dont know exactly, but maybe your yuma just needs to adjust to the light?
  3. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new pics!

    GL on the order @Lula_Mae ! My TSB never had a issue with my clown, and is actually always within a few inches of the clown usually when not in its hole or picking copepods. they were added the same time. I dont know if that affected their compatibility. I dont know if you had plans for them together, but just put it out there in case youre wondering.
  4. Moving Coral Placement After Acclimation

    so you think its a good to go ahead and start moving the pocillopora up now? I'll go ahead then, Appreciate it ! @TILTON I remember seeing this thread mentioning something super interesting if you skip over to the lighting for SPS corals, I saw that apparently corals usually produce the more exotic color in response to UV Light. since From how i understand it, its a sunscreen the coral produces as a sunscreen, so maybe if your looking for color you should consider bringing up the light. I know my Pocillopora has a somewhat green dotting to the tissue not the polyps when I first got it and wonder if once in the high part of the tank will it gain that back. another article on the subject that was pretty interesting, http://www.liveaquaria.com/PIC/article.cfm?aid=114 the other part interesting was the mention of color temp in regards of growth vs color. they mention the warmer the color (10k vs 20k) causes faster growth but worse color. so I think your T5 and LED fixture will probably super awesome to see tbh, I was thinking of something like that myself since I preferred the 14k look anyways.
  5. Hey Nano reef, Just a quick question about placement of corals, So I have had a New Nanobox light running for about a week now, and am wondering when Can I start bringing my pocillopora up from the sandbed, and how high should I go at a time? currently it is about 18" from the light, and am wondering if I can move it to the top of my rocks now which are ~12" from the light or to put it halfway up the rock(~15" from light) and wait another week before to the top? Anyways just wondering how do people do it here on the forums and the best tips for it? Would not like to stress the coral too much during this, and thank you to everyone who replies
  6. Arizona Reef Clubs/Phoenix Reefers

    @TILTON I was actually looking at possible groups there yesterday on FB, I might be moving to somewhere near Downtown by june next year. I saw one large group, Phoenix Reefer's Community, but am not in the group to see what its like, have you checked them out? but besides that, I only know a couple people with FW tanks there.
  7. Market Place Question

    thats crazy, I knew that from ebay that paypal favors the buyer but I did not think it carried over outside of ebay disputes, thought it was mostly bias to ensure trust from buyers, since paypal used to be part of the same company group afaik.
  8. Market Place Question

    oof, 15 posts is like nothing though lol, my bad. I would imagine for most people that could be got in a few days of helping others. I think I remembered reading that but thought it was the required post count to post FS listings, since I'd imagine thats what the required post count is trying to combat to begin with, spammers and such.
  9. Reviving 9 gal Cube.. suggestions?

    A frogfish sounds super cool, something that would be too aggressive in a community tank I'd imagine would use the best potential. maybe a coldwater tank or estuary, or even a breeding project? Maybe a Renvisioning of your planted shrimp nano as a feather duster with macro algae garden? maybe even have one of these goofy guys too or just a whole bunch of hermits. hopefully that helps cheers
  10. Market Place Question

    well, When I used it, I would reply to the thread or if you prefer, PM the seller about questions or going through with a purchase. Make sure you follow the advice to be a safe and happy buyer,
  11. Good LFS in Memphis?

    Memphis, TN? Theres a local store called Memfish. They have a medium sized selection for fresh and saltwater and can do orders for you. I believe there's a saltwater group that meet up there once a month or so to trade frags and such. I think its generally considered one of the better ones. theres another store called Something Fishy and I hear good things about it but never been to confirm it. Then theres the Petco on poplar ave and highland, and they say personally they are one of the top 10 saltwater departments of all Petcos iirc. something you might want to check out if you can since that petco and memfish are pretty close, about 10 minute drive or so down poplar.
  12. Lids

    the notches sound really hard actually to do with only simple tools.. maybe someone with a good saw and router would make quick work of those, they'd even be able to make the frame one piece rather than a eurobrace.
  13. Lids

    it sounds like they might just have a base price to do it to begin with and a second price added for the cost of extra material as the design is made larger. Im really interested in those corner pieces of your lid though, since that seriously looks like a possible far cheaper and better method to suspend the lid over the tank, vs using the clips that hang over the rim. Im not sure how I can look that up to see about making it. the design that comes to mind most for a acrylic lid by hand would be to basically cut and create a eurobrace, then possibly siliconing or using the acrylic cement for the mesh to the sides. eurobrace style could easily allow that inside cut yours has for the little door tilton.
  14. Lids

    all I know is with acrylic and glass, is if it is machine cut, the price is dramatically higher than one hand cut. I remember calling several glass companies for quotes when I was building my tank this year, for reference the amount of glass was for a DIY Fusion 20. the machine cut was nearly 150, vs handcut for 50. Some Glass companies wont even handcut and be extremely rude about it since aquarium glass isnt really a large order. the difference I asked between the two is just how exact it is to the specified dimensions (0-2mm or so off handcut) and also if the score(the cut) was 90 degrees vs can be mildy angled. there isnt much of a difference otherwise that I can remember.
  15. Lids

    das crazy, we were just talking about making screen lids on my thread about some stocking options, but yeah you must mean someone who is willing to make it for you and send it out yes? personally it seems like a good idea.