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  1. I wouldn't worry about trying to figure out an exact ratio to get it to the right spot, just remove a little and add fresh RODI. Do a little at a time til you get it where you want it.
  2. Yes, I think 2 AI Prime's would be sufficient for a 40b. Especially if you kept the really high light demanding SPS in the middle and/or near the top. Though I'd think you could probably keep other SPS throughout the tank with 2 primes.
  3. If splitting and OP doesn't want them, I'd be interested in one ^^
  4. My favorite part is how relaxing it is to get home from work and watch everything move with the flow of the current. I could (and do!) do that for hours. It'll never get old.
  5. What about one AI Prime HD for now, then add a second one later on down the road when your tank matures and you start adding more coral?
  6. After seeing the different experiences from other reefers in this thread, I do feel pretty lucky! The ATO reservoir came in perfect shape (the undamaged, well packaged box), and the 3 buckets of salt all ended up being fine as well. One bucket has a dent in around the lid area so it won't seal properly, but the bag of salt remains sealed and unopened. The other 2 buckets are in good shape, just scratched up. The dry foods I ordered are also fine, and the only damage are two of the test kits I ordered. Boxes flattened, vials broken, contents spewed throughout the box. I consider this to be very minimal though compared to others' experiences.
  7. Where in Central FL are you located? I've been looking for some!
  8. One of these boxes contains salt + test kits + food, the other contains a glass ATO reservoir. But which is which....fingers crossed!
  9. I have a wyoming white and a davinci and they paired up pretty much right away. Love the look of having two different colors/patterns!
  10. I should've stated that I didn't use MicroBacter7. I used BioSpira the first time and Fritz the second time. Both of those bottles recommend dosing the whole for aquariums up to 30 gallons I believe. And mine is a 26 so it was perfect.
  11. I went by the link 1891Bro posted. Dosed bottle of bacteria. Added ammonia to 2ppm. Tested over the next two weeks. Once ammonia and nitrite were both 0, dosed another bottle of bacteria and added ammonia to 2ppm. This time around ammonia was down to 0 much faster, and I did a 95% water change. Then I added ammonia again to 2ppm just to make sure I had established my bacteria, and my ammonia was back to 0 within a day and a half. Did another 95% water change then added my first fish 24 hours later. Though my tank may have been cycled after the first couple weeks, I let it run for a month before my first fish were introduced. I wanted to be sure it was ready and completely cycled. I pretty much did the bacteria and ammonia dose and let it run for two weeks while testing, and just repeated it a second time to be sure. I'd suggest reading the link posted above.
  12. So I thought my order was canceled because it was removed from my bank account.... Then today I get an email saying my order shipped and was provided two tracking numbers (hopefully for the glass ATO reservoir being shipped separately then the salt but idk at this point anymore)
  13. I recently made my first online livestock purchase through @Cultivated Reef and couldn't be happier. I normally don't post too many reviews, but I had an exceptional experience purchasing through them and thought they deserve one. I purchased two clown fish, a Wyoming White and a Grade A DaVinci. I placed the order early on a Monday morning requesting for a Wednesday delivery. I received an email from Holly at Cultivated Reef shortly after placing my order, and she confirmed that everything was all set to be shipped out Tuesday to be received on Wednesday. I received another email from her on Tuesday with a tracking number once the fish had shipped. She promptly kept me updated and made me feel very good about dealing with Cultivated Reef. I don't know of too many companies who will send the buyer much more than an automated "your order is confirmed" email and leave it at that. Wednesday arrived, and I heard a knock on my door before noon. My new fish were here! The box was in great condition and seemed to be treated well during the shipping process. It was also labeled and marked quite well as any box containing live tropical fish or coral should be. More points for Cultivated Reef. Upon opening the box, I found a perfectly sized styrofoam/insulated cooler with a sealed lid that contained my fish inside. Each fish was triple bagged and individually labeled. Nothing leaked and the fish didn't seem to have been bothered by the shipping. I did my usual sniff test of the water before floating the bags and acclimating the fish and was pleasantly surprised to find no odor at all. I was more than happy with the whole shipping and packaging process and the water quality Cultivated Reef keeps in their systems. Now about the fish themselves. The first thought that came to mind after taking them out of the box was how perfect I thought they were. Their markings and coloration were exactly as I was hoping for. I honestly couldn't have hand-picked better looking fish if I were given the opportunity. I am more than satisfied with the fish that I received. Their colors are very bright and vibrant, and they have both been extremely healthy since the moment I got them. Once in my tank they paired up within minutes and they never really leave each other's side for more than a minute or two. It only took 2 days before their eating went back to normal, and man these guys sure do like to eat. I use a mini syringe type turkey baster lookin thing to squirt food in the tank, and after the first time I used that they knew exactly what it meant. Now they'll come up and start nipping the end of it before I even get any food squirted out. Tomorrow (7/18/18) marks a week that these guys will have been in my tank, and they seem to have settled in quite nicely. They eat like pigs and explore all over the tank. They love swimming in the current too which is always fun to watch. Before and after my purchase I had some questions that I emailed to Cultivated Reef, and Holly responded quickly to my emails and was very helpful in answering any question that I had. This has been my first ever online purchase of livestock, and I can only hope that the companies I may purchase from in the future make my experience as pleasant as this one has been. Aside from their great prices (shipping prices too!), Cultivated Reef also has great customer service and cares about their customer's satisfaction. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again and would highly recommend them. Thanks again Holly and everyone else at Cultivated Reef!
  14. I haven't received any emails regarding a canceled order, but my processing payment was removed from my bank account...