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  1. Definitely excited for this and will be patiently waiting for updates!
  2. Are you planning on making media baskets for them? I'd be all over them if so! Even told the owner of my LFS I wanted to go with IM because of the availability of media baskets before I settled on the Cobalt
  3. Thanks! And I still haven't actually made a final decision on the RO/DI yet. When I purchased my tank from my LFS who I trust and always has their tanks and livestock in great shape I was supplied with 25 gallons of saltwater and 10 gallons of RO/DI to get things started. Planning on making that purchase within the next week or so though! I think I'm going to go with a BRS unit, now I'm just trying to decide between 4 or 5 stage. I want the unit to include a pressure gauge, TDS meter(s), and manual membrane flush kit. I'm also trying to decide if I'm going to go for the water saver upgrade as well... I just checked both of these pumps out. That varios-2 looks awesome! I didn't even know these types of pumps were coming with controllers and everything now. Guess I've been out of the loop!
  4. shoonjai

    Biospira and Dry Rock?

    Would you redose ammonia regardless what the nitrites and nitrates were at? Just as long as ammonia dropped back down to 0? I just hit the 1 week mark of my cycle with all dry rock using Dr. Tim's ammonia and Bio-Spira and am preferring this method as well. Added bacteria, dosed ammonia to 2ppm, and it was back down to 0 in about 4-5 days then nitrites have been around 2ppm since. Didn't mean to hijack your thread TheDeltaFlight! Figured my questions may aid in your cycle as well since they're relevant!
  5. Uneventful update: Tank has been cycling for 1 week now. Ammonia has dropped to 0 over that time, nitrites are around 2ppm, and nitrates are around 20ppm. MP10 has been working wonderfully. I've never owned one before this tank, and I'm really enjoying it. Spin stream quieted down significantly after running in saltwater for a couple days. Still thinking about upgrading the return pump. Suggestions?
  6. shoonjai

    AI prime or current USA ic pro

    AI Prime HD. Recently purchased one and I love it
  7. shoonjai

    Cycling tank

    Dosing ammonia to live rock will kill off some of the living beneficial stuff that you want, which is why you started with live rock in the first place. If using live rock, no ammonia dosing required. If using dry rock, an ammonia source (dosing would be the cleanest) would be needed to kickstart the cycle. Your tank would still cycle with dry rock and no ammonia added, but that would take a long time.
  8. shoonjai

    Cycling tank

    My tank is currently cycling and I used the link 1891Bro posted as a reference before I began. I used all dry rock (watching the rock slowly start growing things and growing coraline is one of my favorite aspects of a new tank, didn't want to use live rock) and sand that I rinsed 12 times (until the water was no longer cloudy). I added bottled bacteria (Bio-Spira) and dosed ammonia (Dr. Tim's) to ~2ppm and am now letting the cycle run its course. In two weeks, or once all the parameters are back to 0, I will dose ammonia again and see if it is able to be filtered out by my rocks within 24-48 hours to see where things are at. If the rocks are unable to do so, I will add a second bottle of bacteria, dose ammonia to 2ppm, and let that run another 2 weeks. After that as the link 1891Bro referenced, the tank should be 100% cycled, even if no parameter testing was done.
  9. A couple of updates. The MP10 that I purchased was sent to me with a non-working controller, so luckily I was refunded my money. I decided to just pick up a new MP10wqd from my LFS and my Jebao is currently pending to a another member from the forum. Rinsed my sand a total of 12 times after getting my rocks setup and that drastically reduced any cloudiness. I may remove a little bit of sand later on down the road, still deicing on that. Remove some, or just move some towards the back, I'm not sure yet. I got the tank filled, added a bottle of Bio-Spira, and added some Dr. Tim's ammonia to get it to ~2ppm, and now I'll let nature take its course and patiently wait. Rockscape: We have water! Minimal cloudiness: Couple hours later and how the tank looks currently:
  10. SOLD I have a Jebao RW-4 for sale. It is pretty much brand new still, has only been tested in fresh RODI water for a couple of hours, never seen salt. Only selling it because I found a deal on an MP10 that I couldn't pass up. Asking $40 shipped, let me know if you have any questions.
  11. shoonjai

    BTA, mini maxi, or rock flower nems?

    I vote RFAs as that's what I have recently fell in love with
  12. shoonjai

    THIS CLAM IS HUGE! Easily two foot long!

    Wonder how much a clam that size would cost??!
  13. That prime is very tempting 🤔
  14. I can't wail til my tank is ready for livestock. Of all the places I've looked, AquaSD has some of the nicest corals I've seen.