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  1. Mark1313


    Ya I bought the light Jan 11th and haven't received it. No response since the 17th.
  2. Mark1313


    I bought the mini
  3. Mark1313

    sexy shrimp

    Love it! Thought I'd share. Senora can never decide between the orange froggie or the hammer. Hand fed, never bothers another coral.
  4. Mark1313

    Senora shakes a new crib

    Oh this one shows the 2nd clown better. Same silly pic but the fish moved. So here.
  5. Mark1313

    Senora shakes a new crib

    Well again.. This tank is so much easier. I wish I had started with it.. But I learned a ton with the tougher tank. Sadly it cost a few fishies. Anyway here's to better times. Cheers matey @Moorahs
  6. Mark1313

    Nyos Wild Goji

    Wasn't sure where to put this. I can't seem to find a review to satisfy what I want to know about this food. I have 2 clowns. They get fed twice a day on a food rotation. Rods mixed with Dr Tim's bene-fish-al garlic. Larry's nano Mysis (Happy Friday) They are very juvenile fish. I've tried to mix in Omega One Marine Flakes (garlic) & New Life Spectrum Thera +A. They won't have it, although they do grab the NLS, just to spit it out. Tried the Nyos today and they loved it. Small, soft, flavor? Who knows, but I was impressed. Anyway I can't seem to find a good enough review to satisfy me on the Wild Goji. Is it a regular food, more like a treat, or terrible and I shouldn't be using it? Experiences please, opinions please.
  7. Mark1313

    How long do you store rodi

    Following cause I dump 5-6 gallons in the ato reservoir. Don't really think much of it, but it sits in there awhile.
  8. Mark1313

    Shaking Peppermint Shrimp

    When I tell Alexa to play dance and jump in the line comes on. My sexy starts shaking. The pep runs out to see what the commotion is and they party onward. Until they get fed. Not much useful information there but it's true and kinda amuses me. Hope your shrimp stays healthy and shakes it all the time.
  9. Mark1313

    What would you like to upgrade to?

    A 6.6 & 10 now. I have a 20 peninsula build in boxes until I move. I guess I like looking at larger tanks but I don't particularly want one. Ive had 55,75,100 freshwater. So I guess saltwater is dream a little dream for me.
  10. Very pleased with the crew 10 gal package from John at reef cleaners. I added 2 trochus, 1 margarita, and a ninja star astrea. (some/most of those cause I think they look cool) 😆 Hate crabs, kill em all. Learned that lesson.
  11. Mark1313


    Anyone heard from Forrest lately? I bought a light on Jan 11, hasn't been shipped yet. I know he was sick, last I heard from was the 17th. Edit: As I figured, a few ppl reached out to me and know Forrest is a good seller, which is what I originally thought. So, hoping you feel better Forrest, take your time, I have patience. Just a bump here then.
  12. Mark1313

    Smallest powerhead?

    Looked up the dimensions of the micra and micra plus. Wow that's a small return pump area you have. They spec out larger then your 1.5. So...lemme look. Now I'm curious. Hopefully someone else knows
  13. Mark1313

    Smallest powerhead?

    That's what I was thinking of. There's a pic in there that shows the size difference. Now everyone's budget is different and everyone's like/dislike of a tank is different. I'm not a fan of a powerhead in a small tank. Hence my pump upgrade reccomdation, but if I did decide to put a powerhead in my tank...it would be the aqamai. Livestock, visual, and budget will help you choose. There's some ideas.
  14. Mark1313

    Smallest powerhead?

    On its lowest setting isn't aqamai slightly less powerful than the sw2? Not talking flow rate here but if you put the aqamai side by side size wise to a koralia 240 the aqamai is a lot smaller. Bonus in small tanks. Plus you get the wavemaker and app bonus? Don't quote me on none of this crap, drinking not thinking. Not complete nonsense. Worth it to take a look though. Need a powerhead though? Can't upgrade the return pump? Maybe upgrade the return pump Sicce micra fit? and strap a rfg on?
  15. Mark1313

    Proof! Asterina eat zoas

    That's actually really interesting. I today just told my lfs that I when I pick up my next order I'm gonna "steal" 4-5 asterina. I have 1. I've always had 1. I love it. Maybe I gotta rethink getting more. I know they can breed and that's not a benefit. Didn't know they will get a munch. Good post timing, I'm lookin to grab a few more zoa for a project.