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  1. Surface Skimmer Recommendation?

    I have a prototype surface skimmer in my 6.6. It's pretty equivalent to the eheim skim350. Does a great job and added flow is nice. I can hide it, so you don't even know it's in there. If I couldn't it would kinda stick out and not look the best.

    You have a cuc? Any in mind? With live rock you could prolly add a few snails or a hermit ot 2 if that's your preference. If you don't see any algae for snails, throw em a wafer. Toss in some fish food twice a week? Least it's something to watch. The whole quick lfs water, rock, sand, sounded good to me but I rushed because of it.

    Look I'm new but I see some of my same impatience. Honestly I set my 6.6 up the same way, I used 100% lfs show tank water. Other then that, exactly the same. Your cycle may have finished, I didn't have much of one. To keep it healthy. Don't add anything. Let it run its natural course. Nitrates will lower with time. Way to early to add any fish. If it's desperate, seachem stability. Honestly though I wouldn't. At this point a wc will hurt your nitrates, not help. At your point, maybe a few coral and watch your parameters. Honestly you're safer doing nothing for a month or two. I spiked ammonia and whacked out a fish cause early, then another one cause I overfed my one and only fish. Enjoy the tank, chill, add a couple of simple coral amd see how they do. Don't rush this, you'll be happier, even with the nice start.
  4. Kimber's Tank Thread - Natural Sunlight Video

    Those look fantastic Kim. Sometimes it isn't about a $100 coral. It's about happiness. Oh and bad news...the eye thing...gets worse. I should have brought my readers to Aquatic Experience lol
  5. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Ya I get that, in a way I guess it is. Although not meant to be that way at all. It surely isn't happy times. Basically I make mistakes, I learn from them, I don't repeat em. I'm never afraid to admit them either. What I've hoped to do is admit them and maybe someone stumbles on this and says wow, not gonna do that, or (so maybe that's my problem also). I wasn't trying to classify the problems as happy or sad, just admit em, maybe i need the lessons again in the future, I can now see what not to do. Helps me. I'm not perfect.
  6. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Friend on the other forum had a Q tank up and empty. They offered it up for a couple months. I delivered the fish on Saturday morning. Woohoo.
  7. About time you went Droid for us non apple users. Woohoo!
  8. Help- what's wrong with my clownfish?

    Na clowns ain't wimps. Fighters I didn't comment cause I couldn't help you much. Wishing you great luck. I have a clown struggling, but I know why.
  9. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    I'm gonna turn the lights off. The clown wants it so bad and the skunk is sooooo waiting. Where's the faith! Meanwhile Senora keeps jumping zoa to zoa and runs back to the hammer home. Friend suggested I but "With a Little Luck" by Wings on and make sure the tank hears it. Not quite my music, but I'm game.
  10. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Wow If anyone could see this. The skunk is totally and completely setting for this fish. The clown keeps getting braver. The skunk is never this calm, it's just saying.... Here. And this clown is so so close it needs to trust it. This is so cool but so sad that I caused it.
  11. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Omg the water change totally hurt the clown. It's not acting normal even for a clown. The skunk knows it and sets up, the clown thinks about it and decides to run.. This is shit right now, I know this fish is hurting and I haven't parentened well enough to stop it. I will correct this and not let it happen in the future. Way before my freshwater tanks.. Here's a long story that I should have known better from. 14ish years ago, daughter got a couple goldfish. Threw em in a bowl, all good right? Didn't know any better. Such a sad thing I witnessed and still connects me. Still hurts. 1 goldfish knew the other was ill. Sick fish was gasping and side swimming. The healthy one would find it in the bowl, get underneath it and push it to the top for air, the healthy would watch it float back down and repeat the process pushing it to the top. It kept pushing it over and over again. Trying to save the damn goldfish. You know that's not the best way to type a hell of a story in my head, I've never said it or typed it. I'm feeling a bit of that tonight while I watch this clown hurt. It is so weird, my blues are on so I can see the clown struggle and the skunk set up. The skunk has set up in 3 different spots. I know it's setting up you can just tell. Now it's just hanging in 1spot and waiting. Nobody gonna tell me that skunk isn't waiting to clean that clown... The clown keeps getting closer and the skunk is usually a pain tank mate by going over everything. Not now, it's waiting.
  12. Nickbruh510 BEWARE

    I got no nothing in this. Should keep my mouth shut, but sometimes I'm not good at it.... These "amused" me? Or summed up things. Don't give up, I hate to hear the "give up". Granted I'm new but I've met a few people here, bought from a few people here, read a lot from people here. Seem majority great people.
  13. SR Aquaristik Stock Shake Senora

    Ok, a week into my genius self discovering that I have icky, or velvet, or some variety of bad. The surviving clown is still covered in "white dust". Good news... It's still kicking. Strong girl. I think the thing actually ate today, only spit out 1/2 of what it took in, and I saw it take a dump twice during the week. So it's eating something. More good news, this skunk cleaner is only on loan from my lfs. I'm not supposed to mention it 'cause it's not normal lfs procedure, but yap yap yap. Good thing to, I hate it... To big for the tank, (which I knew to begin with) scares the hell out of the clown, if it's cleaning it, then it's doing it while i sleep. It's a bully, chases the pep and Senora away from the food. It goes upside down to pull floating food off the top before the lazy clown can even sniff it. Knocks over frags. It's a right pain. Yet it stays, cause I'm not positive that it isn't helping this clown keep kicking. So next step is still the same step. Do I make a quarantine that will be basically the same damn size as this tank and same amount of work, or do I continue to cross my fingers the clown keeps chugging along? It's not an easy decision or I would have already did it. Time/money/work for a temp tank, vs losing another fish (which hurts as much as anything else). I can make a goof and joke but I'm not pleased. It hurts. At least now I know why and can correct it, just need to find my most beneficial corrective action that coincides with helping my inhabitants. No pics, changed out 50% water and moved some coral around. As always, I have no idea how you can read all my long winded stuff, but thanks if you do and I welcome opinions and comments of what a tool I am for killing everything with fins.
  14. The "Quarantine" tank

    Thanks for this. I have ich in my 6.6gal main tank and I'm trying to justify how and why to set up a quarantine. Besides the help that it will do, just seems such a large amount of work for a tank the same size as my main tank. Maybe I can just have tank 2 in the future. Thanks for the ideas👍