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  1. Remember When?

    A lot of that is how I meant it. Don't let it take the wind out of your sails. Recall that day. Your particular day. I have no delusions that I've "hit it" I'm just happy that today.. For once, in a few short months, I've got a result I've strived for. I can take a breath, pour 2 fingers of Jameson and say... Nice.. Nothing bloody dies this week, everything looks great. I can enjoy my tank. I will Learn and Progress
  2. What’s your take on coral feeding...?

    Newer small tank. LPS, Softies, couple sps. I went coral happy early in the build. 1. Yes 2. Oyster-feast, Reef-roids 3. Only spot now 4. Every 3 days 5. Broadcast feed hurt everything in my small tank. WC couldn't keep up with the waste. (yes I fed per instruction) Basically I learned my coral. Most of mine had no need of what I broadcast so it hurt my overall. Now I spot and everything in my tank is better off for it. I don't need/want to frag a 60 foot coral, they can grow slow, but they do grow.
  3. Another what fish should get next post!

    New so... I stopped in Petco today for the $1 a gallon sale (needed a ato reservior). I always check the tanks and a striped blenny caught my eye. Pretty sweet. If I had the room for it, woulda went home. Granted not many places for it to hide at petco but as soon as it saw me, was happy happy. So perhaps your petco can order? I honestly don't know a lot about chain stores like that, except from what I read. I was a pom pom guy until like clown said.. Never see the things. If I was in your position, only 1 lfs and a petco. I'd pick and choose with patience, make one of those two stores order for me.
  4. Remember When?

    You finally got it? Maybe you stopped killing fish? Maybe you stopped having frags disappear? Maybe you hit perfect water parameters? Maybe every coral opened up and your fish started eating and swimming around? Maybe you're a genius and got it correct day 1. Remember that day? Today my little 6.6 gallon hit that day. Today was my day. I'm confident now that my plans for the future will actually work and I'm not just burning cash. Today I'm confident enough to start other saltwater projects. Today I'm that person and I'm bloody overjoyed.

    Entered! If I don't win this I'm buying it. Looks great.
  6. SR Aquaristik Stock Happy Happy

    Added a few coral from a frag fest last week, added a green clown goby last week, tossed in a sexy. LFS is holding me up on 5 more shrimp. My water parameters have never been better. My coral are at the top of their game right now. I couldn't actually be happier about my tank. Large learning curve, but I think I turned the corner. Lmao matey. I try to do nothing but I'm apparently poor at it
  7. SR Aquaristik Stock Happy Happy

    Ok learned a lot recently. Basically learned a lot about MY particular tank and MY want needs, vs chasing what everyone says and or chasing numbers. I knew I was doing the correct things, I just didn't give the correct things enough time to balance. Learned more about filtration and how perfect water changes won't do you any bloody good if you don't rinse or change the damn filter. I need to put this in for myself as a bit of a reminder, I can learn.
  8. What croaked the clown?

    The prime went in about a month ago. Tank sat for 2+ weeks after that, then a 50% wc. Then almost 2 more weeks of sitting, 30% wc, added their clown. Those weren't regular wc's but I wanted to let the tank sit and level itself after the prime thing. Which it was doing just fine, as the tests showed. I didn't plan on the fish, I planned on the tank sitting longer, I shoulda kept my mouth shut and let em find somewhere else. I overfed it. Had to be. I shoulda changed water the 1st day it didn't eat. I don't have enough to clean up 3 days of food. Waiting until day 5 to wc was my biggest downfall here. I don't have the tank size to make a small mistake. Well, I get to tell them I whacked out the clown and I'll buy em a nice new one when it's time. I get to look at snails for another 6-8 weeks. On the plus side it's cheap to do nothing and at least my coral grow!
  9. What croaked the clown?

    Well I suppose if it's ammonia. I overfed again. Unbelievable. I cut off a corner of Larry's on Monday, let it melt, pulled a tweezer amount out. Did the same amount the next day with brine, 4-5 pellets on Wednesday and with nothing cleaning that stuff up... Maybe that's what did it. The 50% water change on Friday was too late? Damn I'm confused and really mad at myself if this is what did it.
  10. What croaked the clown?

    They had it for a couple of months. Was their only fish. Wanted to upgrade but the small tank sold quicker then they thought it would. Larger tank wasn't ready so would someone hold the clown until... Ya it's gotta be that right? Sadly I can't test ammonia. I can guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning. How the hell do I get ammonia 2+ months in?
  11. What croaked the clown?

    So now paranoid. Temp is 79, it's fluctuated today 77-79. Every snail has moved up to the waterline, after about 2-3 hours lights out. Trochus Nassarius Vibex Florida cerith Nerite Except a couple dwarf cerith, I'm assuming they are still buried as usual. I've seen 1-2 at the waterline at night but never the entire gang. I have great flow, the powerhead is a stick type with the holes pointed slightly towards the tank front. The surface skimmer is one notch higher then minimum, which causes a minor divot in the sand right below it but makes the surface water as close to a wave as I can get in a tank this size. I'm getting aggro. Just wish I knew what the hell was wrong, if anything. Any ideas?
  12. 6.6 gal tank that is about 10-12 weeks old, I don't recall the exact setup day. Not much of a cycle, lfs demo tank rock, sand, water. Whacked out a goby about week 4-5, believe I overfed. Nitrates, Kh/Alk, calcium pretty high. Don't recall exact numbers, I know calcium, and KH were so high that they didn't even read. Exact amount of Prime added to bring those numbers down and quickly whacked out the pistol. Multiple tests, multiple ppl tested so they were high. Tank sat and chilled week 5-7, no water changes, no coral adds, nothing, parameters all came down and everything looked great. Lost NO inverts after the pistol. Have a peppermint still. Week 9-10? Anyway a week ago someone asked me to temp home their small clown for their tank upgrade. I realize my tank is too small but it is/was a juvenile small sized clown and only temp. Wouldn't eat, Monday to Wednesday I tried Larry's nano reef food, brine, Thera +A pellets. Starved it Thursday and Friday. Last night (Friday) the clown went to a tank side and swam in place rapidly during lights off. Not its regular sleeping habit. Thought maybe Nitrates were high with the food experiment, saw a little red cyano on a rock. Brushed that off, changed 50% water on Friday night. Saturday morning the clown was back to normal, swimming regularly. Water test. 1.025 390 calcium 14.1 KH 5.02 Alk 25 nitrate . 1 phos 8.0 PH Yeah I know the Nitrates are high again. Alk and ph are low. I know. Are those fish killers? A few hours later I walked up to the tank and the clown went to the top, almost seemed to be gasping for air. I guessed maybe after 2 days of being starved that maybe it wanted food. Tried 3 pellets and it didn't seem to care. Pulled 2 pellets back out. Couple hours later I look and wonder where the clown is. Saw it upside down at the top of the surface skimmer. Still looked gaspy. Now I'm clueless and like wtf, so I grabbed a battery air stone but in the short time I set it up the fish was done. I have a peppermint and cuc snails including a trochus. Shrimp seems OK, moved a rock and it was swimming around. Snails have moved off rock and substrate, went to top of the tank but they are alive and moving. All the coral are fine. Had 5 tiny zebra hermits since week 2, I've been removing 1 every 2 weeks and now have none. I have the stock tank powerhead, and a prototype surface skimmer with a powerhead. (think eheim skim350) it's equivalent. What killed it? Do I really need to test ammonia at this point? I'm clueless here and getting kinda pissed off, I kinda wanted a fish again in the near future but after this... Maybe not good.
  13. Tips for cramming a 14g 👍🏻

    After you do the basic "can I make this animal survive and flourish" with my current tank and my future tank. For me the coral help tell me. All my frags came from fellow reefers thus far. I see where their original is in their tank and what's around it. I do some placement/lighting research and I have a good base. After a weekish of the frag settling in, I realize whether it's "happy" or not. If not, I do a lot more research. I try a different placement, again based on lighting or vicinity coral. Some though are just finicky. I moved a red chili coral five different times before I hit the special spot. That isn't easy in a 6.6 gal. It was "ok" in a couple places but soon as I hit its happy place the thing opened up and started growing. I leave everything on frags until I see I've found that special spot, then I lock it down.
  14. Tres Amigos

    They are getting friendly this evening. They aren't running from anything. Nothing in the tank except a few dwarf cerith, a Florida cerith, and a friend's clown. The clown has been in a week, it's nowhere near the 3 bosum buddies. The trochus went in about a month ago the other two have been in a couple weeks. Looks like I'll water test to make sure they aren't trying to escape, but everything else seems fine.
  15. 10 Gallon Aquarium Setup

    Lol is it like bad form to link yourself? Bah whatever. Don't do what I did. That should answer a few questions. Like spin said, never ever overfeed.