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  1. Here is my Vidawaves that I bought last year and my Center show pieace that was custom made by a company called Aquarocks!
  2. Yes, I have been using Bulk Reef Supply ROX 0.8 FOR THE last 5 years and I will not use anything other carbon on the market. I run my ROX 0.8 Carbon through my new #NYOS TORQ Media reactor! Make sure you follow my new build thread that I started on the new SCA Custom rimless 150. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/flsharkvictim-custom-rimless-sca-150-build.533545
  3. The only way that either GFO or Carbon to be effective is to run in a reactor. Adding in a bag and adding it your sump or the back of your nano tank does NADA..
  4. The best Activated Carbon on the market is BRS ROX 0.8 by a mile, nothing even compares to it except maybe the Carbon made by Korallen-Zucht. I would not add that Marineland stuff called Diamond to my tank if you paid me, complete Garbage.
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