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  1. Dominator

    InTank media basket question

    What pump are you using? I am using a CA MJ1200.
  2. Dominator

    InTank media basket question

    Can you hang the bag? I use my own bags, but I tie them to the top in on of the holes. This will help keep the water flowing through it.
  3. Dominator

    surface skimming vs regular skimming

    Point a power head or 2 towards the surface so agitate it a bit. This will help keep the water surface clean.
  4. Dominator

    Media Basket and Biocube 29 HQI

    Hey Steve. Just to let you know. I guess there is a newer version of the HQI and I had to remove another tab on the back to let the basket to fit. Also I had to saw off the little feet on the bottom to let it fit my hqi. If not, the basket sat higher than the flow deflector. Now it fits perfectly. I have noticed that with the deflector on the water level in display is exactly as it was before. If I remove that, the water level in the display drops. So that tab is there to keep the water level a tab higher I believe. I know some people remove it without your media basket, so I don’t know what their water level on their display side is like, but mine drops about 3/16” below the plastic trim on my tank. I just noticed, this is the coralife version....I see you had it cut already on the oceanic. Great product. Exetremlly well made. Just thought i would would make a note of this for anyone who has the newer 29 HQI. In the pic. In the upper left hand portion, you can see where I had to cut to let the basket and the defelector fit.
  5. Dominator

    Media Basket and Biocube 29 HQI

    Hey Steve, just wondering....will the normal biocube 29 version basket fit in my HQI (newer version, with small window cut out for fuge light). I was wondering if its necessary to cut that tab off between chamber 1-2. I was going to just drop it in and remove the horizontal piece that holds the stock filter pads.
  6. Dominator

    Do I need a powerhead for my Biocube 29?

    The stock is about 265gph give or take. I upgraded the pump to the Cobalt MJ1200 (300gph) and was using 2 Koralia Nanos (425gph & 240gph). I would say yes, you would want to run at least 1 power head, if not 2. You want to keep the water moving on the right side of the tank. I have switched out both my Koralias for a MP10QD and I would say, 1 MP10 is enough for this tank.
  7. Dominator

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    Yea, mine did not open for a few days, but ended up opening back up. I went a few days without light. Just with my return pump on with an air stone. I have some new GSP that has not opened up yet since. I am hoping it will be ok. Just a small patch that spread in the past few weeks.
  8. Dominator

    Dom's Biocube HQI 29 restore/build

    No loss for me, had a battery pump and a generator for my tank. I did switch out some stuff in case this happens again. I got a MP10QD and a battery back up for it, but need to figure out a trigger system to click on an air pump when my power goes out. Used frozen water bottles in a plastic bag to keep my tank cool. Also took a turkey baster and blew into the tank every few hours to keep the water aerated. What did you lose?
  9. Dominator

    WTB MP10 rubber gasket (outside)

    Glad someone else found one as well =) Did feel bad actually, I didnt realize it was someone else sending me their paypal. Glad you got it sold Tilton and again, thank you. Sorry for the mixup.
  10. Dominator

    HELP! New Snowflake shipped FL acclimation.

    I would see if you can track one down. This should help for sure. I think you can buy a 3 pack for 12$.
  11. Dominator

    HELP! New Snowflake shipped FL acclimation.

    Do you have the foam piece that goes around it? I have 2 Mocha clowns and they are not small enough to fit.... I use the same mode at the same speed pretty much, with a mix of NTM a few hours a day.
  12. I have 2 nano 240gph and a 425gph...both nano size. Switched out my power heads and have these extra. Fresh from a water/vinegar bath. Will take $40 for all 3.
  13. Dominator

    Tank switch

    You will probably go through a mini cycle, but not full. If you can, I would start off with a piece of rock from old tank and cycle the new tank. What do you have in terms of livestock?
  14. Dominator

    WTB MP10 rubber gasket (outside)

    I just got it, thanks though Tilton. FOUND...thanks guys.
  15. Dominator

    WTB MP10 rubber gasket (outside)

    Yes, the part on the dry side. The rubber spacer.